MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #107 (LIVE!) UFC Halifax; The Black Beast KOs Browne! Hendricks Beats Lombard


On this LIVE edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss the action that went down at UFC Halifax, where Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis scored a KO win over Travis Browne in the main event. They also break down Johny Hendricks’ win over Hector Lombard, newcomer Gavin Tucker’s win over Sam Sicilia, Randa Markos’ split decision win over Carla Esparza and more.

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41 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #107 (LIVE!) UFC Halifax; The Black Beast KOs Browne! Hendricks Beats Lombard"

  1. Really the only thing you mention about Gavin's fight is the 20 seconds you thought he was cocky ? So what he didn't act as humble as you wanted while he was whooping someone's ass. He even said in the post fight interview he was doing that to draw sicilia in and make him miss to open counter shots . At least talk about how great the performance was instead of your superficial input .

  2. I'm still on the fence for this USADA testing. Great the sport is being cleaned up but there was to be a better balance than to have a fighter's privacy invaded so much. They come to your places at all hours. You have to specify where you will be at all times. I get it that it has to be random so a cheater can't cheat but 6am in the morning or USADA showing up at your job. ugh. Props to Alan for being a professional.

  3. Rooting for you Jouban glad you're finally getting a top 15 opponent. I know you and your coaches probably already have this sort of game plan figured out but I'm such a big fan of you're I'm gonna post my ideas anyway.

    Right out of the gate, I'd feint into a roundhouse head him kick as hard as you can straight off the bat and just try and knock him out with one hard hit. He always keeps his hands low. He's gonna try and take you to the ground immediately. But if you can stuff a few of them in the first round and waste his energy and stick behind your jab and your thip I wouldn't be surprised if he goes with the same game plan that he tried to win against Rick Story with. Don't start any combinations with body kicks or leg kicks, he will just shoot for the single and double legs. If he tries to thai clinch, don't knee him, just hook the body like Story did he will just try to catch the knees to get you to the ground.

    TBH, his standup Karate style is no where near as sound or effective like how Conor or Wonderboy uses it. And he doesn't mix in boxing or kickboxing combinations, he just throws a lot of 1 and done shots. So if he tries stand with you're going to wreck him.

    John Kavanagh seems to almost always tend to sugar coat his corner work, basically lying to his fighters in between rounds for confidence, even when they are losing and being clearly out pointed, and this guy has a pretty solid chin, so with this guy don't take too many chances like trying to finish him with ground and pound if you hurt him on the feet, force the ref to get him back to his feet. Wait him out, work that jab and shut down his grappling and you've got a solid unanimous decision win if not a knockout.

    Good luck!

  4. cool show. Like to see Alan beat Gunter like he beat Platinum (hype). Seems like a nice guy. I always used to mix him up with long haired guy who bowed after his awful fight with Mutante, who looked like he had no power, and less jacked!

  5. Lewis reminds me of the black version of Brock Lesner ( but he can take a face punch) . Yes he is still raw but both are the reason why martial arts was created. To try and defeat a bigger savage. Lewis is a nightmare once he gets more technique and develops his MMA game. I love Yamasaki , no question about who won. While I dont wish harm on anyone unnecessarily , Browne would have contested an early stoppage and he is a bully ( not referring to his supposedly domestic violence but I am referring to him trying to punk people at the media scrums )

  6. Hey Alan what you take on El Cucuy training on his own. like not for a big camp more or less. do you think it's better for a fighter to venture on his own this day and age and find proper team mates or is it better to be at a big gym that can have great talent to learn from?

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