MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast 97: TUF Finale – Demetrious Wins 9th Defense, Masvidal’s TKToe Over Ellenberger


All podcasts (video+mp3) can be found here: On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast With Karyn Bryant, Karyn and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss the action that went down at the TUF 24 Finale, where Flyweight Champ Demetrious Johnson successfully defended his title for the 9th time against a very game Tim Elliott. They also break down the Benavidez vs Cejudo fight, react to the very strange ending of the Masvidal vs Ellenberger fight and debate Ryan Hall’s performance against Gray Maynard. They also look ahead to UFC 206.

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34 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast 97: TUF Finale – Demetrious Wins 9th Defense, Masvidal’s TKToe Over Ellenberger"

  1. Wow, my respect for Jouban is gone. If he really believes that fighter's are entertainers first then he should go join wwe. Assuming they'd even take him. Also, I'd like to know where he get's off accusing the guy with more takedown attempts and more strikes of being the one refusing to engage. Ryan offered up his back. HIS BACK to Gray at one point during the fight. And Gray didn't take it.

  2. Awesome podcast as always Karyn and Alan. Alan did a good job of hyping up his fight with Mike Perry on UFC Tonight. I knew Kenny (K-Flo) would tease him about his modeling gig. The part that I thought was funny was doing one of the cut ins during commercial breaks where Alan was teaching a modeling walk. Kenny was lost in the background. Its all in good fun though.

    On to The Ultimate Fighter Finale. It was a damn good show with no hype at all. My only pet peeve was that I wished that we had a 2 night finale last week where we had more than a week to hype up this fight. Felt like to me Demetrious and his camp really didnt take Tim serious and it pretty much bite him in the ass. I saw the judges cards for this fight. Sal A Damato give MM round 4 10-8. Was that really a 10-8, whenever Tim was on his back he was the most active fighter. He was probably the busiest fighter that MM had faced in his reign. Tim outstriked him 110-85. i was really nervous after Joseph and Henrys fight because of that weird 30-26 scorecard from Glenn Trowbridge most of us had it a draw after that 'questionable' point deduction from the low blow. I thought Henry should have gotten a warning. Yves Lavigne kinda dropped the ball.

    I dont know if Herb was just getting exhausted by the time Jake's fight occured. Herb you could say was the head official because Big John was working the Bellator double card weekend. I really hope Jake gets that turned into a no contest. Jake got screwed in the rankings. Jorge kicked him out of no 15. It should have been stand up and restarted. Alexis Davis who lost to Sara McMann returned at #15 in Women's Bantamweight rankings. Tim cracked the top 15 at Flyweight.

    I think a lot of the fans were booing Gray Maynard for running away in his fight with Ryan Hall. He was supposed to have faced Alex White at UFC Fight Night 91 but Alex was injured and instead of getting a replacement Ryan and or his team choose to wait that is why it was a year absence and 2 cycles later from when Ryan won the show to debut. Ryan did improve in his year off. He can only go up from here. I think Ryan should have been on Fight Pass cause that way his fan base can build up. I wonder if the year off if fans forgot Ryan's style of fighting. What was funny was that Jon Anik admitted that Kenny was supposed to be a part of Ryan's team but he worked with Tyron and Karen back in the studio and Laura Sanko who provided interviews. Would have loved to been a fly in the room cause I bet Kenny was a nervous wreck but Ryan got the win. Also, Gray was running and just standing there. Alan is right, Dana wants better fights and for fans to be excited at the end. Jared Rosholt went 6-2 in his UFC run but his fights were never really exciting, most of the time he did enough. So, it doesnt matter if you win but you have to be excitedabout it.

  3. Ryan Hall kicked Maynard throughout all the fight… everytime he went to the floor the other guy stopped. So technically was Maynard who didn't engaged.. how was Hall's fault?!
    I was frustrated by Maynard, but I understand he was scared to engage. I don't boo, but if I should I would go with Maynard (with all the respect).

  4. Im not part of the bjj masses and I buy a Ryan fight all day. The guy is a genius fighter, He has 0 strenght and punching power and will humiliate you the whole fight. Artem and Gray would not fight this guy again even for a milion bucks.
    Gray maynard was getting slap with a hard kick in the FACE ALL NIGHT and could do nothing.
    That shit was extremely hilarious, I could not stop laghting on how stupid GRAY LOOKED, iMAGINE IF HALL WAS JUST A BIT ARROGANT NERD, HE WOULD BE A STAR. hahaha i kick in the face all night you stupid stupid white boiii. Turn Heell ryan and be rich.
    If He could pack just a litlle more power, he would be a force to be reckon with.

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