MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #116 (LIVE!): Reaction To UFC 211: Stipe + Joanna Win; Poirier + Alvarez No Contest


On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban react to the massive UFC 211 fight card, which featured two title fights: Heavyweight Champ Stipe Miocic vs Junior Dos Santos and Strawweight Champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Jessica Andrade. Karyn and Alan also talk about Maia vs Masvidal, Frankie Edgar’s dominance over Yair Rodriguez and the No Contest fight between Dustin Poirier and Eddie Alvarez.

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61 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #116 (LIVE!): Reaction To UFC 211: Stipe + Joanna Win; Poirier + Alvarez No Contest"

  1. There were 3 knees Alvarez threw to DP's head. This is my opinion1st knee – very few talked about the 1st knee but to me that was ILLEGAL. DP had his fingertips on the ground and to me it was weight-bearing as well. Under old rules which is applied here, it's ILLEGAL in my eyes2nd knee – looking at the replay, it looked like when the knee made contact, DP''s hand was off the ground. Even if it wasn't off the ground, DP's hand wasn't weight-bearing, therefore it's LEGAL3rd knee – no question it was ILLEGAL. Regardless how many hands DP had on the ground, his knee was. It was ILLEGALNote:: 2nd knee was impossible to judge in real time. Replay makes it more clear

  2. The difference between Woodley vs WOnderboy & Woodley vs Maia is that Maia will for sure want to close the distance. That in itself would make it more interesting than WOnderboy fight. Wonderboy hesitated to engage because he's terrified of getting taken down. Maia however will try and grab Woodley

  3. Damn- is there anyone connected to the UFC who doesn't have their own podcast at this point? Don't get me wrong- I'm not complaining- another chance to see the lovely Miss Bryant is always welcome. It just seems a little nuts when the ring announcer, the fighters, the media ppl, the management, the refs, the coaches, everyone has a podcast- and they're all about basically the same thing- just told from a different point of view.

  4. Dear Karyn. I love the show. You and Alan are a good team. Very articulate, great dynamics and fun jokes as well. NOW, you are losing me as a listener. Because of the audio quality. It's the same problem with the Anik & Florian podcast. You guys, PLEASE….invest in some good microphones. 50 Dollar a Mic. USB connected. Very easy. Put them on the table in front of you, with a little pop-killer. And voila, you have got yourself some great, crisp audio. PLEASE! It's driving me crazy. You have got a mic on your shirt and it crackles, and it distorts. Karyns voice comes through with +12DB while Alan is barely understandable. I love you Karyn, and Alan! But the lack of effort you put in the audio quality is just making me frustrated. It must be fun making the podcast, and recording it. But we have to listen to it! Respect our ears please! As a producer/DJ/sound guy….it's just unacceptable. Okej, enough ranting. Love you guys! MIC UP! 😉 Kiss from The Netherlands.

  5. The Biggest problem with this Podcast is you guys dont do enough of them. We want daily content Damn it! Joe Rogan is the busiest guy around and he pulls it off. Time to cut back on the Fox stuff Mrs. Bryant and bring some more HEAT. A.J. no more 2 a days and Wade can cut back on……………Hmmm…Anyway you get the point. haha, I kid obviously. I love the show though so keep em coming Ya'll

  6. The octagon wont be back in the states until June 25th for UFC Fight Night 112 that card with Micheal Chiesa and Kevin Lee main eventing. That is the last card before International Fight Week. I wonder if Stipe also was able to win because of the fact that what we have to remember is that there were 8 fighters from American Top Team on this card. Mike Brown and the coaching staff were strecthed thin. Mike only cornered 3 fighters, Jorge: Dustin: and Joanna. JDS had been inactive for 13 months due to injury and lack of opponents wanting to face him. I could see Black Beast getting the next shot if he looks good at UFC Fight Night 110 vs Mark Hunt. He is on a 6 fight win streak at Heavyweight. I think it could come down to when Stipe wants to get back in the cage. his last 4 fights have totaled almost 8 minutes and hasnt been out of round 1. There are 5 Welterweight fights on UFC Fight night 108-Glover Vs Alex which is a Sunday afternoon main card start here in the states on the 28th. Preshow at 10AM. Prelims at 11PM Main Card at 1PM they will be back for the postshow all on FS1.

    Thanks for the explanation about Joanna Jedrzejczyk and the strawweight division. Joanna destroyed Jessica Penne and then she has gotten 4 decisions in a row. I am a HUGE fan of Joanna but Jessica's stock went up. She will be back. Anytime you can take Joanna to the distance its good. I think Joanna is like Ronda, it will take her having an off day like Ronda to lose the belt. She knew that prior to Karolina and that is why she went to ATT. She dominated Jessica 225-75.

    Demian has done MORE than enough to get a title shot. 7 wins at Welterweight that is incredible. I wont believe though until pen is put to paper. I remember what Miesha Tate went through to get her UFC Womens Bantamweight Championship fight. Will Demian have to sell his soul to the devil? there isnt anybody else he has to beat IMO.

    Frankie showed the UFC that he aint done at going for UFC gold at Featherweight. I think if Max Holloway beats Jose Aldo at UFC 212 how can you not deny him. If Jose wins, Cub Swanson is getting the next shot. Part of me thinks Frankie may have to go down to Bantamweight to get the title shot. I think he knew and his team that this was a so called coming out party for Yair and he wasnt no 1 contender worthy man did he prove them all wrong. Frankie won!

    its cool when they can get Brian Stann on the panel at FS1. He has some great points and great insight. He is right, they need to get their butts out of their heads and figure out what the hell was going on. It felt like to me, the no contest was Herb Dean way of saving himself and forcing Dustin to file an appeal. He is ranked #9. A win that I am sure he was going to get over Eddie would have put him into the top 5 and maybe have him in the discussion for a future title shot at lightweight. the division is a mess with Conor playing games.

    Its a slow week in the MMA world. On Friday is the Bellator debut of Rory MacDonald at Bellator 179 in London England against Paul Daley with the winner getting a future title shot at Welterweight.

    • nope i dont think so if she moves around and is as quick as she is in 115 then i dont see her having any problems….unless shes facing valentina then she has a problem but watever

  7. Alan – feel like it would've be good if you guys went a little deeper on the analysis. I.e. Discuss how you analyze Joanna as a striker yourself, etc. Whaddaya think? Either way, appreciate the show.

  8. It is not hard to publicize Damien, just start telling the truth! Literally, literally. Like: Some say he's boring. Some say he's the most exciting. Everyone agrees: it is starting to look like no one can stop him… etc.

    • +Karyn Bryant I was afraid it was one of those things you had to have been born with, or have to take up smoking to achieve. Alas, perhaps in another life.

      Gotta let you know I've always had the biggest crush on you, and look up to you as one of the most charismatic people to study and emulate to try and boost my charm. Seriously, you're like a chick version of Will Smith. I'm still not quite sure how you do it, but I notice you're very expressive, and have made it a point to try and minimize my own habits of catering my natural expressions to conform to certain social situations.

      Anyways, you be glorious out there Karyn.

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