Cobrinha’s Final Conditioning Before 2017 ADCC World Championship + Possible Super Grand Slam


Rubens Charles Maciel, aka “Cobrinha,” is a 2017 IBJJF Grand Slam Champion (timecodes below!). He won the European Championships in Lisbon, Portugal; the Pan Jiu Jitsu Championships in Irvine, California; the Brazilian Nationals in Sao Paulo, Brazil; and the World Championship in Long Beach, California.

In this video you’ll see Cobrinha’s 3rd training session of the day. He started with 2hrs of wrestling with Coach Kenny Johnson at Black House MMA, followed by 2hrs of jiu jitsu at his Cobrinha Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy. This is his final strength and conditioning session before heading to Finland for the ADCC World Championships. The ADCC World Championships only take place every two years and competitors must be invited to compete. Cobrinha won the championship in China in 2013 and then in Brazil in 2015. This year he’s looking to win his third consecutive ADCC World Championship and achieve a Super Grand Slam! – 5 gold medals in the greatest jiu jitsu tournaments around the world all in one year.

11:25 – training regime
14:25 – path to Super Grand Slam
17:25 – feeling prepared!
21:30 – the ADCC weigh-ins / weight cut
25:55 – the “recipe to succeed”
29:55 – props to Team Cobrinha
33:45 – strength and conditioning strategy

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