MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #86: Maia Submits Condit, Pettis + PVZ Win Big At UFC Vancouver; HW Title Talk


On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast With Karyn Bryant, Karyn and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss the action that went down at UFC Vancouver, where Demian Maia submitted Carlos Condit in the main event. They also break down Anthony Pettis’ win over Charles Oliveira, Paige Van Zant’s KO of Bec Rawlings and the awesome Jim Miller / Joe Lauzon fight. In addition, they share their thoughts on Arlovski vs Barnett, UFC 203’s Miocic vs Overeem and Werdum vs Browne fights, plus they preview TUF 24.

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MMA H.E.A.T. is a headline-making production company dedicated to covering the emerging sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Hosted by FOX Sports anchor and former CNN anchor, Karyn Bryant, our content ranges from intimate fighter interviews, to event coverage (UFC, Bellator, WSOF, RUFF), to technique instruction and beyond. Success in MMA is the result of four core elements: Heart. Endurance. Aggression. Technique.™ Our unique magazine style series celebrates all of these pieces of the MMA fighting puzzle in a way that fans love. MMA H.E.A.T. is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and operates worldwide through partnerships and affiliates. It was co-founded by Wade Eck and Karyn Bryant.

45 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #86: Maia Submits Condit, Pettis + PVZ Win Big At UFC Vancouver; HW Title Talk"

  1. 19:57 – However she came to be the owner of it, Paige has pretty, cheery, but oh so solid mental toughness. And how can you not love the diversity she brings to the face and sport of mma?  Btw Karyn/Alan – always enjoy this podcast and think it has a lot of potential to blow up.

  2. Awesome podcast as always Karyn and Alan. Its been a crazy week. Demian's ground work is incredible. Carlos has nothing to worry about. I think he still believes he defeated Robbie Lawler at UFC 195. Demian is 9-2 since he went down from Middleweight to Welterweight. The weigh in show on Friday wasnt that good. Dont know if it was how it came across my tv or if it was the first time back in Canada since Rory MacDonald signed with UFC. Anthony shocked me. I didnt think he would beat Charles Oliveria. The fact that he did part or most of his camp at Winklevoss John gave him the momentum he needed to snap his three fight losing streak. Paige looked incredible like I thought she would over Bec Rawlings. I think Bec and the rest of the women in the division hate Paige not cause of her success outside the UFC but her ranking. She was #10 entering this fight. She is now #8. Hope Paige is on that UFC on Fox 22 card in Alpha Male backyard. Looking forward to UFC 203. Stipe coming home to defend plus the MMA debut of Phil Brooks, CM Punk, in the feature fight against Mickey Gall. It will be interesting to see the weigh in show on Friday (9/9 at 4PM on FS2) to see the reception he gets.

    In funny news and gossip, Luke Rockhold stopped by the MMA fighting studios to appear on the podcast the MMA hour on Monday and he admitted why he was in town. Alan isnt the only male professional model/fighter. Luke admitted that he was appraoched by some agencies prior to UFC 199 about the possiblity of him getting into modeling work. He admits that world will keep him busy while he waits for a fight offer. He could be appearing at Fashion Week in New York. Here is the link to the interview. Note go to 3:15:40 for his interview.

  3. Alan have a healthy road back with the hand my brother. I'm glad you contribute to the sport outside the cage. Dont let that face go to waste as something Karyn might say :-). As well as you bring a good energy to the cage. Keep up the good work.

  4. Paige Vanzant is better for having employed a varied attack to her already established incredible grity brawling and grappling suffocation. I could sense from he very beginning she was in control of Bec, and was going to knock her out believe it or not as the movement alone- let alone the strikes had her tired rather immediately what a minute plus in. Wow! Paige made the right decision in coming back to MMA as her roles in movies will only be bigger than if she had simply accepted whatever they wanted to hand over to her either way. She deserves a lot of money, because she brings in a lot of viewers not only for her fighting, but her fighting alone is enough.

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