Unedited 360º Footage Of Tony Ferguson + Fabricio Werdum Before Argument At UFC 216 Media Lunch

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MMA H.E.A.T. was at Hinoki And The Bird in Los Angeles, CA, for a media lunch with UFC Interim Lightweight Title challenger Tony Ferguson and former UFC Heavyweight Champ Fabricio Werdum in advance of UFC 216. Surprisingly, an argument broke out between the two fighters, which has gained a lot of attention in the MMA world. MMA H.E.A.T. would normally NOT put out footage like this that includes personal conversations before the formal Q&A; but since a lot of erroneous things have been said about both fighters we wanted people to see how the events unfolded in real time. We are NOT PICKING SIDES! We respect both fighters a great deal and hope that in the future they can return to being cool with each other as they’d always been prior to the lunch.

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1,382 Comments on "Unedited 360º Footage Of Tony Ferguson + Fabricio Werdum Before Argument At UFC 216 Media Lunch"

  1. Tony gave werdum a fist bump after werdum asked if Tony is okay, Tony was very anxious in that situation and did not want to talk to anyone and just wanted to get the interview over with. Of course werdum did not know that Tony is bipolar and had anxiety so he treated him as a normal person and expected normal human interractions, but he did not get what he expected from Tony (being nervous and was in a fight-or-flight situation) and that was where the confrontation started.

  2. In moment that Tony left the table… Werdum talks with Karyn about Tony's strange comportament with him. Karyn says that she also realized. Werdum says to her that Tony talks nicely with him ever, treat him well, but on this day Tony is acting different with him, Tony is ignoring him. And He says to her that he dont like people with these attitude. Obs: I'm Brazilian

  3. Tony is talking like he’s the toughest dude in the world and acts like people give a fuck and won’t hook off on him. I highly doubt masvidal or even Nate would’ve hesitated to throw a straight to his face for talking very disrespectful , especially while eating. I hope tony fights Khabib and gets straight Mauled. And that’s exactly what would happen

  4. Greatness and originality will always be criticized and misunderstood tony is not there to make friends he's there to take out anyone in his way , he's a deep thinker fueled by anger and focused on that victory path like metallica was in the 80s and howard stern in the 90s they both became history making american originals misunderstood by the old regime and criticized by the masses but time will show there here to make history no matter how impolite it may seem.He had a gut feeling werdum was on the old regime apposing shit talking side which the video shows he was when ferguson left the room.

  5. Tony was clearly out of line and was irritated just by having to show up and talk to the media. So, he needed to take it out on somebody. Unfortunately, he chose the biggest dude in the place and acted as if he was being bullied.

  6. Imagine being asked to interview at the same time as another guy Tony is a top level guy and deserves a one on one Tony probably felt like the little which he is not so he acted like the bigger guy there which he wasn't physically but mentally

  7. Karen shouldn't have been communicating with Werdum during Tony's interview just because the reporter right next to her asked a question. She is really to blame here mostly. She communicated visually but then Werdum responded orally right in the middle of Tony's reply to an interview question and that's where Werdum was in the wrong. Both of them (Karen and Werdum) should have known better. Tony was right to call out Werdum for interrupting his interview which is rude and disrespectful.

  8. Ferguson is a bully dickhead, acting all crazy just to get attention. Funny thing is he’s one of the biggest attention whores out there….then you have the ‘tony’s the type of guy….’ retards out there thinking the guy is UFC’s best kept secret. Here’s one for you guys. Tony’s the type of guy starting shit with Weirdum and was about to get his head ripped off’

  9. Tony just has some attitude problems and took Werdums hello and body language the wrong way I totally understand where he is coming from cause at times I question others like that aswell. Doesent mean hes a bad guy he just gotta be careful and control his temper a little more, hes very irratable and is a lil wild ,maybe its mental illness but personallty I think its lack of understanding and self expression /paranoia. Also he probably knew they were talking about him when he left he mightve seen them from afar with the hand gestures and he most likely didnt like that as most men dont ,if you got anything to say wether it be agressive or just your honest opinion you say it to that person not to someone else when they walk away.

  10. Tony Ferguson the type of guy to come down from the mountains tell everyone he's not there for them, tell them their food sucks, and piss off heavyweights to the point they stop eating so they lose enough weight to come down to his weight class so he can pick their teeth with his elbows.

  11. I don’t think werdum realizes how close he was to bleeding bad. Tony is one of the few lighter weight guys that I’m sure would fuck up a heavyweight like werdum pretty bad. I know some people don’t think so but. Tony is def that guy if ever there was one.

  12. That Black chick that always does interviews instigated that shit by talking to Fabricio about the food and when shit pops off first thing she does was act like she wasn't involved and grabbed her phone to start gossiping. Phony shit. Glad Tony Ferguson told him to shut the fuck up while he foes his interview and stood his ground. Kinda looks like Verdum backed off

  13. How you going to act badass and then mention how much of a big guy Werdum is picking on a 155 pounder. Dude weight cut isn't easy but doesn't give you the right to act all salty. And Werdum was responding to Karyn so if anything she was the one who interrupted. Chill out Tony, technique will only get you so far

  14. You ckleaerly see that Ferguson is stepping (and preparing ) in a ROLE,also being jumpy constantly. Seemingly nervous, maybe intimidated ( by the other guy). I admit , before this footage , I fell for his act.
    Now I realize Fergusson is a bunch of socially awkward self-makebeleive.

    He is a social trouble maker, the heavyweigth was eating in peace talking in peace, than this jumpy , nervous tough-guy acting "SUPERSTAR " Fergusson came and poisoned the peace.

    This footage is gold. I was afraid Khabib would lose to this Fergusson , cuz I was impressed by his self hype. Now I see the fakeness of his attitude and characte, clearly the afraid dog who bites first out of fear . LOOOOL

  15. Never realized that Karyn was the one that started this. Very rude to talk or whisper across from someone answering reporters questions. Karyn was literally sitting in front of Tony and started whispering to Werdum sitting on Tony's left. Very unprofessional.

  16. C 9

    I dislike werdum ever since he beat fedor. I'm a old school guy, but Tony is weird bipolar jackass i get it there confidence then there dedication/ overboard being an asshole anti-social dude. i get it hes tough but bringing up verdum and say he kick his ass, That a sign like o.o wtf? I mean i get it saying it as a joke then laugh pat the guy on the back but say it with a serious face that pissed anyone off. what i don't understand is WHY IS VERDUM SITTING NEAR HIM AGAIN? for what point lol, Its crazy how unedit version exist and another shows half making tony the good guy, and verdum the crazy one.. sheesh

  17. damn.. i already watched a tony's version of interview. this 360' footage open my eyes, i thought werdum is a bully. evidently werdum just chilled and enjoyed his meal. tony such a idiot bipolar, cant wait for khabib destroying his dream.

  18. I never liked that sloppy fat fuck Werdum , hé got zero class …when he was fighting for pride , hé caught up with fedor and his trainers in an elevator and he started saying stupid shit in Russian , claiming he knew a few words , and he said your mother is a whore to fedor , acting like he didnt know what he had said … Werdum is a fuckin hypocrite because while Tony was gone , he was talking shit about Tony to that reporter?!:::

  19. tony has mental issues, seems like bipolar with psycotic symptomp, but he refuse to get a treatment and situation getting worse, expecially his family. I think UFC should retired him and let him focus on his treatment, pressure in prefight and continous damage on his head while getting punched make it worsed. He might kill people like that WWE guy did in the past

  20. I find his attitude so arrogant. I mean I get it that he is trying to maintain an image, but he is such a douche. He is lucky he didn’t get his ass kicked. He is complaining that a heavier guy wants to fight him yet he clearly picked this fight. I wanted to see khabib fight him because I thought it would be a good match up. But now I just want khabib to maul him. I can already see him getting nasty with khabib to try to punk him. Be careful what you wish for, Tony. You are good, just not that good. Your mouth is writing checks that your body won’t be able to cash.

  21. I like both fighters and im sure they both know how interviews go and can be stressful. Werdum should of respected Tony's interview and stayed quiet until the interview was finished, especially since all the cameras were there filming the interview. 360 cam is cool and I think Werdum was out of line. Plus he was eating loud also lol.

  22. Tony attitude is the classic attitude of a small guy trying to look bigger when he is next to a big guy, he even say it, he will no last a round with werdum, is like comparing a fight of a cat vs tiger, he don't have a chance and he know it.

    • yeah at around 0:35 tony was literally talking about "i could kick werdums ass right now" he was the instigator it had to have been the weight cut. and he wouldn't even dent a man thats 100 pounds heavier than him. werdum was right when he came back he said he felt his black dark energy, tony isn't an approachable dude when he cuts weight or when its a bad weight cut

  23. I kinda feel bad for Werdum
    Because he seems cool and happy
    Enjoying his meal
    But he's a shit talker to and that is called karma
    When you get it done back to you
    I'm sure they are both cool dudes
    Just not getting along that day
    Imagine the pressure on your shoulders
    To have the world watching you and the haters that want to see you lose and reading all that
    How you not gonna have your moments and go off sometimes when you don't mean to
    Either way, their argument is funny as fuck! Lol

  24. Karyn could've said something quick to de-escalate everything, like "hey, sorry, it was my fault, I asked him something and he just answered" and end of story. But instead he chose to remain silent and watch how the altercation unfolds

  25. Ok, so lets sum this up: Werdum greets Ferguson, Ferguson shows him that he wants no part of that –> Werdum ignores this disrespectful behavior. Then Ferguson says he would beat Werdum's ass in a title fight if he had to, fortunately for Ferguson, Werdum missed that comment (2nd insult). Then Werdum gets asked about his meal, he answers in a very silent way that he hasn't eaten anything all day and that he was training, where Ferguson tells him to shut up while he is talking. Who wouldn't be pissed after all that??? And then trying to present Werdum as the bully – "a heavyweight trying to pick up a fight with a 155er" LMAO what is Werdum supposed to do? I don't get it..and after Werdum got pushed away – which I totally don't get, Ferguson should have been the one removed from the table for igniting this whole scene – all of a sudden Ferguson became tough, called him "maricon" and so on…this dude is a clown for real..

  26. right when tony said im a 155 pounder look at him thays when you no he got scared . period he backed down yet talked the shit hahaha he has beef with his manager so he takes it out on him wow what if tony had problems with someones dad hes gonna take it out on the wife lol he looks crazy and crazy doesnt scare me or anyone whos a real one he punks ppl because he thinks he can but when someone finally sees his weakness theyll double reverse it on him and beat his ass thats something the veteran doesnt no

  27. I hadn't seen this video until now. I would have enjoyed this video more if Fabricio would have clocked him. Tony Ferguson seems to want to play the victim card which must stem from childhood issues or just feels like his persona that he portrayed before was too nice and now needs to be fake, either way he seems to like any kind of attention. Very unprofessional, I would have stopped at that point if I was Karyn and said bye Felicia to him.

  28. S

    5:46 Werdum is quality!, look at his expression in response to Fergusons comments……then just carries on eating haha, throughout this video Werdum is so relaxed and ready to be friendly(at the start), but Ferguson is SOOOOO intimidated (for no reason) and a complete dick!

  29. Werdum ALWAYS looking to start shit!!!!! The Colby boomerang attack was classic but not nearly as the front kick heard round the world to Edmonds gut! LMAO every time I think of that great moment in MMA history!

  30. What a fucking asshole Tony was there, completely unnecessary. Werdum was acting completely cool with Tony at the beginning, saying hi and just being chill. Werdum only acted out because Tony was being really disrespectful. What a prick

  31. I just found this video, interesting, this is so different than the other one where everybody was blaming Werdum. For you english speakers… At 1:02 When Tony stand up and leaves, Werdum ask Karyn about Tony's bad attitude with him, saying he's acting different, that they've talked before normaly in a good way and now he's acting weird, like angry and stressed out. Then comes the altercation and at very end Tony said he does'nt like "fake" Werdum and his manager but Werdum seems like he did'nt know nothing about that. Anyways it was all Tony's fault, I like him so much as a fighter, he's a savage, but his personality and his attitude is changing in a bad way and you can see it here. On the other side Werdum has always been a cool funny dude, I would like to know more about why Tony said he doesn't like him and called him "fake".

  32. For those who did not understand the altercation:

    Werdum kept saying all the time:

    Not to me, you can speak like this with guys of your division, not to me
    You are a faggot, bitch, go fuck yourself…

    In the begging of the video Werdum are talking to Karyn about how Tony Ferguson was acting different towards him… Werdum said he had met him before and he was way more "easygoing" and even Karyn seemed to agree Ferguson has changed.. Werdum tells her: "I don't like it, I don't like fake people.."

  33. You guys are all idiots. This was Tony's interview. Werdum was talking while the interview was going on. Tony doesnt have to give a shit about anyone. He has said it many times. That is what makes him the fighter he is.

  34. As professional as these guys are… They are really wound up. Got a lot of energy and it makes them look like kids with the back and forth playground shit. It's comical though and entertaining.

  35. He shouldnt have said "I'll woop Werdum's ass right now." And Werdum shouldnt have interrupted him repeatedly. Can you not see how irritating it is though to have to show up to these media lunches and answer all of these questions if you are a professional fighter and don't have the time for that?? Every second you spend answering stupid questions takes and distracts from your training or mental focus. At the same time it's good to get publicity.. But too much is bad. Anyone agree? Or disagree?

  36. Karyn you literally are the cause of that lol funny stuff. She whispered a question to verdum, and verdum responds, all while shes sitting in front of tony and to the right of the interviewer. But to be fair it did sound like the dude asking the questions was just having a casual conversation, which if you look at it that way, makes Tony look like a stuck up snob. Food for thought

  37. Tony talking shit and had second thoughts. That's why you shouldn't be a dick. Tony wasn't getting to anyone, he was just being insecure and then brought up size difference which made no sense. Now weight is an issue but it wasn't when you said you'd kick his ass.

  38. Tony is a fake… he disrespects Fabricio and then trys to turn the tables saying that a heavy weight it trying to pick a fight with a 145er. Tony is the one that instigated the problem…..what a contradicting fool… Conor is gonna punch this guys light out.

  39. Fabricio is a class act and was simply answering Karen. I used to be a fan of Tony but he seems to becoming more and more of a jerk. Talent is one thing but being rude doesn’t get you anywhere and pride always leads to destruction. There’s always somebody better. Have some humility.

  40. Did you see Werdum's face when Tony said that he would kick his ass? LMAO! Check it out, I am pretty sure he said to himself "Did I hear what I think I heard? Did Tony say he was going to kick my ass? I think these two had some history of bad words because I couldn't believe what Ferguson was saying. Low blood sugar combined with heavy training and a killer instinct make you into a bundle of anxiety where everything pisses you off. Been there and done that.

  41. i mean its cute tony stood up and all but there is a reason for weight classes,WERDUM would snap him in half and i like Tony but he wouldn't stand a chance unless you see a lightweight one punch everyone to sleep which we havent no lightweight stands a chance against a high caliber heavyweight.

  42. Chalé este pedndejo arrogante ahora viendo el video desde el principio es un arrogante estúpido engreído creído sin sin ningúna forma de respeto hacia los medios y hacia el público visual me pareció que werdum sólo de escucharlo como se expresaba sólo faltaba eso que se metiera con el no es el.pretende para que toda la atención sea hacia el soy su fans pero ahora si que me cayó en la punta de Verga

  43. This dick says he would go through werdum if he had to, as soon as it gets heated he say, a big guy trying to pick a fight with a 155? And he only stands up when someone in between. I really like tony as a fighter, but his such a dick.

  44. alright…now may i say in 10:08 werdum say something like "scared" and that dude feels that… but that same dude was already in shit atttitude thoward werdum… i mean, sorry for my bad english, im from Brasil, but everyone will understand that, when you feel someone with a bad energy upon you than or you leave or something bad will happen….simple as that

  45. Deve ser assim que todo brasileiro e tratado pelo UFC, Werdun tava aí não deram nem a mínima pra ele, enquanto não começaram a entrevista a repórter falava com Werdun depois que começou, não deram a mínima. São uns sacanas.

  46. Translating what Werdum affectionately said starting at 10:13: "Fuck you, go fuck yourself bro. It is not my problem if you are talking, If you wanna talk, talk to him. Go fuck yourself. You are so funny, you dog asshole (LOL). Fuck yourself! Then Tony says: "Shut up when I'm talking." Then Werdum says: "shut up your fucking mother, you faggot. You don't talk to me like that. Go talk like that in your division, not to me, faggot". And then Werdum continues: "go fuck yourself, fuck you. Don't talk to me like that, you shit." Then Tony says "I don't understand what he says". Werdum says: "you don't understand, but go fuck yourself, you clown. You are a clown, dude, you are a dog asshole, dude. Shut up my ass, go fuck yourself! Big guy, yeah, that is it, big guy. You are a dog asshole. You don't talk to me like that, not me, faggot. I'm gonna get the fuck out of here before I spank this son of a bitch".

  47. hahahahahaha I Love Werdum calling Cucuy "Maricon de mierda"
    Cucuy is always over promoting himself, like dude.. STOP!! Don't try to be Connor, we already got a lot of fake ass bitches trying to do that.. Stop being a dickhead to everybody for fucksake

  48. So first Tony says he'd beat Werdum in a fight, Werdum ignores it. Then Tony says he didn't come here to eat bougie food (which Werdum is doing next to him) Werdum ignores it. Then a woman asks Werdum a question, Werdum answers it, and Tony gets in his shit. Werdum responds… and the media portrays it as Werdum starting a fight. WTF?

  49. Jesus. Im with tony here. Werdum can suck it. Have some decency to let a man talk. You'll get your turn. How the fuck can the press understand anything if both of them are yapping. Tony, despite being obviously stressed for the cut, putted in the most straightforward way he can
    to not to cut him off. Are you even serious about this. The only thing tony could have done better was address the reporter who asked werdum while tony was in the midst of answering.

  50. This session was for both guys, Fabricio was asked a question and he answered. Tony admitted he doesn't like him, in the beginning, Fabricio greeted him respectfully and this guy was rude.
    He talked shit about kicking Fabricio's ass and him being fake.
    He's in the wrong here, just because he doesn't like their manager, he doesn't the fighters as well.

  51. Tony fan, but he was kind of douchey here probably becos he wanted "his time" and thought Werdum was disrespecting him. But he said he'd kick his ass right in front of his face -_- Learn to shut up sometimes El Cucuy haha.

  52. Bro Werdum completely interrupted his interview, CUCUY tried to stay as quiet as possible when Werdum was being interviewed. Werdum started having another conversation speaking over CUCUY. I would of told him to STFU and wait his turn as well. Plus UFC made this shit happen, they couldnt sit him next to someone else? Cucuy told them beforehand as well.

  53. Tony Ferguson is everything he just said he didn't like. Theres nothing humble about this guy, complete tool. He wanted to act tough with Fabricio while the camera was on. No tough guy is going to mention "im only 155lbs", just take care of business. Shows again all he wants to do is pop off at the mouth and not raise those hands. Fabricio should have backhanded this fake Cucuy

  54. Tony is entertaining but if a guy who had beaten Fedor, Hunt and the beast that is Cain Velasquez… if that guy squared up to me I would run as fast as I could the other way, as poop sprayed from my underpants.

  55. Ferguson was grumpy cutting weight will do that plus Werdum was eating right next to him that must of got to him him saying that there are no hard weight cuts was bs smh El Cucuy is a great fighter but he is an arrogant fuck

  56. To be honest I think what everyone is missing is Tony is trying to be an asshole because it worked for Conor. He's just going about it the wrong way. He says he'll kick Fabricio's ass then say Fabricio is trying to pick a fight with a 155 pounder. You can't have it both ways. Tony wasn't even on Fabricio's radar. Nobody wants to see that shit plus there really is no incentive for the, to fight because if Fabricio beats him like we all know he will everyone will say he beat a little guy. So basically Tony knew there would be nothing from this and that they would never fight. I think he's more skilled than Kevin Lee and he'll beat him, but I want Kevin to whoop his ass because he's acting like a complete dick.

  57. Ferguson is such a piece of shit. he has neither the intelligence nor the charisma to pull off the duche bag attitude he projects Mcgregor can get away with it because he is quick witted and funny Ferguson is neither and comes across as a scum bag

  58. VFC

    I live in Ventura, and my office shares the fence with Knuckleheadz boxing/MMA where Tony got his start from what i understand. This is the same gym where Victor Ortiz fights out of. This side of Tony may be the reason that he is not embraced here in Ventura County. Tony also has a brother who has a boxing club in Oxnard. I remember talking to his brother about how great it is to see Tony making it big, and even his own brother didn't seem to like Tony.

  59. I like tony as a fighter but i don`t get it the way he is acting is making him lose fans , he is disrespectful towards everybody constantly throwing F bombs and putting others down I hope Kevin Lee beats the crap out of him.

  60. I don’t think it was either fighters fault to get mad at each other Karyn asked werdum a question in the middle of tony response to another reporters question then of coarse werdum answer back politely then tony got mad because he got interrupted but the only persons fault I would say it’s is karyn

  61. LMAO these comments saying Tony wasn't "polite" of course he's a fighter in camp training to beat the shit out of his opponent so why be polite if your preparing for war mentally and physically Tony's doing what he needs to do

  62. to be real the way werdum asked him how are you man .. his body language was sizing him up it would probably rub me the wrong way too. he looked him up and down and he seemed to size him up when he gave his hand out. the way he says good and looks at him seems like hes sizing him up but idk maybe im tripping and he just not good at english and it came off the way.

  63. Wow so glad this dropped Tony was out of line show some respect man werdum was just trying to be nice to the guy I understand why he went off now I would've done the same shit maybe even put that motherfucker to sleep

  64. Lmao did he actually say he'd kick Werdum's ass? With Werdum sitting next to him eating lunch. Are you kidding me. He's gonna beat Brock, Werdum, and anyone 100 lbs heavier. That's just mental. Fabricio's fought the best fighters of all time and by the dozens and probably handle the fists of a 155 pounder. Lol. Tony best keep his cool and not engage people for no reason. I mean what do you gain pissing off Werdum whose four divisions heavier?