Tony Ferguson Talks UFC 216 Kevin Lee Fight, Conor, Khabib + Argues With Fabricio Werdum


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant was at Hinoki And The Bird in Los Angeles, CA, for a media lunch with UFC 216’s Tony Ferguson. Tony talks about his upcoming Lightweight Interim Title fight with Kevin Lee, his unusual training methods, why he thinks some fans won’t like him when he’s Champion, whether he’ll ever fight Champ Conor McGregor or Khabib Nurmagomedov, why he was upset when he heard he’d headline the card above Flyweight Champ Demetrious Johnson and MUCH more!

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173 Comments on "Tony Ferguson Talks UFC 216 Kevin Lee Fight, Conor, Khabib + Argues With Fabricio Werdum"

  1. Hey fight fans: We also have an MMA H.E.A.T. 360º video of the moments leading up to + including the unexpected heated exchange between Tony + Fabricio. Take a look + see if your opinion on the matter changes: We usually don't share videos like that with personal conversations before the formal Q&A, but since this has gotten so much attention we wanted people to have as much info as possible.

  2. Sorry, "who the fuck is Conor?" lets pick that apart on two fronts. Firstly, Who brought up Conor? You did, so you can't bring up a guy and then say you don't know who he is. Secondly, how can you say "who is Conor" when he is the guy every guy knows AND is cashing the cheques you wish you were cashing … like a Bryan Callen saying "who is Brad Pitt" …

  3. Translation:

    Ferguson: "I could be fighting Werdum for a title and kick this guys ass…"
    Karen Bryant: " How do I subtlety change the subject? I mean Werdum is right next to you and he just may kill you. If he can submit Fedor and Cain, he just may rip you in half literally."

  4. I wish LANDO would have fought Tony more carefully. He was letting Tony hit him just to show that he could take it.. Those punches took their tole and Lando lost the fight because of it.. Landy kicked Tony's ass. I believe Lando could beat him in a rematch.

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