MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #80: Wonderboy Beats Rory, Cowboy KOs Cote; Fedor Beats Maldonado?


On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast With Karyn Bryant, Karyn and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban react to the action that went down at UFC Ottawa, where Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson defeated Rory MacDonald and Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone defeated Patrick Cote in the main and co-main events respectively. Karyn and Alan break down the action in this fights and discuss what could be next for the winners. They also cover Joanne Calderwood’s win over Valerie Letourneau on the same card, as well as Fedor Emelianenko’s crazy fight with Fabio Maldonado at EFN.

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18 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #80: Wonderboy Beats Rory, Cowboy KOs Cote; Fedor Beats Maldonado?"

  1. Awesome Podcast as always. Alan's new opponent: Belal Muhammed was signed to the UFC with the idea that if Tarec Saffedine couldn't face Rick Story at UFC Fight Night 88, Belal would have stepped up, there was fear as of Monday of fight week that Tarec wasnt going to be able to fight cause of his knee but Tarec toughed it out. Obviously, Tarec went through with the fight hence Belal is making his debut against Alan.

    Cowboy is actually ranked #4 as a Lightweight but debuted at #14 as a Welterweight. His fight with Patrick was really good. Felt bad for Patrick cause Patrick wanted to beat Cowboy to crack the top 15 for the first time as a welterweight. I read on line that I think Cowboy was paid 78K to show for his title shot with RDA. If your name is Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey or Sage Northcutt no matter if you have a crappy fight you will get paid seven figures.

    How much more does Stephen Thompson have to do to prove to Dana that he should get a title shot. He is actually #1 ranked welterweight fighter. I think Rory vs Stephen was made cause Dana wanted Conor to run away from Featherweight and face Robbie Lawler but Nathan Diaz screwed up things when he won at UFC 196. Rory shocked Stephen cause Stephen is used to putting fighters away in the first round. This was his 3rd main event but the first time he went 25 minutes (5 rounds).

    I think Valerie had some wardrobe malfunction issues. She went on her instagram and said that Jojo's kicks didnt hurt but it was as Karyn said that her foot got caught in Valerie's sport bra but the ref didnt stop it which shocked me. If that was Big John or Herb Dean yeah Val would have gotten some time to fix herself. This fight was at 125 lbs cause Jojo was going through personal issues as she told the MMA hour podcast. She was changing gyms. Her fight with Valerie was the first at Tristar. Also, Firas thought that 7 weeks wasnt enough for Jojo to prepare for Val at 115 lbs. Her team asked for a special catchweight of 125 lbs thankfully it was approved. I think also Firas was real busy cause he had multiple fighters on this card from top to bottom (Randa, Sam, Jojo, and Rory).

    We had 1 hiccup on this card. Randa Markos weighed in at 117.5 lbs but wasnt given a chance to cut the extra pound and a half. I know that surprised some people on social media cause usually if you are over, you have what it is 1 hour to cut whatever. She was the first fighter to be fined under the new weigh in policy (it was from 9-12 and the so called 'weigh in' show that Karyn did a good job with Brian Stann and Suga Rashad Evans, was 5 hours later).

    LOL! Speaking of the weigh in. Fedor vs Fabio was a good show but it seemed like a marathon. I know a lot of people were pissed cause Fedor vs Fabio was just starting at the same time as Karyn Brian Rashad and Megan Olivi started with the weigh ins. It seemed like Fabio's team was walking into a trap. Fedor's old training partner I read on is the VP of EFN. The Ref is from Fedor's commission. The judges I dont know what they were seeing. Fabio had the first round 10-8 maybe 10-7. As I was watching the fight back cause I missed it as I watched the weigh in, Fedor was a mess. I thought Fabio was going to win by KO. Surprised he got out of first round.

  2. calderwood did not look good. That fight was so annoying I stopped watching after 2 rds. Calderwood cannot throw a decent punch and got lucky with the spinning "elbow". That said, the other girl was worse.

  3. Fedor has looked soft in the torso for quite some time while in the cage/ring. He legitimately is a 205lb'er who has pretty much dominated in his time the heavyweight/unlimited weight for what a decade, but if anyone is honest about his actual weight class in terms of body composition he ought to look into making the 205lb. division as it would bring a lot of positives to his in ring/cage ability. If we think he is dynamic at heavyweight which he is he'd be amazing at a much truer weight category, and if we are even more honest 185 would probably be his sincere weight class.

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