Rafael Dos Anjos Says Basically Everyone Is Begging Him To Smash Colby Covington At UFC 225


MMA H.E.A.T. was at Hinoki And The Bird in Los Angeles for a media lunch with former UFC Lightweight Champ Rafael Dos Anjos in advance of his UFC 225 Interim Title fight with Colby Covington. RDA talks about the match-up being moved from Brazil to Chicago, whether there’s extra pressure on him to win after Colby’s disparaging remarks about Brazil and Brazilians and what he thinks about Colby’s continued trash talk. He also talks about passing out after a bad weight cut before defending the title against Eddie Alvarez, training with Jason Parillo at RVCA, how he feels about Conor McGregor as a champion and more!

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63 Comments on "Rafael Dos Anjos Says Basically Everyone Is Begging Him To Smash Colby Covington At UFC 225"

  1. THANK you for the videos. I love these interviews. On my last post I just said you were hot sorry if that was not appropriate. But thank you uploading this! I really mean it.

    And I had not thought about it, but Dos Anjos vs McGregor for the welterweight belt WOULD be epic. And if they made it in Rio? Forget about it…

    RDA has a tough path ahead of him though… I actually think the Colby fight might be a little more dangerous than the Woodley fight because of how hungry Colby is. Woodley has not fought in ages. Although the last time he took a hiatus he came back and knocked out Lawler…

    Anyway I went on a rant by accident.


  2. I hope the fact that the entire UFC roster and 90% of it's fans wanting RDA to win doesn't make the pressure to much for him.

    I feel RDA has to KO his ass early on or he's goin to get dry humped to a decision loss

  3. UFC 225 : CM Punk vs Mike Jackson on the main card that's awesome for them . But we have Clay Guida vs Sergio Pettis on the preliminary card ? But must say I'm looking forward to Dos Anjos vs Colby Covington . My bucks on Rafael He has looked much better at 170 pounds With a complete game . Good luck to both fighters .

  4. RDA's looked great since moving up, I wish more fighters would follow his lead. I'd rather see fighters be able to compete to their full potential, than struggle to make weight at the cost of their performance.

  5. Its good that everyone tells him to smash him i hope he gets aggro and mad at Colby that leads him into a big mistake and he will be cod unconcious im for Colby i dont know why but Colby is a hard worker and a good Fighter he let Maia lay in a Bloody mess!

    • To be fair, the UFC isn't forcing people to cut massive amounts of weight. In fact, they've made people like Lineker + Gastelum move up a weight class after missing. You don't think fighters need to take responsibility for their own decisions in terms of how much weight they leave for the last-minute cut? Just curious…

  6. OHB

    RDA looking and sounding happy & healthy, i was watching conor and rda face off earlier it would of been a amazing event its crazy how everything played out with diaz stepping up, what a year that was

  7. Why are all these clueless reporters using huge, complex words when asking questions to an immigrant? Doesn't make any sense. I know they want to make themselves look good but just simplify it a little for RDA because half the time, he doesn't understand the question to the fullest extent.

    • Steve MacInnis he still destroyed colby on that conference call.. and he and colby didnt understand a word that indian dude said on his question that was funny cuz i thought colby was gonna crack on that but he was lost too when the guy questioned him

    • Daniel Miranda yeah that was funny. But Colby's not just gonna make fun of an Indian dude who's just asking him a question, that would make no sense at all. And I think Colby's trash talking is shit so that's why RDA was able to keep up. lol. Honestly, I see Colby taking it by decision though. What do you think?

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