MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #79: UFC 199 Bisping KOs Rockhold! Cruz Beats Faber! Brock Is Back!


On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast With Karyn Bryant, Karyn and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban react to the action that went down at UFC 199, where underdog Michael Bisping avenged his loss to Luke Rockhold and took the UFC’s Middleweight title in the main event. Karyn and Alan break down that fight, the co-main event where Dominick Cruz retained his Bantamweight title with a unanimous decision win over Urijah Faber, and the victories scored by Max Holloway, Dan Henderson, Brian Ortega and more. In addition, they get excited about Brock Lesnar’s return at UFC 200.

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MMA H.E.A.T. is a headline-making production company dedicated to covering the emerging sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Hosted by FOX Sports anchor and former CNN anchor, Karyn Bryant, our content ranges from intimate fighter interviews, to event coverage (UFC, Bellator, WSOF, RUFF), to technique instruction and beyond. Success in MMA is the result of four core elements: Heart. Endurance. Aggression. Technique.™ Our unique magazine style series celebrates all of these pieces of the MMA fighting puzzle in a way that fans love. MMA H.E.A.T. is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and operates worldwide through partnerships and affiliates. It was co-founded by Wade Eck and Karyn Bryant.

35 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #79: UFC 199 Bisping KOs Rockhold! Cruz Beats Faber! Brock Is Back!"

  1. fucked up throat try staying away from any and all cold drinks, dairy, bananas and other mucous producing stuff like smoking cigs. have more cayenne pepper in natural juice drinks and ginger. nice video!! soundin like barry white lol

  2. I unfollowed jouban on fb cuz the shit that he posts and says. I was coming in here open minded and then he fucked up instantly making excuses for his gay crush luke. He literally said luke takes it everytime….well guess what he took it in the ass lastime just like you jouban. Karyn much love. I love your journalism and unbiased approach.

  3. I saw the interviews that Karyn did for MMA heat over the weekend and it was a good job. I think most of the fighters hate the idea that they have to wait in at 4 or 5 PM cause that is when FS1 or FS2 will air the episodes. Then they just come back for the weigh in face off and in case FS1 panel wants to interview them. Once MIke who was ranked #4, step up to face Luke. I had a feeling Luke would be cocky cause of the fact that bookies had Luke as high as -1000 but on fight night he was -700. I think Luke was over confident cause Mike was on the set for XXX (the movie that was allegedly going to UFC Featherweight Champion, Conor McGregor). Luke was going into this fight with Mike diagonsed with a grade 2 MCL partial tear. When Luke revealed that on Thursday, most of us were scared shitless that Luke would be taken off cause of the strict rules by CSAC. I think AKA will think that Luke lost cause of the injury. It was a perfect fight for Mike. Mike is a funny analyst on FS1, with Karyn. Just joking if you guys thought Mike was a bit of a jokster and a pain now just wait until he comes back to FS1 with the belt cause he has busted his butt for 10 years and 25 fights before he finally won the big one. Seeing Mike in that analyst chair with the belt will piss off Luke and AKA that is for sure. With Mike and Dom with belts, Kenny Florian might have to come out of retirement. I think Dom is a numbers kind of guy because this was the 15th time in his career that he has needed the judges. Urijah got a morale victory cause he will always be that first guy to submit Dominick. If he thought he was done with Team Alpha Male yeah right. Cody Garbrandt who is ranked #7, has dreamed of knocking out Dom since he was 16. I think now with #1. TJ Dillashaw vs #3 Raphael Assucanio at UFC 200, it might have title implications in the men's bantamweight division. The Featherweight Division has been in a weird state ever since Conor McGregor ran away after he won the title at UFC 194. We learned that Dana and Lorenzo got what they wanted. Conor and Nate II at UFC 202 will be at Welterweight again. Max Holloway has won 9 in a row. Funny enough Conor was his last loss. I wonder if Max will have to win 10 in a row or will he just chose to sit out until these games get clearer. I agree with what Kenny Florian and Brian Stann said on UFC Tonight last week and Max should wait until it gets clearer at the top.

  4. UFC 199 was one of the best fight cards ever. Every fight delivered. Luke just got a wake up call. Luke is a way better fighter. On the other hand its actually "nice" that Bisping got the title after so many years and up and downs. Its an inspiration for the kids that hard work, training and believing are the most important ingredients for success!as always great interview.

  5. +Karyn Bryant Now I think about it more, I still have one more question. Why didn't you yourself express your thoughts about this publicly?
    You at least could have referred to it on your podcast and expressed your opinion on it.

  6. +Karyn Bryant Fair enough. Shouldn't have expressed myself in the way I did before knowing both sides of the story, my bad. After watching the MMA-beat I had some emotions running high I guess. Ending on a positive note though, love your podcast 😉

  7. I see no good reason why Luke should get an immediate title shot. I mean when bisping lost he had to go back and fight weak competition to fight his way back to the top. Granted luke is a way better fighter than bisping but the facts are luke got KO'd cold so give Weidman the shot he wants it and would be an interesting fight.

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