UFC 200 Travis Browne Media Q&A: Talks Cain, Training With Tarverdyan, Why Older HWs Are Better


MMA H.E.A.T. caught up with UFC Heavyweight Travis Browne and heard what he had to say about his upcoming fight with former champ Cain Velasquez, set for UFC 200. Travis also answers questions from various media members about the depth of the heavyweight division, what he learned after his loss to Fabricio Werdum, why he continues to train with Edmond Tarverdyan at Glendale Fighting Club, how his girlfriend Ronda Rousey’s fame has affected his own life, getting past the unproven accusations of domestic violence and much more.

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24 Comments on "UFC 200 Travis Browne Media Q&A: Talks Cain, Training With Tarverdyan, Why Older HWs Are Better"

  1. They should make HW actually 230 pounds. Think about it, it goes 125-135-145-155 (10 pound jumps) Then it goes to 155-170-185 (15 pound jumps) Then 185-205 (a 20 pound jump). But then it goes from 205-265 (a 60 pound jump).

    I think the HW division should have been at 230 pounds and then large LHW's could also jump up and be somewhat competitive and regular HW's like Cain and JDS and Werdum would fit in well also.

    I think that would have been a better option, then all these HW's with their fat jiggling could be more trim and mean at 230. The very large guys would be reserved for SHW which would have no weight limit. So a man could be 300 pounds and fight at SHW etc.

    This would make it so that all the skilled HW's had a division of their own at 230 and could fight some LHW's coming up at times. And it would also make it so that huge men out there who struggle to make 265 could fight more comfortably.

    A lot of the reasons those large men may have been at a disadvantage to the slightly smaller HW in the current UFC HW division is that those larger men actually had to do a weight cut.

  2. The fact is we don't know if he did it. So why do some people want to believe he did? Just because you don't like him you choose to believe he did it. That's ridiculous.
    You think he just faked his close to emotional breakdown there? Come on guys, try to be a bit objective. Did you ever consider that maybe he didn't do it? That sometimes women accuse men of things that they didn't do because they hate them and want to see them suffer?
    We can't know for sure, so don't make a judgement until you have some facts.

  3. Why so many dislikes? I don't think it's the first time in history that a woman accused a man of something he didn't do. Plus his emotional part seemed actually pretty genuine to be honest. I am not even a fan of his, but why jump to an accusation as a fact? Just because you don't like him you want to make out the accusation is true? Come on guys, try to be decent people at least.

  4. But that pig Ronda Rousey talked massive shit about Floyd Mayweather beating women while dating a wife-beater herself. Hey Ron, you thought the ass-whooping you got from Holly Holm was bad but I hope your defensive skills improved before this bear Travis Browne comes and tears off your head smh

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