MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #75 (LIVE): The Conor UFC 200 Saga; Jones + DJ Win At UFC 197


On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast With Karyn Bryant, Karyn and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss the on-again / off-again saga of Conor McGregor and UFC 200. They also break down Jon Jones’s win over Ovince St Preux and Demetrious Johnson’s victory over Henry Cejudo at UFC 197, as well as Anthony Pettis’ loss to Edson Barboza. In addition, they cover Benson Henderson’s loss in his first Bellator fight and other top stories in MMA.

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45 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #75 (LIVE): The Conor UFC 200 Saga; Jones + DJ Win At UFC 197"

  1. He was willing to do the NY press conference, he was flying out 5 weeks out before the fight, the promotion could have been done then he wasn't saying hes not doin any press he wanted a few things rearranged. That's not unreasonable by no means. He's done a lot for the ufc over the years, yes he got paid taking short notice fights never turning down a fight. Concessions could have been made. Connor I hope takes this as a lesson don't bail out the ufc if an opponent  falls out. I have more respect for Connor sticking to his guns against that asshole Dana.

  2. The Conor Saga overshadowed a good weekend of MMA action. Bellator with Benson Henderson making his debut. I think Scott Coker wanted to capitalize real quickly which is why he got Andrei Korsckevoy the Bellator Welterweight Champion. It was clear in that fight Benson should stay at Lightweight. They are dream matches that Scott Coker would have a better time of promoting. That Bellator 153 card was a good card. I knew Andrey would retain. He is 19-1: 10-1 in Bellator, he has pratically done it all. I think there are a couple of guys who should be on Dana's radar.

    Conor is so SCARED of Nate lets be honest. Nate made him a bitch at UFC 196. Conor played head games with Nate cause Nate did this on 11 days notice. Conor's ego is so hurt. I was surprised that it took 200 press conference for the straw to finally break the camels back. I would have predicted that the UFC 196 press conference would have been the straw that broke the camel's back. He was 45 minutes late to top it off FS1 was airing the press conference.

    MM was dealing with health issues heading into this fight. He said at the post fight conference that he had a root canal and might have had an ulcer. That would explain why he tried to put Cejudo away quickly. There are rumors or stories I read that supposedly MM wants to return around August or September. Dana wants him to sit out according to and wait until December to face the winner of The Ultimate Fighter cycle 24. It would feature 16 fighters at Flyweight fighting for a shot to meet MM at the finale. That was the tryouts that should have been on the same day that Karyn and Alan did this live. So, its more of a timing issue, MM is trying to stay active. He loves the idea but I think he doesnt want to fight around the holidays. He told submission radio that he wants the winner to wait until after the holidays Jan/Feb. So, its a timing issue. If MM gets what he wants he should face Joseph Benedaviez, #1 ranked at 125 lbs. Joseph like MM has cleaned out the division. MM wants to break the record of longest streak of title defenses. He is at 8, he would need 3 more to beat Anderson Silva who was at 10.

  3. I'd like to see the UFC brass make this one time concession to Conor, since he's put in so much time and energy in the media over his last couple of fights and to pay respect to him for the heavy numbers. But maybe he should be made to acknowledge in writing that this is a one time deal to stop it from becoming too serious of a precedent. They could even make him sign the paper that says it in public to let the UFC save face.

  4. I gotta disagree with this crew about Pettis, at least with respect to that Wheaties thing. The fact that the whole situation seemed to be yet another "promotion" the UFC tried ramming down our throats, it makes it easier to stomach his fall from grace. It's not his fault. It's just that the UFC does the fighter no favors when it tells us whom we should celebrate.

    But regarding Pettis going forward, Karyn made a good point. A drop down to featherweight might do his career (and that division) some good. I'd buy that for a dollar.

  5. Jones > Mighty Mouse. Only because of competition. Fighting 205ers is a much scarier world where some errors equal a quick loss. Ask Bader. :X. Cejudo, while a big 125er, wasn't at all dangerous. OSP with a full camp would have done a lot better though.

    • +NY OneLove. I was going to disagree with you at first, but the higher KO potential in the 205 division IS something to take into consideration when comparing the two. When you take away heavy hands, you rely that much more on speed, technique and cardio. To me, that creates a purer measure of a fighters true skill. How many times have we seen an average fighter with good KO power string together a 4-5 fight winning steak based on some lucky shots. ( Dan Henderson anybody…?) IDK …I'm leaning towards Mighty Mouse > Jones …but it's close

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