🔴 MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #199: Poirier And Adesanya Become Champs At UFC 236 (LIVE!)


MMA H.E.AT. brings you a LIVE UFC 236 post show from Dave & Buster’s in Hollywood, CA where Karyn Bryant talks with fans and reacts to the fights. In the main event, Dustin Poirier defeated Max Holloway to become the UFC Interim Lightweight Champion.  In the co-main event, Israel Adesanya finished Kelvin Gastelum and became the UFC Interim Middleweight Champ.

MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #199.5: Jouban Explains UFC 236 Emotional Outburst; Champs Poirier + Adesanya (part 2)

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29 Comments on "🔴 MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #199: Poirier And Adesanya Become Champs At UFC 236 (LIVE!)"

  1. Here is the card for UFC Fight Night 149- Overeem vs OliynikPrelims on ESPN 2 @ 10pm/7pmLightweight DivisionRafael Fiziev 6-0 vs. Magomed Mustafev 14-2: 2-1Light Heavyweight DivisionGadzhimurad Antigolov 20-5: 2-1 vs. Michel Olekiesjzuk 13-2, 1NC: 1-0, 1NCHeavyweight Division10. Marcin Tybura 17-4: 4-3 vs. 13. Shamil Abdurkainov 19-4:4-2Lightweight DivisionAlexander Yakolvev 23-8-1: 2-4 vs. Alexander Da Silva 20-1Welterweight DivisionKeita Nakamura 34-9-2,1NC: 4-4 vs. Sultan Aliev 14-3: 1-2Bantamweight DivisionMovsar Evodev 10-0 vs. Mair Gafarov 11-2Main Card on ESPN+ 1pm/10amMiddleweight DivisionKrzysztof Jotko 19-4: 6-4 vs. Alen Amedovsk 8-0Women's Flyweight Division8. Roxanne Moddaifferi 22-15: 1-3 vs. 15. Antonia Shevenhencko 7-0: 1-0Light Heavyweight DivisionIvan Shtyrkov 7-0-1 vs. Devin Clark 9-3: 3-3Heavyweight DivisionSergey Pavolich 12-1: 0-1 vs. Marcelo Golm 6-2: 1-2Lightweight DivisionIslam Makachev 16-1: 5-1 vs. Armen Tsarakyan 13-1Heavyweight Division7. Alistar Overeem 44-17, 1NC: 9-6 vs. 9. Alexey Oliynik 57-11-1: 6-2

  2. Awesome show as always Karyn. Thanks for doing it LIVE after the pay per view main card. It was an ok pay per view. Felt like Alan got robbed. He won rounds 2 and 3 in my opinion. Dwight ran away for 14.5 minutes. Sometimes I think the judges are influenced by the crowd and they need to be backstage in a separate area while watching these fights. I think the crowd was booing in the arena cause the lack of talent on the card was obvious. Also they already had 5 fights go to the judges. The 2 interim title fights were good. If you to ask me, who would get a shot at unifying the belts first Izzy or Dustin. I am 80% sure that Izzy would unify the belt with Robert Whittaker. With Dustin Poirer, I am nervous cause Khabib and Conor have had their issues on social media. It has gotten so bad that I am afraid Dana will jump over that quicker than you can say pigs fly. Also look what happened when Colby Covington won the Interim UFC Welterweight Championship and he didn't get a chance to unify it with Tyron Woodley. I won't believe it until it is signed on paper.

    • LN

      This has nothing to do with modeling or podcasts, look Tyron Woodley or Conor Mcgregor for instance. MMA is more about train smart than train more and more… Alan has time to train properly, but not every fighter will be top 5 or champion, this is a difficult sport mate, there is no such thing as ''the reason why he is not a top fighter'', not every one will be the best

  3. Dustin would have a better chance beat Khabib than Conor because he won't quit mentally or physically and wouldn't tap. Khabib would have to put him to sleep or break Dustin's bones and Dustin would be more aggressive than Conor was.

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