MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #113 (LIVE!): Cub + Artem Scrap At UFC Nashville; Iaquinta KO’s Sanchez


On this LIVE edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban react to UFC Nashville, where #4 UFC Featherweight Cub Swanson won a Unanimous Decision over Artem Lobov in the main event. They also react to Al Iaquinta’s KO win over Diego Sanchez, the questionable score card in the Lauzon/Ray fight, and the wins registered by John Dodson, OSP and Danielle Taylor.

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Wade co-founded MMA H.E.AT. in 2007, a headline-making production company dedicated to covering the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. He directed and produced 23 half-hour MMA H.E.AT. television episodes for MAVTV, earning recognition as the cable network’s most-watched show. Wade formulated and continues to supervise the company’s social media strategy, which has successfully grown the MMA H.E.A.T. Facebook following to over 165,000 subscribers. To date, Wade has produced and distributed over 2500 YouTube videos on the KarynBryant and MMAHEAT channels; those videos have exceeded 140 million cumulative views. He also currently oversee MMA H.E.A.T.’s YouTube Multi-Channel Network (MCN) of 425,000+ subscribers.

48 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #113 (LIVE!): Cub + Artem Scrap At UFC Nashville; Iaquinta KO’s Sanchez"

  1. This is definitely one of the best MMA programs ever. Thanks Alan and Karyn for taking the time to do this. Alan keep your head up bro your one of my favorite fighters of all time. Love how humble you are. I hope to see you fight in July, thanks again guys. Wade your the man. Love from N.C.

  2. What a joke. Jouban schooled Perry? He ran away and spammed leg kicks and won a 29-28 over a green Mike Perry and would have lost the second round had he not have gotten a knockdown in the last 30 seconds of the round. Jouban fought his best fight and Mike fought his worst and Alan still barely won.

    I also got a kick out of Alan being butthurt he didnt get the perceived "easy" top 15 fight in ellenberger. He got what he deserved against Gunnar for trying to get an "easy" fight with Jake. Stay salty Alan and enjoy never being ranked and have fun watching Mike keep climbing.

    Lastly you both make it seem like Perry fans are morons who only want blood. Thats just not true. We just want to be entertained. Mike entertains. He never has and never will run away and spammed kicks like Alan has been doing lately.

  3. I think Artem's stock only went up cause he lasted 5 rounds with Cub Swanson. This was a Huge risk for Cub to take. As we found Cub is going to be a father and said to MMAjunkie doing a post that his child is due in August. Was targeting late Dec/January return. I think Cub will have to wrestle 1 more time for a title shot. Dont see him getting it when he comes back. They are pushing Yair Rodriguez as the next big thing. He is ranked #7 meeting #2 Frankie Edgar at UFC 211. If Jose wins, then yeah I could see Cub getting it cause his reputation is defending once a year. If Max wins, he will do a quick turnaround and want to face Yair/Frankie winner.

    Al is on a roll. He has won 5 in a row. Is the morale still low at Serra-Longo. We know Chris Weidman was flat out screwed and KB said on the UFC 210 post show that she was told that Chris wont fight in New York ever again. Al should do a quick turnaround but I dont see him fighting at Fox. I hope he will but I wont be surprised if he isnt on that card. I was surprised Al was #14 heading into this fight. He has the 3rd longest streak at Lightweight. He should be at least 9 or 10 when the rankings are revealed.

    Love The Ultimate Fighter. I was surprised that Dominick is helping out Karyn. He was the last person I suspect. Raphael Assuanco called him out for a fight. We know Dom is pissed that TJ is getting the first shot at Cody. I think also Dom hates Team Alpha Male with a passion cause they have his number figured out. I was surprised Hector Urbina was casted. Some fans that his casting was questionable. Johnny Nunez got brought back and he is 177 lbs. You have to feel for James Krause. He could have been taking fights but he gambled by testing himself at Welterweight. The producers of TUF I bet are considering this cycle a vacation cause it writes itself. I cant wait until Micheal returns from his travels. It will be a big relief for Karyn that is for sure.

  4. July schelude
    6th Hall of Fame
    7th The Ultimate FIghter 25 Finale no main event but Maynard/Ishaira (FW), Tavares/Theordou (MW), Jordan Johnson/Marcel Fortuna (LHW)
    8th UFC 213- 5 fights confirmed including UFC Bantamweight Championship Cody Garbrandt vs 2. TJ Dillashaw
    16th UFC 113- Glasgow Scotland Roundtree/Craig LHW, Marhmann/Janes MW, Godbeer vs Willis at HW
    22nd-25th Anniversary on Fox From Long Island Last Thursday Gian Viliante vs Patrick Cummins was confirmed
    29th-UFC 214- DC vs Jones II is all but confirmed pretty much. I think Jon's suspension is up the 5th of July but dont quote me on that. Dana went on The Herd last Wednesday and is still staying firm that Bones wont Main Event again. Been reported that UFC is targeting UFC 214- The Iron Lady vs Cyborg.

    There are plenty of cards for Alan to get on if he is targeting a July return to the cage.

  5. U guys didn't like it when Perry says who's life he's gonna ruin next but are ok when Conor mocks other fighters' pay/income and makes fun of Nate Diaz teaching kids martial arts? Idk about others but that don't make sense to me……..

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