UFC 216 Fabricio Werdum Thinks Tony Ferguson Has Bad Energy. Talks “Black Beast” + Machida’s Return


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant was at Hinoki And The Bird in Los Angeles, CA, for a media lunch with former UFC Heavyweight Champ Fabricio Werdum in advance of his UFC 216 fight with Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis. Fabricio talks about the match-up, his chances of fighting for the title again, the upcoming bout between Alistair Overeem and Francis NGannou and his friend Lyoto Machida’s return to action. In addition, Fabricio shares his thoughts on the argument he had minutes earlier with UFC Lightweight Tony Ferguson and his BJJ coach Cobrinha’s win at ADCC, which also meant he’d won the Super Grand Slam.

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332 Comments on "UFC 216 Fabricio Werdum Thinks Tony Ferguson Has Bad Energy. Talks “Black Beast” + Machida’s Return"

  1. Why is it always the smaller guys who are most usually hostile? This theory is somewhat true. Look at the heavyweight division, besides Brock Lesnar, Cormier, Werdum, Miocic, Derrick Lewis, Brendan Schaub, Ngannou, Cain Velasquez–all good energy type of guys. While smaller fighters like Connor McGregor, Ferg, Kevin Lee, Diaz brothers, Colby Covington, Tj Dillashaw, Cody Garbrandt, Kamaru Usman–total opposites.

  2. Fabricio isn't a bad guy and i can tell by his face, he's just a bit easy mooded and easy to be picked up on(like italians, literally one bad word's exchange makes them get into physical fights) but it doesn't make him an asshole. As a whole he's just a nice dad in general(Even fabricio has a family with kids) and the guy with sunglasses idk about him very well but his conversation towards those reporters made me feel unwell and it was not likable at all. He was also wearing sunglasses and a hat then that shows how much his personality is very selfish and mentally isolated. I personally think fabricio is right about the negative aura of that guy. No offense but that guy needs to take a long break from all the fights and change his mindset 1st. he's mentally ill.

  3. I like how Werdum is being realistic and sensible about who gets the next title shot against "Steve Miotic" lol. I mean… he got it right imo. If Ngannou or Overeem wins more impressively than he does, one of them should be next

  4. this is how you explain why you acted like a dumbass. And your social skills are as bad as your english. Shut that pie hole when TF is speaking , have some respect . That's why this all started , you were talking during his interview , you knew you were being disrespectful.
    Yet in typical latino fashion you explain how he was wrong , with BLACK ENERGY as the culprit lol.

  5. Interesting. Taking money to represent Kadyrov, a man who is actively arresting, torturing and executing gays in Chechnya doesn't mean you give off negative energy/are a bad person? In any other sport this would be the only story associated with Werdum and the UFC would drop him like a hot coal. It really boggles my mind that the UFC released a statement that he would be performing outreach to the LGBTQ community for his language but say/do nothing about his support for a genocidal dictator.


  7. Anonymous

    Hey fight fans: We also have an MMA H.E.A.T. 360º video of the moments leading up to + including the unexpected heated exchange between Tony + Fabricio. Take a look + see if your opinion on the matter changes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ouEw9200e0 We usually don't share videos like that with personal conversations before the formal Q&A, but since this has gotten so much attention we wanted people to have as much info as possible.

  8. Hey fight fans: We also have an MMA H.E.A.T. 360º video of the moments leading up to + including the unexpected heated exchange between Tony + Fabricio. Take a look + see if your opinion on the matter changes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ouEw9200e0 We usually don't share videos like that with personal conversations before the formal Q&A, but since this has gotten so much attention we wanted people to have as much info as possible.

  9. People must understand that most of the countries which make up the Balkans are so fresh from brutal wars which are obviously what the reason they were balkanized! So a tiny, almost brand new country which is very religious compared to the west is going to be a whole different kettle of fish than any of the first world, western nations, So the Chechnyan President going off on homosexuals is just how things are in that Country, They are concerned with far more pressing issues politically and economically than to start a social justice LBTQ+++XYZ acceptance and awareness policy FFS. Fabricio is a quality character and I thought he handled that question very well; Stay apolitical on such topics, Live and let live but also acknowledge the right of nations, their people and by extension their leader's to sound off on issues which are important to them, So long as violence is avoided towards anyone within the laws of their Country, Then respect it. It must be an honour to represent a foreign nation in one aspect which your whole life is professionally dedicated to. I loved the black energy comments, bad vibes which he was doing his best to describe, It makes such a difference to hear athlete's speak in the same language which you are used to as a first language, It shows to me that they really do put in a lot of work to improve themselves and that ultimately translates into being far better than someone who requires a translator, As there is so much lost by going through a 3rd-party translator. I'm not dogging on MMA fighters or any other athlete's whom require a translator to speak to the media, I'm used to English all the time and can only muster a few lines, poorly in a few other languages, So multi-lingual people I have much respect for. Good, relaxed/laid back interview, Cheers Karyn Byrant, All the best

    • David D. Bro it is killing me the same it is killing you. These muppets all star struck about werdum…. he fucking interrupted tony while he spoke about his son.. that's fucking dirty only black energy is coming from this muppet werdum. Tony was straight all the way even said don't interrupt me brother"

  10. "Vai Cavalo" Werdum. I don't know why guys like MacGregor, Ferguson coach Tarverdyan provoke Fabrício. He's like a "wild horse" not only for the strengh but because it'd be needed 10 guys to take him off of a guy he wants to hit. I'm a Brazilian like him and i take no s*** from anyone. Specially Tony Fertguson thinbking he's the next Anderson Silva because he'll be main event. Wanting to fight Fabrício because he doesn't like Werdum's manager. I hope Kevin Lee kicks Ferguson's snobish ass.

  11. If Tony had a black aura, maybe he was filled with hate, for some reason.   Maybe Werdum overreacted.  Hope Tony doesn't get thrown off his game.    Werdum is comedian.   I think Werdum is too fast for Lewis.   Lewis looked slow against Hunt, but he did have a bad back for that fight.   I'd like to see Ngannu beat Overreem and Stipe, and then The black beast.   True, Lewis hits hard, that fight is a toss up, because of the knock out power of the beast.  The beast has pretty good defense too.   Ngannu is definitely the crème of the crop.

  12. Say what you will about Fabricio Werdum. I will forever be grateful to Fabricio for kick checking that clown Edmund sparta style after the Travis Browne fight. I remember watching that live, and choking on my drink because I was laughing so fucking hard! Good times.

  13. Wish verdum was fighting hunt, i'm really hoping that the stars can align and that hunt will get a title fight for his last fight, Hunt just beat derrick lewis and now derrick gets to fight the number 2 guy, And Overeem and francis Ngannou are gonna fight, and hunts fighting The number 8 guy, god dammit man the rankings useless

  14. Black energy? Ferg and Werdum pulled that q and a shit off to generate interest in a less than stellar card. Ppv and gate must be lagging. Alot of Fergs fanbase are videogame crossover newbs that have grown up blasting aliens and zapping zombies with a joy stick or touch screen. They come to the mma channels for the violence and cringe factor and Ferg just obliges the morons. Werdum needs to quit with the moralistic judgemental shit and worry about getting tagged by a clean shot from a fresh Lewis.

    • chirazi actually the coward is the fucking Brazilian who is too ignorant to understand you don't talk over other people, stupid Brazilians act like that, and he is also lying about what he said to Tony in Spanish I speak perfect Spanish and he was very disrespectful any other Mexican on the street would have shot his ass right there on the spot.

    • Levi Lachance at the minute tony told him to shut up, he call Tony's mom a prostituted and call him a fagot and a clown, he was really piss, and the only thing tony said in Spanish was the same ,wait your turn to talk, normally in Spanish words like hat are fighting words, werdun was completely out of line, yes tony was being a dick, but considering the size difference and the fact that tony was only asking him to wait his turn to talk, in Latin America werdun is a commentator for the UFC, people are tire of him being bias with Brazilian fighters, and he passive aggressive insults fighters when commentating, unless they Brazilians of course, basically werdun is known for frequently rage, could be a sign of steroids but so far he has tested clean as far as I know.

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