MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #102: Yair Beats BJ + Lauzon Admits Defeat; Tito vs Chael; New UFC Rules


On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast With Karyn Bryant, Karyn and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss the action that went down at UFC Phoenix, where Yair Rodriguez defeated BJ Penn in the main event. They discuss that match-up, BJ legacy and Yair’s future potential. In addition, Karyn and Alan share their thoughts on Joe Lauzon vs Marcin Held and Court McGee vs Ben Saunders. They also look ahead to Tito Ortiz’s retirement fight against Chael Sonnen at Bellator 170 and they let you know how they feel about three new rule changes in the UFC.

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32 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #102: Yair Beats BJ + Lauzon Admits Defeat; Tito vs Chael; New UFC Rules"

  1. Believe it or not, but @155lbs. it would of been worse as he is a standing duck, and does not utilize his grappling whatsoever since the very early days has been a detriment for BJ. I believe the truth also is he can't contend with and hasn't been able to contend with fighters for several years before he retired two and a half years ago. I was not surprised- let alone shocked at the BJ we saw as we have seen him like that for years before he retired over two years ago. I was disappointed in Bj for knowing he still moved that way with very little energy. The people around him trainers, sparring partners etc didn't see a different BJ as we did see the footage on the embedded and Bj looked slow and plotting, and the grappling is not there. And even if we saw grappling he doesn't seem to have the strength to contend with anyone in the UFC. I honestly believe BJ at this point would lose and lose badly to an Amateur as they have the striking, grappling, strength, and energy to either starch him, or at least win a dominant unanimous decision.

  2. I agree with Karyn we are in a transitional time with matchmaking. Gegard Moussai has been having a tough time filling out his 2017 schelude. He was hoping to work in April but nobody wants to face him. He wanted to face Anderson Silva but UFC told him he isnt the name power yet Derek Brunson is facing him at UFC 208 Holly vs Germaine. It was sad and confusing to watch. What did Yair have to gain from this fight? Nothing really. He is 10-1: 6-0 in the UFC. He was ranked #10. I expect when Karyn shows the rankings tomorrow on UFC tonight he may be 6 or 7. I think he should get either Ricardo Lamas or Cub Swanson next. Alot will come down to when Max Holloways team decides to fight Jose Aldo. My gut tells me probably around April at UFC 210. I felt bad for Yair cause people weren't watching for him the casual fans were watching for BJ. I could see Scott Coker in a year signing BJ only for ratings reason. I was wondering what the judges were drinking during Joe Lauzon vs Marcin Held. I had Marcin funny enough winning rounds 2 and 3 like Joe. I hope Marcin doesnt get cut going 0-2 in the UFC. Diego was a tough out and I had him winning this fight. Both fights that Marcin had were co main events so they believe in him.

  3. love this podcast! ufc needs to push jouban way more. dude deserves to be in top 15 getting big fights and more push by the ufc hype machine. dude is a walking billboard and he can fight. ufc too scared the bigger jouban gets the more money he will be able to make outside the ufc. they need to get over the fear and push this guy, they need more stars. bellator January 21 2017 free on Spike TV! bellator looking better and better while ufc looking like typical corrupt corporate scumbags.

  4. Are you guys really complaining about the bell sound for each round it's a bell your phone rings you have a door bell an alarm if you work look up all the bad stuff going on around the world and you guys complaining about a bell sound

  5. Liked and subbed. This is the MMA commentary I like to listen to. Technical stuff. I can't believe I was a pro wrestling fan for as long as I was without watching MMA. I love the REAL drama, the REAL fighting. I really enjoy the technicality of all of it.

    • Actually BJ was supposed to return at UFC 196 featured prelim against Dennis Siver. Dennis got injured then it was supposed to be BJ vs Cole Miller, I think BJ might have been injured. Featured Prelim was Alex Caceres vs Cole Miller. Then UFC Fight Night 98 was supposed to be BJ vs Ricardo Lamas. I think due to lack of promotion for it and I heard on another podcast, The MMA Beat that around only 3500 tickets were sold so that is why the card was scratched and fighters were pissed. If Conor or Ronda aint booked the new owners dont care look at the card Alan was hoping to fight on March 3rd. Cat Zingano called into the Luke Thomas show and was supposed to work it and found out like us it was cancelled. Then out of the blue it was Yair vs BJ.

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