MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #112: UFC 210 Controversy: DC Wins, Rumble Retires + Mousasi Gets TKO


On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban react to UFC 210, where Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier successfully defended his title in a rematch with Anthony “Rumble” Johnson in the main event. Karyn and Alan talk about the fight, the #TowelGate antics that preceded at the weigh-in and Rumble’s shocking retirement after his 2nd-round submission loss. They also cover the controversial ending to the co-main event, where Gegard Mousasi scored a TKO victory over former champ Chris Weidman.

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54 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #112: UFC 210 Controversy: DC Wins, Rumble Retires + Mousasi Gets TKO"

  1. When a doctor asks a fighter "What day is it?" they've got about a 90% chance that "Saturday" is the correct answer. So I feel like Weidman was either lying, to get Mousasi DQ'd; or he legitimately is punch drunk / brain damaged and needs to retire and go into coaching

  2. Gegard assassinated Weidman's heart. Chris was looking for a way out the fight and we all saw his new found acting skills used in the cage instead of tv programming. Just another all amurican cheater. Gegard has all the leverage. UFC and Dana White need to, show the Armenian Assassin the mmmmooonnnneeeyyyy bitches!!!!! Gegard could easily be a two weight world champion but he doesn't have blonde or red hair, blue eyes, nor does he like to suck that white dick. So the racist ufc staff and fans hate on him. PAY the man and give him his shot or atleast interm title against yoel. the two best in the division who constantly get pushed aside. they deserve the guarantee shot that comes with intern title and pay.

  3. Get taken down is so overrated in the UFC…..You get taken down but there is absolutely no damage done……MMA isn't wrestling…..score the takedowns if it does do damage…..if it doesn't it's just boring to look at and just a technique…..

  4. Karen, cheating is cheating! You saw his handlers lower the towel and held it with tension. Watch, the rules will be changed by the commission, the fighter will have to raise their hands and arm above their heads on weight ins. Plus, if the fighter doesn't cut the weight then he is cheating his opponent and there is no margin of cheating that is okay. The fear of DC losing his title was the motivation to cheat by not making weight. There is no guarantee that he would have cut the 1.2 pounds (approx. 20 oz) within 2 hours. DC wasn't looking that good during the weight in.

  5. Good show, but Karyn is wrong about instant replay. The NY State Athletic Commission put out a statement saying refs ARE allowed to use instant replay in the state of New York, they said the correct person won the fight, and they said instant replay WAS LEGALLY USED TO DETERMINE THE OUTCOME OF THIS FIGHT. Legit TKO win for Mousasi. 🙂

    • Karyn Bryant, The statement did come out after the fight, but there was never any rule in New York stating that instant replay was illegal, and anyone who had read the NYSAC rules and regulations would already know that. Not sure why so many people like Chris Weidman, Matt Serra, Marc Ratner, and Ray Longo were running around saying replay was not allowed in New York because it's their job to know the rules, especially Ratner. I read the rules and regulations before the NYSAC statement came out and it was obvious to me that Weidman would lose his appeal to overturn the decision because there is no language in that document even remotely close to saying refs can't use instant replay.

    • Additionally, Herb Dean said refs can use polling which is where they can ask another ref for a second opinion if that ref saw what happened at a better angle than them. Dan actually was told by BJM that it ws legal, not sure if Dan even looked at the replays himself but i saw when Dan was discussing it with BJM.

    • Yep they can poll, and Big John did look at the replay which is how he came to the conclusion that the knees were legal. If you watch the fight again and listen carefully you will notice that Big Tan Dan never even actually said the strike was illegal in the first place, he said, "I want to check and see if it was illegal," and that is a direct quote. 🙂

  6. Weidman scoring takedowns in round one is totally what everybody was expecting of him with his reputation of the All American wrestler…….its his specialty……so good for him but I was way more impressed by how Mousasi managed to escape every single one of the take downs. Weidman blew his load in round one and suddenly in round Mousasi shows he still is fit and Weidman is in trouble…..

  7. U'll never know if he can lose that 1.2lbs though. How can we all be so sure? He's been trying to cut to 205 all night/morning. Maybe there's nothing left to lose anymore. All I'm saying is, don't be so sure he can lose that 1.2lbs in 2 hours. And now Rumble's team's filing a complaint. They want do that 20% from DC's purse

  8. Come on Karen, Weidman's corner is full of it. A fighter only has to say "Yes" or "No" before, during and after a fight. A simple requirement Chris never failed to answer in his entire UFC career up until the Mousasi fight. (Before a fight) Do you understand the rules? Yes or No(During a fight in-between rounds) Are you ready? Yes or No.(After a fight) Are you OK? Yes or No.When they asked if he could continue. He did not say Yes.End of story.All additional questions are there just for further confirmation.Chris Weidman tried to shortcut his way to a quick victory and when it backfired, he ended up looking very very bad in the eyes of the public and some of his fighting peers.All of his future opponents/haters/detractors are going to use this against him when promoting their fight.

  9. It's just fubared. As you probably know now after filming this, Herb Dean said you can poll outside officials. He did that with McCarthy. What was unclear is does that allow for McCarthy to watch replays, even though Miragliotta could have probably saw it on the big screen as well.It's all a moot point anyway, because apparently now the NYSAC says instant replay is legal and was legal Saturday. Seems like they're trying to just cover their asses and clean up this debacle.Doesn't matter, Mousasi should have won, Weidman can live to fight another day, the only real travesty is Mousasi was robbed of a fan-winning ko of a big name and going out on a huge win! He didn't/couldn't even celebrate his win and I like Longo, but he's been recorded so many times saying classless things on the corner mic and once again a website wrongly attributed it as Serra talking!Cormier may have "cheated" the system, well just like vasline gate and stool gate, this will never happen again (or shouldn't). The NYSAC messed up, Johnson and his corner said it was nothing. All of a sudden Abdelaziz is in Johnson's corner because he wants a cut of Cormier's purse. Shame on Johnson for allowing him to go forward with this! He will come out and say it was a "mistake" or "miscommunication".If anything, Johnson could be investigated for possibly throwing that fight! He is the definition of selling woof (or wolf) tickets. He even made a comment, to my loved ones who I told to not come and you didn't, thank you for listening to me. WTF is that!? How many people bought tickets for that "performance", bought the ppv, bet money on him! Imagine it comes out someone close to him bet a substantial amount against him because they knew what was going on behind the scenes. He threw 2 headkicks and just folded. His corner knew it. They were disgusted. He fooled everyone.Weidman appealed to DW, even DW surprisingly wasn't for a rematch. They better just pay Mousasi so they don't lose him and Jacare to Bellator or somewhere else.

  10. Weidman kept taking gegard down but did nothing to gegard. Weidman and Longo are being complete bitch es. you both said what the problem is with all these commentators : you all want to be friends with all the fighters. Call it as it really is. Weidman wanted to win by dq and fucked himself.

  11. The best thing that could have happened for the ufc was for Johnson to leave. Now all those guys who could never make it past him for a title shot, Gustafsson, Manuwa, Bader (now in Bellator), Teixeira, and any up and comers can now actually make it to a title shot without having to go through Johnson.

    With ufc even letting top guys go like Davis, Bader and up and comers like Krylov, they needed a 'shake up'. Manuwa should get the next crack. They can't promote a Jones fight till July and Cormier just fought, may have a busted nose and is getting married. He's not worried about what's good for Jones. I hope he does fight Manuwa next. Give Jones a tune up fight, maybe winner of Gustafsson/Teixeira or someone else and if he wins he can meet up with Cormier in Feb or April of 2018.

  12. As for the fight, the reaction of Rumble's entire corner during the fight says it all. It was clearly not planned to wrestle DC (Henri Hooft said so during the MMA Hour), but something in Johnson cracked and he abandoned the mission.

    What's bizarre is he abandoned the gameplan so quickly, without really even giving the original plan a shot. That's gotta be SUPER frustrating for his coaches. It's not like he was going in there blind. I'm sure they had a plan and trained that plan a lot prior to the fight. He just decided to throw that out the window (even after the break in rounds, with his coaches telling him to stop wrestling and to go back to the striking).

    If Rumble ever comes back, I think checking out a sports psychologist might be a good idea, because it seems like his mental game isn't his strongest suit.

  13. I also don't think it's fair to say that the docs deemed Chirs Weidman unfit to fight based on whether he answered the day of the month correctly. The doc clearly took his time, and used different methods to define whether he was or not. And even got a second doc in for a second opinion. It looks like those questions where just a part or even a small part of the conclusion why Chris was deemed unfit to continue. Which seems fair to me and is probably protocol.

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