MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #110: Champagne Podcast! Alan Jouban Talks Loss To Gunnar Nelson; Manuwa’s KO At UFC London


On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss Alan’s UFC London fight with Gunnar Nelson, which ended in a submission win for Nelson. Alan talks about his preparation for the fight, how he felt during the action and the conversation he had with his opponent afterwards. Karyn and Alan also react to Jimi Manuwa’s KO win over Corey Anderson and Brad Pickett’s retirement fight. Plus, they look ahead to UFC 210, where Light Heavyweight Champ Daniel Cormier will defend his belt against Anthony “Rumble” Johnson and Chris Weidman will face Gegard Mousasi.

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121 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #110: Champagne Podcast! Alan Jouban Talks Loss To Gunnar Nelson; Manuwa’s KO At UFC London"

  1. Such a great guy, and great job with the questions Karyn! I really liked how he explained what was going on when Gunnar caught the choke. For any people that don't train BJJ (like myself), I'm sure that was interesting and enlightening. Keep up the great work!

  2. lol I remember watching Jouban's first fight in the UFC. They hyped up this whole pretty boy model angle and as a doggedy scrapper, I couldn't wait to see him get knocked out that night. He's such a damn nice guy you can't help but become a fan – now I cheer him on any time he fights. I was really hoping he'd beat Gunnar and take full advantage of the opportunity. Best of luck in future fights, Alan. Great interview, Karyn. Wish they hadn't stopped the Brad Pickett fight that night – he was recovering very quickly.

  3. Gunni got me into Mma he was the adopted face of Irish Mma before Conor ,fair play for taking the fight Alan you got 1 new fan! Wonderwoman doesn't want any part of Gunni see he said "the fight doesn't make sense he wants Lawler or Condit "both have been out for awhile after that WAR i thought Condit won though they've both lost their next fights since i sincerely hope each Man got taken care off cause they left a piece of themselves in there deserve million each& a lifetime of healthcare for them& their families it was the third best fight I've seen of all time for any combat event! I swear that fifth round got me right in the feels watching Condit stay on his feet through sheer WILL/HEART idc that man will always be a champ to me i still remember most of the fight perfectly sorry I went on a weird tangent haa. Alan Id like to see you vs Cowboy or Lawler stylistically their coming off losses & are top name value guys you've the skills just need a breakout fight like Gamebred . Remember you stepped up when "ranked" guys turn the phone off when Gunni comes calling seriously take Confidence from that dust yourself off no shame in that loss like Maia beat Gunni losses happen head high chin down bud good luck next don't take a unranked guy it feels like your to nice/easy going at times Top 15 or bust kick Shelby in the face if he offers anything less aim for Lawler settle for Cowboy.

  4. Big Lyoto Machida fan. Great to see Jouban got to work with him and his brother in preparation for the fight. Definitely, something you can learn off a fellow respectful but competitive true martial artist.

  5. gunner submits people more than mia but he dosent cut weight and ia a small welterweight so mia controlled him gunner should realy  be a lightweight and if he do it he be champion in that division some welterweights go in the octagon at 200lbs plus so gunner is at big d issadvantage and he still doing well none of the top ten want to fight him id like all the fighters who turn fights down name and shame again respect alan u earnt the fans respect your a warrior and cant wait to see your next fight

  6. Bless, Alan. I picked you because I will always support, but I will admit it was bad match up. You have great Jujitsu, but Gunnar has insane Jujitsu, You have better stand up than Gunnar, but Gunnars particular stand up is a perfect counter to your style.Lots of support, see you back soon.

  7. That's how you handle a loss perfectly. With respect for your opponent, being honest about your own performance and looking forward to getting better. Gunnar Nelson is a crazy good and often underrated fighter and there is no shame in losing to a guy like that. A lot of people avoid fighting him, Alan stepped up like a true warrior. I hope Alan is coming back soon and kicking some ass again!

  8. rlly impressive how jouban didnt get submitted by gunnie, in those 2 min. i was like this is gonna be the longest 2 min of joubans life, when gunie had him in mount i think. but jouban did amazingly had defending submissions/strikes

  9. hey Alan just wanted to say was my first live ufc event last Saturday and also first time in London was a wicked night and a pleasure to watch u fight. I had u in that fight even though gunni is the local boy and seeing the way u hold yourself inside and outside the cage is very inspiring, you handle the L like a champ huge admiration for you man.Great podcast love your work Karyn:)

  10. Regarding Dan "Dadbod" Kelly and opponents that should kick him in his bad knees. I'm probably the minority in this and this is easy for me to say as I'm not a prize fighter but.. If one is a martial artist is it bad sportsmanship or does it go against code to attack a person where they are injured?

    I've heard Jon Jones' thought process on the oblique kicks JacksonWink fighters employ and I understand that perspective but still it seems unsportsmanlike to target an injury.


  11. Jouban should consider the amount of weight he cuts to fight at 170. He is in his mid 30's and weight cutting takes more energy from you the older you get. I think his ability to take a punch will greatly improve if he isn't killing himself to get down to 170. No disrespect, wish the best for Jouban.

  12. Jouban is still a top 10 fighter because he should have already been in the top 10. It's hard to "get up" for a Gunnar fight because of all the respect, that killer instinct you need in a fight isn't on point. Much respect Jouban for taking the Gunnar fight. Can't wait to see you fight again. #Number1MMAPodcast

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