🔴 MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #137: AND NEW! GSP, Dillashaw + Namajunas Become Champs At UFC 217


On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss the action that went down at the incredible UFC 217 card at Madison Square Garden in New York City on November 4th, 2017. Three titles changed hands that night: Georges St-Pierre became Middleweight Champ by defeating Michael Bisping, TJ Dillashaw regained the Bantamweight title with a win over Cody Garbrandt and Rose Namajunas took the Strawweight title away from Joanna Jedrzejczyk. Karyn and Alan share their thoughts on what went down in those fights, as well as Stephen Thompson vs Jorge Masvidal and Paulo Costa vs Johny Hendricks.

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31 Comments on "🔴 MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #137: AND NEW! GSP, Dillashaw + Namajunas Become Champs At UFC 217"

  1. All those stupid shit JJ did was for MMA fans who love those WWE kind of stuff. A lot of them lately btw. Ppl buy into that shit so much these days it's ridiculous. If u predicted JJ to win because she seems better skilled than Rose, that's perfectly fine. Indeed JJ is a great fighter. But if u picked JJ because u think all those stupid mental warfare BS made Rose scared shitless of JJ, u've been conned.
    At the highest level, outcome of fights is dependant on how the two fighters' skills, timing, speed, strength, range-finding, technique & gameplan match up.which is hard to predict especially if the two fighters never fought before. What happens outside the cage is great for show to those fans I mentioned. The media love it too because it gives them something to write about. If fighters at the highest level get negatively affected by their opponents' BS outside of the cage (staredowns, interviews etc), that just means they were not well prepared. At world class level, that shouldn't happen imo

  2. Agree with KB 100%. I feel like Joanna didn't overlook Rose. Rose just did some badass work and threw the whoop down. She had a sick gameplan, and she controlled the distance really well. I feel like Joanna looked a little less sharp because of Rose's fakes and faints and all the different looks she was giving JJ, that might be why JJ wasn't pulling back punches fast, she might have been trying to leave a hand out there to kind of perry. Idk… I just think that the credit should go to Rose versus Joanna being off.

  3. I'm so surprised that bisping was cautious of gsps takedowns considering how good at getting up and controlling george on the floor he was. He is a great striker but it gets hit with big shots from guys with nowhere near his technique (Henderson, Thales Leites etc) as they are able to exploit his eye injury. This makes me think he shouldn't have too many fights as he's just taking damage no matter the outcome. He can beat all the top 5 guys though but to do that he is going to have to do that out of toughness. Despite georges great win I feel like if Bisping recovered it would have been a different story as Bisping physically and technically was on the rise and george the decline. If george is to fight at 185 again it would be whittacker as he is a former welterweight but a tough matchup considering how good he looked against yoel.

  4. Talking rose vs Joanna I only saw the fight live without the benefit of rewinding but my initial thought watching live was what was rose doing when she stopped and started to move away. Only then did big john stop the fight. Rose saw the taps before anyone else and knew it was over. Big john didn't see them because he was on the other side. Watch the replay and correct me if I am wrong. Love rose and really happy for her and me for calling the win after the first stare off.

  5. JJ really made a mistake, the sunglasses indoors and the shitty attitude – speaking to mental instability, nasty – denying the tap afterwards, boy did she lose a lot of fans and positive momentum from that loss. There seems to be little sympathy for her amongst fans.

  6. Here is the card for UFC Fight Night 120- Poirer vs Pettis
    UFC Fight Pass Prelims @ 630PM/330PM
    Middleweight Division
    Darren Sterwart 7-1, 1NC: 0-1, 1NC vs Karl Robertson 5-0

    Light Heavyweight Division
    Jake Collier 10-4: 2-3 vs. Marcel Fortuna 9-2: 1-1

    Welterweight Division
    Court McGee 18-6: 7-5 vs. Sean Strickland 18-2: 5-2

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    Women's Strawweight Division
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    Women's Strawweight Division
    Tatiana Suarez 4-0: 1-0 vs. Viviane Perriera 13-0: 2-0

    Bantamweight Division
    8. John Dodson 19-8: 7-3 vs. 10. Marlon Moraes 18-5-1; 0-1

    Main Card on Fox Sports 1 @ 10PM/7PM
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    Middleweight Division
    Nate Marquardt 35-18-2: 14-12 vs. Cezar Ferriera 11-6: 7-4

    Heavyweight Division
    11. Junior Albani 14-2: 1-0 vs. 12. Andrei Arloviski 25-15, 1NC: 14-15

    Welterweight Division
    Matt Brown 20-16: 13-10 vs. Diego Sanchez 27-10: 16-10

    Lightweight Division
    8. Dustin Poirer 21-15, 1NC; 13-4, 1NC: vs. 13. Anthony Pettis 20-6: 7-4

  7. Joanna didn't look like the same Joanna who fought Jessica Penna.Something wasn't right,or like they say "styles make fights" but Rose got her work cut out for her.Jessica Andrade and Claudia Gadelha just to name a couple

  8. I agree it was definitely a late stoppage because she clearly was not trying to defend but i definitely think he did the right thing because Joanna defended the title many times so it's one of those occasions where you should give them the benefit of the doubt as one of the best champions

  9. Love ya Karyn, but you just need to spit it out: she tapped!! Lol….not that it makes Joanna less tough for tapping. Shogun is a legend and as tough as they come, he tapped due to strikes. We're all human, and all human has limits. One has higher limit than the other.

    But this does make Joanna looks bad all bc of her bully acts.

  10. Alan, it might have been a late stoppage, but worse was that JM tapped RN’s back like a half-stop. Lucky for him JJ really was done AND Rose stopped. Rose stopped the fight, not Big John. Not his best moment.

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