MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #149: Black Panther, UFC Austin + Jouban Previews His UFC Orlando Fight


On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss the action that went down at UFC Austin, where Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone was victorious over Yancy Medeiros in the main event. They also discuss Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis’ KO win over Marcin Tybura and more highlights from the event. Alan previews his upcoming UFC Orlando fight with Ben Saunders and both Karyn and Alan share their thoughts on the recently released movie “Black Panther.”

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32 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #149: Black Panther, UFC Austin + Jouban Previews His UFC Orlando Fight"

  1. UFC on Fox 28- Emmett vs Stephens Fight Pass Prelims @ 4pm/1pmBantamweight DivisionAlbert Morales 7-3-1: 1-3-1 vs. Manny Bermudez 11-0Flyweight DivisionEric Shelton 11-4: 1-2 vs. Alex Perez 19-4: 1-0Bantamweight DivisionRani Yahya 24-9, 1NC: 9-3, 1NC vs. Russell Doane 15-7; 3-4Light Heavyweight DivisionSam Alvey 31-10, 1NC: 8-5 vs Marcin Pracho 13-2LIghtweight DivisionGilbert Burns 13-2: 5-2 vs. Oliver Aubin-Mericer 10-2: 6-2Fox Prelims @ 6PM/3PMWelterweight DivisionBen Saunders 21-8-2: 4-2 vs. Alan Jouban 15-6: 9-4 Women's Strawweight Division14. Maryna Moroz 8-2: 3-2 vs Angela Hill 7-4: 2-4Women's Bantamweight Division7. Sara McMann 11-4: 5-4 vs. 8. Marion Reneau 8-3-1: 4-2-1Bantamweight DivisionRenan Barao 34-5, 1NC: 9-4 vs. Brian Kelleher 18-8: 2-1Main Card on Fox @ 8PM/5PMWelterweight DivisionMike Perry 11-2: 4-2 vs. Max Griffin 13-4: 1-2Light Heavyweight Division5. Ovince Saint Preux 22-10: 9-5 vs. 8. IIIr Latifi 13-5, 1NC: 7-3Women's Strawweight Division2. Jessica Andrade 17-6: 9-4 vs. 5. Tecia Torres 10-1: 6-1Featherweight Division4. Josh Emmett 13-1: 4-1 vs. 7. Jeremy Stephens 27-14: 14-13

  2. So cool with a podcast this week with Alan finishing up last minute things before leaving for Orlando. Sometimes I wonder if Dana wasnt the one who wanted to see Alan vs Ben. He really despises when Team mates and best friends wont fight each other. American Kickboxing Academy is the best example. This felt like a gimme me for Cowboy cause James Vick wanted to face him in the main event. Hell Vick was even willing to go up to Welterweight. I think the match makers love Cowboy cause he really does have the I dont give a Fuck attitude that sometimes might hurt him. You have to feel for James cause even with an injured pinkie he dominated Francisco Trinaldo. It sucks that he has to apologize. I think having 5 of the 6 prelim fights being TKOs hurt him. I think he is screwed being in the light weight cause either fighters are scared of him or they are waiting to see what happens with the UFC Lightweight Championship. Vick 9-1 UFC record is tied with the champ Conor McGregor who always has 9-1. Vick should get either a title eliminator or stay ready just in case Tony or Khabib dont make that walk.

  3. The Cerrone fight was a gimme fight for Cerrone. Cerrone is a tall skinny 155 guy, he struggles badly against natural 170 sized men. Yancy is a guy just like Cerrone who fought at 155 and came up to 170 and he is pretty average (was stopped by Poirier as well). So it was basically a gimme fight for Cerrone, but Cerrone is at the end of his Carrer and he is too small to beat legit 170lb guy who are in like the top 15, so he deserves a few gimme fights before he retires probably.

  4. Sage didn't win that fight, but the UFC is behind Sage, so if a fight is to go to a decision and the other guy didn't destroy him then they will give it to Sage. The French guy guy robbed literally worse than the Japanese fighters get robbed, lol. This doesn't help Sage grow as a fighter either, up again an even better fight he will just get destroyed, I would hope that Sage knows it's a loss and tries to improve. I can't help but see Sage in there as like a teen against a man also, like the guy he was against looked like a proper man and had a larger head. Sage looked like a teen with a smaller head and just some bodybuilding muscle and each time they clashed it was Sage that went back or fell down. Maybe Sage needs to lose 5lbs of muscle and just drop to 145, since he looks like the smaller guy so often in these fights and his strikes rarely hurt the guys.

  5. Alans breakdown of Black Panther pretty much sums up my thoughts. 20 minutes into the film, you forget that it's a black cast, and you just enjoy the characters and story like you would any other Marvel film.

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