UFC Hall Of Famer Bas Rutten Hypes New Season Of Karate Combat; Talks Izzy vs Costa + More!


MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant spoke with UFC Hall Of Famer Bas Rutten and got the story on the new season of “Karate Combat,” which airs on Karate.com and beIn Sports. Bas talks about the show’s concept, how the fights came together, why he got involved with the project and more. In addition, Bas also shares his thoughts on the UFC’s success during the COVID pandemic, the upcoming UFC 253 title fight between Middleweight Champ Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa, what went wrong with the WBKFF organization and more!

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14 Comments on "UFC Hall Of Famer Bas Rutten Hypes New Season Of Karate Combat; Talks Izzy vs Costa + More!"

    • Bas Rutten is a fraud who conned Chris Leben and Johny Hendricks, two people who considered him a trusted friend, out of a lot of money by repping a promoter whom he knew was a criminal. They haven't been paid for over 2 years and instead of owning up to it and apologizing like a man, Rutten has avoided all responsibilities and still doing damage control for himself and his criminal friend. He might be a legend in the fight game, but he has no integrity whatsoever as a human being.

  1. It's been over 2 years, the guys who competed in WBKFF still haven't been paid, and Bas Rutten still has the audacity to make excuses for himself and his criminal friend? "They're going to get half their pay" yeah, you said that years ago, any more empty promises? "I did everything in my power". Yeah, except letting the fighters know your friend is an untrustworthy fraud with a laundry list of legal problems, something you knew beforehand. Just pathetic. Way to completely destroy your credibility, Bas Rutten. Leben and Hendricks trusted you and you did them dirty.

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