MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #121: Floyd vs Conor Is Official! Cyborg Fights For FW Title; UFC Singapore


On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss the upcoming fight between boxing great Floyd Mayweather and UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor. They also discuss the UFC’s decision to strip Germaine De Randamie of her Featherweight title and the subsequent UFC 214 title fight between Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos and Megan Anderson. Plus, they react to Holly Holm’s head kick KO of Bethe Correia and more from UFC Singapore, as well as some sad news about Matt Hughes and Tim Hague.

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35 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #121: Floyd vs Conor Is Official! Cyborg Fights For FW Title; UFC Singapore"

  1. Conor might not need the money if he wins or loses… Although, I believe you may be forgetting what a psychopathic beserker fighter/person Conor really is! Conor is super young in comparison to most in combat sports, this truly is his time and place of dominance. He is in a position of dominance so he will fight no matter whether he wins or loses after Mayweather!

    • I love the enthusiasm… and I really hope Conor pulls off the almost
      unimaginable… Keep up the listenable content! Love you two (and the cool camera dude, Gabe or Abe or something similar. I lov the Camera guy who always seems to swerve some sexy, gorgeous piece of delicious a#se into the show, thankyou, MUCH appreciated 😛 )……. Also, KO some punk Alan. We all really want you too, and trust me you CAN DEFINITELY do it!!! On your shield man ( I know you have to be carefull brother, and its easy for me to say) you could lose a few in a row and the UFC would not drop you IMO! So, go out there and do what we all think you are capable of! KO some dude! The only advice I can give yo is you need a killer shot… Practice the Liddell over hand punch. its like he is throwing a fast ball… practice that 2000 on differing moving and static objects, because you have great foundations to spend time improving just one killer move like a certain punch or kick. Maybe go for the switch kick head kick (low/high) BUT PRACTICE this one technique 1/2/3/4/5/000 times until your next fight so you have a working KO move that you know will stiffen your opponent, BECAUSE YOU HAVE PRACTICED IT TO PERFECTION, and all the variables that come with just one clean technique! Just fucking do it please… or anybody elce who has learned the basics off MMA! Peace.

  2. Colby messed up and he was heavily favored to win and he didn't ground and pound. There wasn't much pounding. The win gave him a chance to call out number 6-9 and people would listen. Call out Woodley saying you'll break him with that lay and pray performance and boos just invalidates your entire speech. Not just a fail but missed opportunity.

  3. People keep talking about GDR and comparing her to other champs not fighting top contenders. No, not the same. She was a substitute for Cyborg she was expected to fight Cyborg next and no one else is in the weight class so it's worlds different than Bisping or Conor who both have fought top contenders while GDR didn't. Conor beat Aldo and Bisping beat Rockhold so even when they haven't defended they have at least faced or dethroned the top guy in the weight class, GDR didn't. And she didn't even win clean to begin with.
    If she told the UFC hey if I win 145 title I'm not fighting Cyborg they wouldn't have let her fight. So really she deceived them from the beginning so it's not a situation of not fighting the top person it's lying.
    I'm surprised if they give her a 135 fight because she intentionally burned them more than any other fighter I can think of.
    Aldo burned UFC pulling out of fights and Jones for issues he's had but those weren't intentional, she was so I think she's done in UFC.

  4. Awesome podcast as always. Looking forward to these each and every week. I think the Lightweight Division will be pissed that Conor vs Floyd is happening. Conor knows that the lightweight division is tough and he doesnt want to face them. Also, he is taking advantage of the fact that Rent is due ladies and gentlemen. IMO, Dana might be the voice for having this fight but WME-IMG is so desperate to pay the bills back from spending 4.2 million that they will want to do anything in their power to make sure that happens. As much as I hate Conor, I am nervous for him, cause 5 time UFC Vet Tim Hague passed away on Sunday due to a boxing match lost against Adam Braidwood, in Edmonton, the site of UFC 216. No offense to DC but my dream main event for UFC 214 just got made. Megan Anderson vs Cristiane Justino in my mind to determine the FIRST real UFC Womens Featherweight Championship. I wonder if Germaine's stripping is a message to DJ to fight TJ cause they dont want to sit out TJ for long cause Cody injured his back. Even though, I know Germaine's people think she cant beat Cris even though Germaine spent the majority of her career as Womens Featherweight fighter. Megan is 8-2 on a 4 fight winning streak won the Invicta FC Featherweight Championship in January (but was upgraded to official in March). Megan trains at Glory House MMA in Lee Summit MO that is run by James Krause. I seen a couple of her fights and she is a badass. I think Megan has a chance if she takes Cris out of round 1. Cris was taken out of round 1 in her last fight against Lina Lansberg and her coach Jason Partillo was pissed about that. UFC should have waited for Cris and I think they are realizing that. For those that dont know Germaine vs Holly was made cause the original main event for UFC 208 was to have been Jose vs Max to unify men's featherweight championship but Max's team wanted a full camp. Just quickly on UFC fIght night 111. Holly got her confidence back. She is a badass who ran into tough competition. Alan can beat RDA for sure. RDA needed a decision to beat Tarec Saffedience. Colby Covington probably scored upset of the night over 7. Dong Hyun Kim. Fight of the night was Ulka Sasaki vs Justin Scoggins and Holly Holm and Li Jingang got performance of the night.

  5. I have to believe after the Holly fight in which she didn't win in my opinion and you know having eyes and all. lol Her confidence in her ability to take shots unquestionably has been diminished, and she is overly concerned with what a Cyborg may potentially do to her "if" Holly who she may have thought was not as good, or tough as she turned out to be in the gifted belt that turned out somehow in her favor.

  6. Always a great podcast. Loved the pics from the past.
    One note on the boxing vs MMA, — even if Conor lands a blow that takes Mayweather down, the fight is paused and the downed fighter has a few seconds to recover. It's not like MMA where you can attack and finish the fight.

  7. They need to make it so people cant turn there back in boxing they have this new Floyd Mayweather andre ward bull shit were they use that stupid shoulder roll but both of them do it so bad that there turning there whole back to the opponent. If they do that shit you should be able to hit them to the back of the head and that would stop people from turning there backs.

  8. As for the fight itself, Megan is a true 145er. She isn't a Bantam moving up. Anderson is 6'2, strong, has KO power, great Muay Tha, poor ground game though, was submitted by Cindy Dandois. But Cris Cyborg equals or overcomes Megan's strengh, is faster, well rounded in stand up or on the ground (BJJ, Judo, Wrestling) and a killer.

  9. I think McGregor will win 2 or 3 rounds. Maybe the first 3. When Mayweather tries to hug he will use his grappling experience to win that battle, maybe even finish Mayweather early which is his best chance. But then Mayweather will have his timing, Conor will start to gas and Mayweather who is in my opinion faster, will either finish Conor or win by decision. Having that said i hope i am so wrong when i say Conor will gas and Mayweather will finish him or win. I hope Conor knocks him out. Conor is a good person, Floyd is a douchebag. I hope all the people who say he has no chance give him the respect he deserves. And don´t say he has 0% chance. How many times throughout the years have we seen the best fighters in he world lose to guys who were less talented or skilled? There are so many factors that come into play that anything can happen. The best more skilled fighter can understimate their opponent, be out of shape, have an injury, personnal problems, can dodge left when he should have dodged right and it´s night night. Anyone, i don´t care who it is, anyone who gets hit right or with a shot they don´t see coming can get knocked out.

  10. Karyn this is old news! I really wish you would put more effort back into this channel. I use to turn to your interviews above everyone else to listen to what fighters had to say. Your in studio a lot. Which is fine I guess. I just miss your shorter segment pieces. I guess it makes sense why fox scooped you up. Your the best at what you did.

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