MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #124: UFC Glasgow, #MayMacWorldTour Fallout + Bisping’s Rants


On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss some of the action that went down at UFC Glasgow, where Gunnar Nelson was knocked out by Santiago Ponzinibbio in the main event. They also discuss the co-main event between Joanne Calderwood and Cynthia Calvillo, Paul Felder’s win over Stevie Ray, the #UFC debuts of Justin Willis and Galore Bofando and more. They also share their thoughts on the fallout after Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor went on the road for four press conferences, Middleweight Champ Michael Bisping’s on-air rants and the upcoming UFC On FOX fight between Chris Weidman and Kelvin Gastelum.

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MMA H.E.A.T. is a headline-making production company dedicated to covering the emerging sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Hosted by FOX Sports anchor and former CNN anchor, Karyn Bryant, our content ranges from intimate fighter interviews, to event coverage (UFC, Bellator, WSOF, RUFF), to technique instruction and beyond. Success in MMA is the result of four core elements: Heart. Endurance. Aggression. Technique.™ Our unique magazine style series celebrates all of these pieces of the MMA fighting puzzle in a way that fans love.

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99 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #124: UFC Glasgow, #MayMacWorldTour Fallout + Bisping’s Rants"

  1. Shut up. Conner is aware enough to make a black dick reference but not aware about the word boy? N u said it yaself nuthin is off limits when it comes to boxing they both know that. Really what country doesnt know about the u s past or present.

  2. Gastelum will pound out Weidman to unconsciousness. No disrespect against Weidman but he is basic. The most accurate description was made by Luke Rockhold. He will get owned. If Weidman does win , I will be happy as well because he is a good family man and all around dude but I dont feel him in this match. He should have beat Mousasi though.

  3. Karyn Please… without going into the racist remakes he said about Silvia, Shanchez, Diaz's teammates or the rocky 3 movie or the fact the US seem to think he didn't know because his from ireland? ok as stupid as that excuse is that only washes for the first day! of which he said boy once then quickly changed it to son, then after all the drama then he repeated it a number of times on the second day & oh boy he killed himself on the third day… my advice is just don't say anything about it because to excuse or deny it is stupid… whilst I'm at it so people in the USA know people in the UK do not go around insulting people by calling them a cigarette? they know what the slang word really means & they are just being spiteful & childish name callers like Conor 🙂

    • what conor said could be interpreted as racist in a certain CONTEXT but if conor did not have any racist intent in his speech then it was not racist. everybody who says boy is not racist! boy is just a regular word and it is only racist when the person saying it means to be racist when saying it. you cannot prove conor was trying to be racist when saying boy. it is not like he said dance for me BLACK boy. 50 cent called conor WHITE boy and no one has said shit about that being racist and that actually mentions race! conor has never mentioned race or colour until stupid oversensitive sjws started taking what he said out of context! conor denied being racist and that is that. just take his word for it. there is nothing you can do to prove that he is!

  4. watched in slow-mo, after the clean hook and scramble(+shorts grab), gunner got to the cage and Ponzinibbio rushed him and managed to get fingers from both hands into gunner's eyes, i'm surprised gunner was able to deflect so many punches b4 he got caught…Hope you get Bisping back Karyn and GJ as always

  5. Awesome episode! Watching while I wait for my cinnamon roll dough rise. The best trio in video podcast! Hope AJ is feeling well and hope he does well his next fight! Hope KB and Wade are doing well too! Stay Positive!

  6. Bisping should never talk about tucking a chin in. Everyone of his fights he circles to the power hand and stands way up in the air. So bisping better tuck that chin in when Whittaker starts landing on him.

  7. Sorry , but the second image doesnt prove there was another eye poke, Gunnars face is hidden, and u can clearly see Ponzinibbios hand on Gunnars mouth, not reaching his eyes. Plus , if you watch the live fight, Gunnar had no reaction to that supposedly second eye poke , which is almost impossible to not have if u got an eye poked. Even Gunnar said in the post fight press conference he was pocked one time, not two. The reality is this, there was one eye poke, Gunnar wasnt much hurt, he kept fighting and wouldnt have complained had he won the fight. He got KTFO and embarrased in front of his people ,and he put an excuse to ease the pain of losing. Hes karate stance cant stop Ponzinibbios boxing and the result would have been the same with eye poke or not. Case closed.

  8. Gunnar got poked in the eye when he threw the looping uppercut that landed. Then afterwards he wipes at his eye. This was the first time in Gunnars career where he actually responded to something that hurt.

  9. She seems like an ok person to me but some of the stuff she says does make it sound like she is racisist and a misadrist.

    Why do so many black and other race people hate on Conor so much because he is a white, heterosexual , non jew, non muslim man?

    There is a lot of racism in USA and 99% of it is not from the white people but from others. For example just listen to that white girl in this video with her pathetic " white shame" brainashed retorics.

    • "For example just listen to that white girl in this video with her pathetic " white shame" brainashed retorics."

      Which video and which white girl? Where in this video is there a white girl?

    • Karyn Bryant Well, in fairness you did use the racist term "white boy" in your video and another racist slur "cracker" in your written response to the commentor. Sure you could argue you were using these terms in jest but so probably was Conor. Also no outrage or introspection by MMA commentors when Kevin Lee referred derisively to Sage Northcott as again "a white boy." Seems a bit of a double standard that some white folk are perhaps getting tired of. Anyhow, as usual a great video.

    • I have seen the fight and theres only one eye poke. Please show the rest, the camera angle shows the Gunnars face is hidden in supposed second eye poke. Ponzinibbios hand touches gunnars mouth, not eyes. I repeat, where are the images of the 2, 3, and four eyepokes, and why Gunnar kept fighting like nothing after the first eyepoke and at a 100% if he had blurred vision or double vision ? notice after the first eyepoke, Gunnar landed another shot on ponzinibbio ,how come he landed it if he had blurred o doubled vision ? another thing, in the presss conference, Gunnar said it was one eye poke and then his team contradicts him and said four ,so much different versions, who is lying ?

  10. Im a big fan of you both, but you were sooooo wrong about what Bisping was trying to explain and get across to you! For gods sake stay in your lane, let alone when you are talking to a life long Mixed Martial Artist and the reigning bloody UFC Middle Weight CHAMPION! I like you both a lot but, shit that was SOOOOO CRINGEWORTHY when you were arguing with Mike about it! Although, thanks for the giggles, we were all in stitches watching in disbelief!
    Alan… do your thing dude, you will win im sure! This is your time dude! BELIEVE IT!!!

    • +Professor Caiote Fu Did you watch the whole FS1 show, or just the clip on the internet where you don't see Kenny and Michelle agreeing with me that the Karate stance does work for fighters like Wonderboy, Lyoto and even Michelle? Sure, sometimes they get caught with a big punch while their heads are up. But you're telling me NO ONE with their chin tucked gets KO'd EVER? Yeah, OK. And why do you have to be so rude while commenting to me?

    • +Karyn Bryant Oh… im sorry if I came across as rude. I said a few times that I really appreciated you both and enjoy your banter and like you a lot! At the end of the day we all have our own interpretations and suggestions about what we see on TV. Please don't think I was rude because there was no animosity vented towards you, veiled or otherwise! Anyway, keep up the good work, and thanks for the free content. P.S I really think this is Alan's time to shine… My friends and I are always rooting for him. I just really hope he can shine like we all know he can!

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