15 Month-Old Liam Mikael Kowal Memorial Press Conference – Don’t Drink And Drive!


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Wade Eck is at Systems Training Center in Hawthorne, California for Liam Mikael Kowal’s memorial press conference. 15-month old Liam, son of 3-1-1 professional MMA fighter, owner of Systems Training Center and friend, Marcus Kowal and Mishel Eder, was hit by 72-year-old drunk driver Donna Marie Higgins just blocks away on Hawthorne Blvd. while his 15-year old aunt was pushing his stroller within a cross walk. Sadly, Liam did not survive his injuries and Marcus and Mishel chose to donate his organs to save up to 9 other children, relieving those parents of such a tragedy.

More information, including info about their GoFundMe Memorial Fund can be found here: http://www.mmaheat.com/mma/2016-09-06-baby-liam-kowal-memorial-fund.htm

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5 Comments on "15 Month-Old Liam Mikael Kowal Memorial Press Conference – Don’t Drink And Drive!"

  1. Why in the world does the media ask these parents such details about the death of their baby boy. I will never understand why they need to know the gory details of death. After all they have been through already. I know that they have a new baby Nico! Its been a year but at the time it was like 2 days. I hate media idiots!

  2. I hate seeing shit like this because it shouldn't happen. Donating their babies organs says a lot about the parents character though, that's beautiful thing to do in the time of mourning when most parents wouldn't be thinking about someone else's baby.

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