Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Post-Fight Press Conference (LIVE!)


MMA H.E.A.T. brings you the post-fight press conference after Floyd Mayweather’s 10th-round TKO victory over Conor McGregor. It was a competitive fight until the legendary boxer turned up the heat in the later rounds, ultimately getting the ref to wave off the fight. In the ring afterwards, Conor said fatigue lost it for him, not damage. Both fighters showed mutual respect and a true love for the sport of boxing. Floyd retires (again) with a record of 50-0.

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281 Comments on "Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Post-Fight Press Conference (LIVE!)"

  1. His first professional boxing match debut AND against the champion!
    Not bad, not bad at all, but if it was an MMA match Mcgregor would kill Mayweather with kicks & jiu-jitsu etc and everyone knows that hehe!
    But still 50-0 and respect for that!

  2. Here is the deal.. connor is considered one of the top stand up fighters in MMA.. hes also much bigger than flyod and MUCH younger at 29 vs 40… The formula of this fight is simple… connor although bigger ,. younger and a top athlete in his sport can walk away with millions and say … " hey boxing isn't my sport, oh well"… and flyod takes the obvious win even being 40 and smaller and earns another 300 plus whatever million… The winners of this fight are connor and floyd.. The losers are the people who just lost 100 dollars to watch something on their television… Thats the formula.

  3. All the armchair experts below. lol. Both did good. unsurprisingly Mayweather won because it was BOXING rules. Let's see Mayweather get into MMA arena, and see how it goes. Then we can fairly judge. McGreggor gets nothing but respect for doing boxing when its not his main style.

  4. Good fight! Although this is just so unfair. Conor clearly won the first 4 rounds, the next two were neck-to-neck. He's an MMA fighter; and he was asked to only box. Ref shouldn't have stopped the fight; Conor has won fights before; he has always overcome his fatigue. Conor FTW!!!!!!

  5. We all know Conor McGregor is THE most brash, self confident, even arrogant fighter to ever grace the octagon but listen to his portion of this press conference and you'll truly see what a humble, class act he really is. Hats off to a true fighting champion.

  6. "The talk" is not for the show. It is intended to intimidate your opponent, whether they are prey or predator. That is what Muhammed Ali did before every fight. Luckily for him, he did the talk and won. Conor did his talk but lost. Maybe next time he should keep quiet.

  7. Conor got smashed easy opps! but then people in the know new this was going to happen, all you newbie fans to the fight game have no clue, well surprise surprise mofos conor got schooled lol hahaha wow and by a 40 year old ring rusty retired floyd.. ownage! 101

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