Trocação 19: Cyborg Campeã, Jones Voltou No UFC 214; UFC México


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No 19º episódio de “Trocação Com Karyn + Evy”, a apresentadora do MMA H.E.A.T. e da FS1, Karyn Bryant, e a correspondente internacional do, Evelyn Rodrigues, analisam as lutas principais do UFC 214 e a volta de Jon Jones ao topo do ranking peso-por-peso. Elas repercutem a vitória de Cris Cyborg, que conquistou o cinturão peso-pena do Ultimate, e a derrota de Demian Maia para Tyron Woodley, que permaneceu no topo dos pesos-meio-médios. As duas também dão seus palpites para o UFC México, que acontece nesse fim de semana.

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11 Comments on "Trocação 19: Cyborg Campeã, Jones Voltou No UFC 214; UFC México"

  1. KB, why doesn't the UFC employ you to be an interpreter? I'm not multi-lingual, but a common theme I've seen over the years in the comments is that whenever the UFC has got interpreters the fighters words are not being correctly interpreted (case in point, the recent event in Mexico where apparently the Spanish interpreter was horrendous)
    Of course, I'm totally assuming that they haven't asked you to do it and you've turned it down for your own reasons, so pardon me there.

    On an unrelated note, just watched your UFC 214 video and befuddled by all the comments about your straight hair… Major "New Viewer Alert"! Some of us "Day Ones" have seen you rock the straight hair from way back!

  2. Karyn oi! Obrigado pra do video! My father lives in Mexico City, and I was going to attend my first UFC event although we had to cancel since my mother got sick. I am very sad but I am glad to see you talking about the UFC Mexico card!

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