MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #126 (LIVE): UFC 214! Jones Beats DC In Rematch; Champs Woodley + Cyborg


On this live edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss the action that went down at UFC 214, where Jon Jones regained the Light Heavyweight title with a KO win over Daniel Cormier in the main event. They also talk about Welterweight Champ Tyron Woodley’s win over Demian Maia, Cris “Cyborg” Santos’ win over Tonya Evinger to win the Featherweight title and Robbie Lawler’s victory over Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone.

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84 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #126 (LIVE): UFC 214! Jones Beats DC In Rematch; Champs Woodley + Cyborg"

  1. Why didn't GSP just run in and blast people. He almost never finished an opponent. The black champ has to do things the white champ doesn't. Tyron must knockout his opponents and force them to do their jobs. Maia and Thompson were too fucking scared to engage Woodley and somehow that's his fault. He has 18 wins with 11 finishes, the last 12 months he defended the title 4 times against the number one contender. Name another division champ who has done the same? Bisping, Macgregor? Just say you hate niggers who fight smart and refuse to lose, it would be much easier than all the transparent bullshit. Mayweather is rich from white racist haters and Conor is about to cash in on the same Great White Hype con game.

  2. Here is how I think the winners should be matched after UFC 214
    Jones- at worst maybe either Gus or Volkan but everything is pointing to Brock Lesnar at UFC 217
    T Wood- dont want to say who I think he should match with given what happened to him. Plus, I think the winner wasnt going to get GSP as that fight was probably signed GSP vs Bisping. Mike was giddy as a schoolboy on the post show. The middleweight division has to be PISSED that this is happening. T Wood and his team is. T Wood fought 4 times in 1 year.
    Cris- Cat Zingano
    Robbie- Jorge Masdival
    Volkan- either a title shot or no 1 contender vs Gus

  3. Awesome podcast. Cool that you guys were able to give us a podcast before Alan left for Mexico City. Hope he and the rest of the fighters are safe and survive the elevation issues. The bout order came out and he is the featured fight vs Niko Price. The co main is in the Womens Strawweight Division 9. Randa Markos vs Alexa Grasso. Alexa is going up in competition after losing to Felice Herring at UFC Fight Night 104- The Return of the Korean Zombie. Niko last fought in Texas, that commission is crazy ask Courtney Casey. I thought DC was doing great. I gave him 1 and 2 but you can make an argument for Jon taking round 1. Jon and his team should kiss DC's butt cause during the build up Dana wanted Jimi Manuwa to get the title shot. I am not sure if Jon will defend his Light Heavyweight Championship before the end of the year. He called out Brock Lesnar for UFC 217 given the issues that Brock had after UFC 200 and plus Mark Hunt is still crying the shit will hit the fan. If he goes up to Heavyweight, I agree with Karyn, given what he has accomplished he should get Stipe Miocic. Its been reported that they are targeting UFC 216 to be Stipe vs 3. Cain for the World Heayvweight Championship.
    I felt bad for Tyron and Demian, they had practically no camp. T Wood did an interview before Karyn and Alan went on, he admitted that after he announced his fight on UFC Tonight for UFC 214, he had the same 3 weeks. Plus he was having shoulder issues. He stopped 21 takedowns with 1 shoulder. Also, Demain has a camp in CT, as Kenny told us on Saturday and his team was PISSED, that he had no camp. I think they were used if to be honest Jon Jones fucked up, there was your main event. Cris Cyborg main event a pay per view. Hell would have to freeze over. Tonya should be proud of herself. She is the 2nd woman to take Cris to at least round 3. Most women should see that there are some weakness in Cris' work. Both Lina Lansberg and Tonya Evinger took her out of round 1. You know a card is stacked when Ricardo Lamas is the featured prelim. I was shocked at this match making. Jason was #15 cause Anthony Pettis went up to Lightweight which changed that division. Ricardo proved to the matchmakers that he is someone you shouldnt mess with.

  4. The bias for the Fox panel analysts (Woodley & Cormier) is disgusting. True journalism is about seeking the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. You can't be tippy-toeing around trying to not hurt the feelings of friends.

    • james bratt It was a great fight. I wanted Cowboy to win, he was on my fantasy team haha. It's tough though because the new scoring system is supposed to favor damage over everything else, even over punch count. So one big shot is worth more than 10 little ones, unless the little ones do more "damage." The problem is I feel like no matter what the scoring system is, it's the actual judges that need to be more clear and consistant because without that, the scoring system will always seem wonky no matter what it is.

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