UFC 202: Conor McGregor Works Out; Drops The Mic After Telling Diaz Fans, “F*ck You!”


MMA H.E.A.T. was at the Red Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for UFC 202 Open Workouts where Conor McGregor showed some of his jiu jitsu in advance of his welterweight rematch with Nate Diaz. After the workout Conor also answered a few questions and dropped the mic after telling Diaz fans to F-off. UFC 202 takes place at the T-Mobile Arena on August 20th, and features Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor in the main event, and Anthony “Rumble” Johnson vs Glover Teixeira in the co-main event.

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48 Comments on "UFC 202: Conor McGregor Works Out; Drops The Mic After Telling Diaz Fans, “F*ck You!”"

  1. Mctapper youre a fraud!  you have no legacy and Diaz already exposed you.  You cant talk like that Mr Bravado attitude any more cause your full of Sh1t!  You will get slapped around again and KOd if you dont turn into a wrester when you catch too much leather.

  2. WTF! Nate didn't say that shit. mothafukers are quick to turn this this in a race war.. the beef is TEAM Diaz vs TEAM McGregor. not Mexico vs Ireland. all bullshit aside though, you can see that Nate is in Conors head.. lol

  3. His trainer still are fooling him in the ground game, making Conor believe that he is good and let him to pass the guard and inverte the postions. You have to beat the soul out of your student to get him good at jiu-jitsu. You do not just pretend that your student are winning. I know that this is just an apresentation, but all of his videos of ground training looks a bit of this.

  4. Wow Conor just Conor'd himself this fight. Diaz is in his head and i bet Nate isnt even trying to. He's just being the same Nate he always is. Conor is NOT the same Conor. He's literally pissed and embarrassed that he's not the unbeatable fighter anymore. He's pissed that after that loss the "Mac Promotions" talk is DEAD. The Untouchable Conor talk is DEAD. The Mayweather v Conor talk is DEAD. Nate beats him again and he's just another top tier fighter and not THE premier fighter in all of MMA.

  5. So much for acting professional like he calls himself repeatedly. You can see the fear in his eyes and for someone who has control all the time, he really seems to be out of control at the end there LOL. I just hope he is ready to get literally slapped all over the ring on August 20th and as for his ground game it still very very bad but I'm guessing he doesn't want to show what he has in his bag of tricks I suppose.

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