🔴 MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #128: McGregor’s 10 Rounds With Mayweather; Snoop vs UFC Fighters


On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss the superfight that went down between Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and two-time UFC Champion Conor McGregor. They talk about Mayweather’s win, McGregor’s performance and what the fight means in the combat world. They also discuss rapper Snoop Dogg’s commentary on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series and how UFC fighters feel about it.

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64 Comments on "🔴 MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #128: McGregor’s 10 Rounds With Mayweather; Snoop vs UFC Fighters"

  1. I can respect a fighter complaining about snoop, he does have feelings. However, before white fans get all holier than thou. Try to consider how much support the average white Americans gave to a foreigner over an American. Then consider how much Conor and his fans were embolden by the pre fight trash talk. Now then tell me how you expect every black man to celebrate with respect when the majority are against you?

  2. Floyd purposely toyed with Conor. He carried Conor to give the fans what they wanted. There is a guy who knows Floyd personally said that was the game plan all along. Let Conor shoot his load then put the heat on him. The dude is smart. He could of easily outboxed Conor of he wanted to.

  3. no surprise about the judges, i thought floyd would win, but i don't really see how he could have won the first 3 rounds, there might be an argument about the 3rd since that's when conor started to gas out, even i thought conor took that one.

    gonna say the same shit i been saying since the fight ended, it wasn't a one sided fight, but it wasn't a close fight either, there was no "mystic" finish, no one got humiliated, conor didn't get robbed by the ref, if anything he potentially got helped since no points were deducted even though he kept hitting the back of the head for most of the fight, it was just an entertaining fight with an obvious strategy and an obvious ending.

  4. Conor did Ireland proud, i stayed up till 6am to watch it in Dublin… great fight, Conor brought the fight out of Floyd and yes, Snoop needs to go, grew up on hiphop here but Snoop is not good for the UFC. Shit talking is great in the build up to a fight but after the fight its always respect but not with Snoop the skinny fuck

  5. Yyyyeeeeaaaahhhhhh To the cucks out there, king McCucker only lasted 10 rounds because of Floyd. Rope a dope or modern day term known as, rope a cuck. Thank you. Thank you Floyd for shutting up all the cucks. Your king got tko and would have been ko by an illiterate brittle handed old retired midget runner. #fakechampion #fakeking #jonessetup
    I bet no one will ask why Mccucker's body changes so much for fights #pedcheater #corruptedufc #corruptedusada #doyourresearch
    Canelo or GGG would ko the cucks false idol king mccucker stiffer than his cock during touch butt at the park. Mccucker couldn't even take out an out of shape, smaller, weaker, retired boxer in Paulie lmao

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