UFC 200: Jon Jones Says We Should Be Talking About A Gus Rematch, Not DC


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant was at the Palm Restaurant in Downtown LA where UFC Interim LHW Champ Jon Jones held a media luncheon. Jon talks about his upcoming rematch/title unification bout with Champ Daniel Cormier, why he’s more fired up about fighting Alexander Gustafsson or Rumble Johnson more than DC, whether or not he wants to play the “heel,” why Rampage jackson intimidated him, his legacy and desire to be the GOAT and much, much more!

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70 Comments on "UFC 200: Jon Jones Says We Should Be Talking About A Gus Rematch, Not DC"

  1. Yeah this not taking any of the fight serious douche has been running through your favorite fucking fighter like they ain't shit and now he's taking it serious good luck with that let me know how it turns out

  2. That's all you losers got to hang on is this fucking hit-and-run shit get off fucking life a nobody going to remember that shit when it's all said and done he's gonna smash DC going to smash Gustavsson again and he's going to smash Anthony rumble Johnson it's all about the fighting who gives a fuck about his personal life. Nobody gives a fuck about that shit.

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  4. You what I find funny? How many people are still acting like Keyboard Warriors on Youtube, making their little side remarks and being overall ignorant of the fact that Yes Jon Jones made a mistake but yet there are people who had done worse than him. For god sakes Aaron Hernandez murdered someone and yet no one dwells on that more than they dwell on what Jon Jones did, so hypocritical and quick to judge. These so called fans were so quick to turn on him and even a year later people are still being bitter, shows how much a fan they really were. I've always been a Jones fan and I alwayd will be whether or not he wins or loses against Fatboy Cormier, that won't change.

  5. To me I believe JBJ owes Rumble Johnson a fight more than Gus. JBJ beat The Mauler, albeit in a close fight, where he was partying hard and not training fully. A fully trained JBJ would beat Gus REAL bad IMO. Should JBJ beat DC then beat Rumble he could leave his LHW title in the cage and move up to HW.

  6. LOL yea great idea. Overlook one of your toughest opponents ever even though you looked like dogshit in your last fight. Great idea.Man, DC better not fuck this up. It's about time this douchebag got served just like puke rockedcold did.

    • +SuperVirk1

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    • +SuperVirk1

      Oh you're a black boy. See that's very concerning considering your people were once OPPRESSED , ENSLAVED, EXPLOITED, TORTURED, and MURDERED for white mans pleasure and comfort. It's mind blowing how your small black brain can't empathize with the innocent animals being sought after and treated the EXACT same way. Funny how Jon jones keeps dogs and cats in his house as a companion, yet pays someone to murder his pets relatives for a fur coat and a cruel fashion statement. Drink pleach. You're a disgrace to your dead slave ancestors.

    • Well, Wade was outta town, so I had to handle the shoot by myself. I'm NOT a tech person! (FYI- Jon is not wearing our mic…) Mea culpa! I did my best! I realize some people expect the world from their free content, and I always strive to give them that world. But, I suppose, today I only delivered one continent… Forgive me!!!!!

    • Yeah it's because it's not a typical media scrum. It's more of a small media conference, so the microphones are picking up the audio from too far away. It's unfortunate, but I guess Jon didn't want a bunch of mics in his face? Usually they will do conferences in a hall that is setup for audio, so all the media has to do is plug a line in and they are good to go with clean audio.

    • +Karyn Bryant

      Sorry Karyn for being disrespectful in your comment section, but Jon saying he bought his mom a tortured animals skin for a fashion statement really pushed my button. Just watch those animals being skinned alive. Videos are on YouTube. And we call this a "civilization". No.. We are far from that.

  7. Jones is the GOAT but this is a problem playing down his own fights he should be hyping this up instead he's speaking like it's no problem this is gonna be DC last fight so he's definitely gonna be hard as fuck for Bones to beat he should be selling out paper views right now! SMH

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