UFC 235’s Champ Tyron Woodley + Ben Askren: A Comedy Duo Talking Usman, Lawler, Covington + SO MUCH MORE!


MMA H.E.A.T.’s at Hinoki and the Bird in Century City for the UFC 235 media lunch with UFC Welterweight Champ Tyron Woodley and teammate/newcomer Ben Askren. UFC 235 is set for Sat., March 2 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Champ Tyron Woodley will defend his title in the co-main event against #2 Kamaru Usman. The highly anticipated debut of undefeated Ben Askren against former champ Robbie Lawler also highlights the main card. Tyron and Ben are teammates at Roufusport; so they have a fantastic rapport, which leads to a lot of comedy during the lunch! They also talk about Colby Covington, Max Holloway, Georges St-Pierre, Dana White and others.

UFC 235: Anthony Smith On Jon Jones’s Mystique, Thiago Santos Rematch + His Long Lost Afro

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236 Comments on "UFC 235’s Champ Tyron Woodley + Ben Askren: A Comedy Duo Talking Usman, Lawler, Covington + SO MUCH MORE!"

  1. WOW!An amazing interview of two amazing champions. They both come from different backgrounds and are different races, but their mutual love, respect, loyalty and tight brotherhood is truly inspiring. This is what America, and the great sport of wrestling is all about!

  2. Woodley in the ufc has 12 fights 2 losses 1 draw in a weight class he cuts 30+ pounds to make. Conor has 11 fights 2 of his losses are in one and two weight classes above the one where he cuts 23 pounds to make.

    • 1st of all ur clearly a hater, u just posted 3 anti woodley comments back to back to back…. 2nd of all nate was juiced to the gills, brendan schaub even has a joke about how nates blood & piss sample almost broke the machine because he was juiced to the max… 3rd of all that shit happend 7 years ago back when woodley was a one dimensional fighter with NO HEAD COACH…. but its all good keep shitting on woodley, whatever helps u sleep at night.

    • +Man City Oh, did Nate test positive for that fight? Was it overturned to a NC? Thanks for clarifying – we have objective, factual evidence Nate cheated 😉

      LOL most vicious KO of all time! Knocked the kinkiness right off dat boy's dome!

    • +Man City Hahah, I bet you're the type who defends Jon Jones, and believes he's a clean fighter, though, and all his wins are legit. Dude has literally pissed hot more than ANY ATHLETE in ANY SPORT in HISTORY. Really he pissed hot FOUR TIMES – when his testosterone levels were literally nonexistent. Yeah, but Jones is THE GOAT!

    • +Emile Griffith its not a rumor or opinion, its a fact that everyone knows nate was juiced, which is why when usada was introduced his bum ass started losing over & over…. as for that long ass irrelevant paragraph about jon jones, im not a a fuckin jones fan dummy… nice try trying to profile someone thru youtube comment section… but anyways ur clearly a biased hater & ur opinion is irrelevant to me so bye bye

  3. "Can Robbie KO Askren"? Lol dumbest question ever; OF COURSE he "CAN." Robbie bloody Lawler can KO anybody, anytime from 170-185.. But is he LIKELY to KO Askren? No, not at this point in his career. He's not quite shot to a billion pieces, but he's shot to about a hundred pieces at this point. He's done at the world-class level, IMO.. Askren likely wrestle-humps him for a UD. Or a late submission.

  4. It low key makes me feel good that we got two friends that are boys for life that are black and white.
    My best friend growing up was a black dude and I miss him a lot. He turned into a bad seed and i tried to save him but couldn’t. ut I’ll never forget our good times. Btw….I don’t like saying black and white I don’t believe in skin color it’s just the system and the powers at be that created this racial divide.

  5. I never really liked Woodley and never watched his fights because I thought he was blatantly racist 🙂 but when i found out his best friend was Askren, I went back and watched every single fight of his and found a whole new respect for this man. Woodley in the 2nd by tko.

  6. T wood came off like a not very cool guy
    And nobody I care to support when the interviews are cut
    This is a way better format for him
    Seems like a good dude when it’s not being presented in that way
    They definitely only showed him when he was complaining about being held down
    It’s those guys more than him I believe at this point

  7. J

    Tyron you are lying,Colby said and wanted to fight you it was UFC that give usman instead the opportunity ,Colby has been calling you forever he is not avoiding you in my opinion you are avoiding that fight

  8. Whitley you talk too much man Tyrone Wheatley you talk to f**** much thinking show is all about you I hope you forget your f**** ass whooped you talk too much some of the other guy talk because he want to be a show me some sound like you damn let then ask your ex say something man damn talk to f**** much

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