UFC 207: Cody Garbrandt Says He’s “A Finesse Brawler” + Champ Cruz “Is Desperate”


MMA H.E.AT. was at the Craft restaurant in Century City where UFC Bantamweight title challenger Cody Garbrandt answered questions from the media in advance of his UFC 207 fight with Champ Dominick Cruz.

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97 Comments on "UFC 207: Cody Garbrandt Says He’s “A Finesse Brawler” + Champ Cruz “Is Desperate”"

  1. On Dec. 30th Cody will look every bit the brawler….and none of the finesse, Thats what Dominick Cruz is going to bring to the fight. Cody dies by a 1000 sharp jabs and 1000 haymaker lefts and rights and finaly tko'd by Dom in the 5th. Oh he'll catch Dom with rights in the fight but he's not the guy to finish Dominick Cruz….Cruz has 2-3 years of undefeated fights to go yet.

  2. Now it is Cruz's turn to be hated for no reason. First it was Ronda, then Conor…. some dickheads just hate greatness. Dom will embarrass this kid and show why he shouldn't have even gotten a shot yet. The UFC has a trend of not building fighters the right way. They throw them to the wolves way too early.

  3. Team Alpha Male is not creating hybrid fighters. Ludwig alone was responsible for honing in on the talents of the only bantamweight to ever give Cruz a run for his money. He left, leaving behind him the next best thing – Garbrandt, who may have the fastest hands in the division, but lacks the footwork to position himself the way he needs to get the knockout against Dominick Cruz, who's rate of received strikes is around 20% and falling. I know all you No Love fans want a new champion, but face it, the odds are against your wishes becoming a reality. MMA history proves this. Most dominant champions who lose the belt, are matched by a formidable opponent who has striven to outclass them at their game, or create a new game that is the answer to defeating the champion's. This solution may come, but it not here yet. I've been wrong before, however.

  4. Why do people hate on him so much cause he's young and got an amazing opportunity in front of him. Should he not have taken it is it his fault he got it over tj. Hes the one people want to c he's been knocking dudes dead. And people saying he's cocky and has a big ego why because he stands up for him self in interviews guess he should just be saying I don't deserve this dom is going to kill me. Listen to the interviews he's actually giving reasons why he's going to win not just Doms usual comment of o u got a concussion. Be happy for the kid stop the hate and enjoy the fight it's gonna be great. Doms the original hybrid and Cody is the new have fun stop hating on someone younger doin something for themselves.

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