MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #161: Till vs Wonderboy Controversy; Champ Mousasi; Bisping Retires


On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss the action that went down at UFC Liverpool, where Darren Till defeated Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson in the main event. Karyn and Alan talk about the controversial judging, the style match-up, Till missing weight and more. They also cover the Makwan Amirkhani vs Jason Knight bout from the Liverpool card. Then Karyn and Alan move on to the Bellator 200 card, where Gegard Mousasi took the Middleweight title from former champ Rafael Carvalho, Michael “Venom” Page defeated David Rickles and Phil Davis knocked out Linton Vassell. They also discuss former UFC Middleweight Champ Michael Bisping’s retirement announcement.

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109 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #161: Till vs Wonderboy Controversy; Champ Mousasi; Bisping Retires"

  1. I tried to argue against my brother who has fought pro MMA and I never have been in a fight and learned that I am just wrong and needed to shut up. When the pro fighters are uniformly saying that Thompson won, then he probably should have won.

    • Bowmanganie well you were probably just repeating what other people said rather than stating your own unique take. Plenty of experts agree with Till's victory so your appeal to professional opinion is moot. Till said himself that some people will say WB won and some will say he won. It was a close fight.

    • UFC Fight Night 109 vs Jessin Ayari he was 176 lbs. But he was coming off a 20 month absence due to injury and personal issues.He said his body wasnt used to cutting weight. I dont believe what comes out of danas mouth he is so full of it at times.

  2. Wonderboy lost that fight after he got dropped in the 5th, plus nobody wants to see Wonderboy-Woodley 3. NO Thank you!!!
    Knight-Amirkhani was a draw. First round was a 10/8. I wanna see a rematch, there's still too much hostility in between those two…
    _Just my Opinion

  3. J

    I had it 3-2 for WB which seems to be the consensus (including most mma journalists, analysts and even John McCarthy). 49-46 for Till is outrageous to say the least and it's either because of the incompetence of the judges or corruption.

  4. Um???? Karyn Bryant I THOUGHT THE SAME THING…GO BACK and WATCH slow motion before u make any more vids with that much passion that he won..NO NO>>>he didn't watch again please.>I KNOW WHAT U MEAN….trust me, A LOTTTTTT of the strikes wonderboy threw I THOUGH connected even a lil, WATCH!!! He didn't hit Till Maybe 2 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its so different when u go back and watch slow mo…omg Darren did a masterful performance that in my opinion..DIDNT HURT STEPHON on purpose!!! Darren has the power sight and knowledge hoiw to KICK OFF ANY TRAINED FIGHTERS HEAD!!! Including ANY FIGHTER…Darren makes me made he don't let go with the power and speed he has. When he throws with wreck less abandonment lol he will BREAK YOUR ARMS if you block

  5. Its a pitty Gerard doesnt get more attention. Till is a great prospect but if you compare the attention the Ufc is still the benchmark. Hope to see this change. It would be good for the figthing game

    • Gegard was getting to the point where he could have gotten a UFC Middleweight Championship after beating Chris Weidman but the prior was that we already knew that it was GSP vs Bisping. Gegard wasnt the type in UFC to talk trash. Thanks to Conor and Ronda it isnt how you fight but the stuff that comes out of his mouth. With him in Bellator and on a 7 fight win streak, I think he will get that attention.

  6. Americans keep saying the fight was soooo close yet they all give it to Wonderboy lol if it was sooooo close why are you all complaining? now people are saying the stats are wrong? hahaha butthurt Americans. Your man was almost out cold

  7. This guy said i mute audio nd then said the fans in liverpool didnt make noise wtf you r lisnin they love till sing song it didnt top dublin my reson behind it liverpool lose in game nd till missing weight nd wonderboy was running all time but still when till entrence music hit croud erupt in us u didnt see croud that loud i smell jelous here

  8. Simple, if you don’t make weight the fight Is off. The responsibility of fighting an overweight fighter should not be left to the fighter that did make weight.

    The ufc should pay 50% show money when a fighter starts camp. If said fighter doesn’t make weight the fight is off the penalized fighter next camp monies goes to the fighter that made weight in the previous bout.

    The consequences of missing weight is not steep enough at this point

  9. wonderboy didn't do shit ,kept on running, strike here and there, he already had 2 chances at the belt and didn't do nothing, Till was the aggressor, younger guy and host in front of his crowd,I am ok with the decision

  10. i scored it for till live. gave him the last 3 rounds. i just re-watched rd 3. that was a close one. i dont mind giving it to till, maybe thompson had a little better punches in, but it was close so you could go to that control criteria. after watching i would give it to WB, but thats not a robbery at all.

  11. Till messed Thompson’s knee up, knocked him down, stifled all of Thompson’s attacks, till had way more cage control. Thompson took way more damage. On second viewing Till won, although the rounds were close

    • Irish Technical Thinker Did you lose money on the fight or something mate? Seeing a lot of posts from you claiming robbery. It certainly was not a robbery, round 1 to 4 were razor close, the only clear round was the 5th with the knockdown plus the only other significant damage was done by Till with the kick to Thompsons lead leg. So yeah, it was no robbery, it was a very close fight.
      Also that "Fake it Till you make it" line is poor AF!!!

    • Cage control only becomes a judging criterion if both striking & grappling are dead even. Thompson landed either more of or the more effective strikes in rds one through three, Till rds 4 & 5. Very close fight

  12. The only thing I would argue with is “wonderboy landed much more to the face”. Fair enough he landed more to the face but by a very small margin. Much of the time on a second viewing Till evaded some shots that appeared to land. I would also argue Till did more damage, though not by much. Draw would of been the fair result imo but watching live I did give it to Wonderboy.

    • jameslock1 couldn't believe he said that. Pretty sure he mentioned "damage" in the same thought which is silly given that shots to the face does not automatically equate to damage and certainly isn't the only place to do damage. We have proof of that in Thompson's leg.

  13. people act like Till didnt land anything he landed body kicks leg kicks and some left hands also thomspon missed alot … this was a close fight you make it sound like thompson completely dominated… bisping also said on his podcast that he scored it for till

  14. Arnold allen's comeback submission win was the highlight of that fight card for me. 4 wins in a row in the UFC FW division. He's still a bit raw, but he keeps getting those wins. Fun kid, too.

  15. The fight was a draw for me. I have a very hard time giving either fighter 3 rounds. That said, Till absolutely shouldn't get a title shot off of that "win", especially considering he was a Middleweight fighting a welterweight, and unlike what Dana said at the post presser, Till has missed weight before, this was not a one time thing.

    • Till vs Usman may end up being a title eliminator. I think he is being punished way too much for making weight when his mind wasnt on camp due to a family emergency. Pretty sure he would have made 170 lbs if he was forced.

    • Joseph Boza I agree. I wouldn't think much of the people bashing him for it. It's just a bandwagon thing ever since Dern missed by 7lbs. He has acted as mature about it as anyone could ask for, which is what those people seem to be ignoring. Dana is also completely confident that Till can make 170 going forward. He seems to be one of the few who actually wants Usman so I'd love to see that too.

    • I think Darren can make 170 lbs going forward. I usually give fighters 1 to 2 passes before I think they should move up weight. Things outside the octagon can sometimes happen where the fighters have to shift their focus and it aint their fault. I posted for anybody a link in my original comment the preview show where a journalist who was there in the room after the shit hit the fan where Darren was 174.5 and he went into detail what that family emergency was and its understandable. Here is it incase you guys cant find it in my original comment.

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