UFC 216 Fabricio Werdum Thinks Tony Ferguson Has Bad Energy. Talks “Black Beast” + Machida’s Return


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant was at Hinoki And The Bird in Los Angeles, CA, for a media lunch with former UFC Heavyweight Champ Fabricio Werdum in advance of his UFC 216 fight with Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis. Fabricio talks about the match-up, his chances of fighting for the title again, the upcoming bout between Alistair Overeem and Francis NGannou and his friend Lyoto Machida’s return to action. In addition, Fabricio shares his thoughts on the argument he had minutes earlier with UFC Lightweight Tony Ferguson and his BJJ coach Cobrinha’s win at ADCC, which also meant he’d won the Super Grand Slam.

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  1. Hey fight fans: We also have an MMA H.E.A.T. 360º video of the moments leading up to + including the unexpected heated exchange between Tony + Fabricio. Take a look + see if your opinion on the matter changes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ouEw9200e0 We usually don't share videos like that with personal conversations before the formal Q&A, but since this has gotten so much attention we wanted people to have as much info as possible.

  2. People must understand that most of the countries which make up the Balkans are so fresh from brutal wars which are obviously what the reason they were balkanized! So a tiny, almost brand new country which is very religious compared to the west is going to be a whole different kettle of fish than any of the first world, western nations, So the Chechnyan President going off on homosexuals is just how things are in that Country, They are concerned with far more pressing issues politically and economically than to start a social justice LBTQ+++XYZ acceptance and awareness policy FFS. Fabricio is a quality character and I thought he handled that question very well; Stay apolitical on such topics, Live and let live but also acknowledge the right of nations, their people and by extension their leader's to sound off on issues which are important to them, So long as violence is avoided towards anyone within the laws of their Country, Then respect it. It must be an honour to represent a foreign nation in one aspect which your whole life is professionally dedicated to. I loved the black energy comments, bad vibes which he was doing his best to describe, It makes such a difference to hear athlete's speak in the same language which you are used to as a first language, It shows to me that they really do put in a lot of work to improve themselves and that ultimately translates into being far better than someone who requires a translator, As there is so much lost by going through a 3rd-party translator. I'm not dogging on MMA fighters or any other athlete's whom require a translator to speak to the media, I'm used to English all the time and can only muster a few lines, poorly in a few other languages, So multi-lingual people I have much respect for. Good, relaxed/laid back interview, Cheers Karyn Byrant, All the best

    • David D. Bro it is killing me the same it is killing you. These muppets all star struck about werdum…. he fucking interrupted tony while he spoke about his son.. that's fucking dirty only black energy is coming from this muppet werdum. Tony was straight all the way even said don't interrupt me brother"

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