Chuck Liddell Says He Doesn’t Need The Tito Trilogy Money; Iceman Shorts Will Return!

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MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant was at Kings MMA in Hollywood, CA, for Chuck Liddell’s media day before his trilogy fight with Tito Ortiz. In addition to working out, Chuck talked about getting back in fight camp for the trilogy fight, how the UFC’s 25th anniversary made him feel, the return of the Iceman shorts and more! “Liddell vs Ortiz III” is the third fight of their long-running rivalry. Tito and Chuck will square off in a three-round main event on Saturday, Nov. 24 at the “Fabulous” Forum in Inglewood, California. The fight will be presented live on Pay-Per-View beginning at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 p.m. ET.

Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz 3 Las Vegas Press Conference

See Former UFC Champ Chuck Liddell Show Some Boxing + BJJ Before Tito Trilogy Fight

See Former UFC Champ Tito Ortiz’s Stand-Up Skills Before Trilogy Fight With Chuck Liddell

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88 Comments on "Chuck Liddell Says He Doesn’t Need The Tito Trilogy Money; Iceman Shorts Will Return!"

  1. No fighter ever admits they are fighting just for the money and not the love of it…especially the retired ones who come back. They never admit its all about money. Chuck Liddel is doing this 100% for the money. He was happily retired till he lost his UFC office job then the money started to dry up

  2. What does it matter why there fighting I think Tito couldn't never beat him and it eats him up inside. If chuck makes money good . Your not supposed to be fighting at this age . Go make that money dont worry about nothing except one thing bust that big ole punkin.

  3. Chuck going to win he better then tito he beat him twice tht little Mexican piece of shit mad and aggy and salty he lost twice he rewatching chuck "icemen"lidell since he 49 and tito 43 and tito just beat the king roaster chael sonnen he still active good luck to liddle ko him for the 3rd time liddel we believe in you #bellator ufc 91 and UFC 51 liddel ready

  4. Chuck is a legend and an icon. Always will be. Chuck was one of THE fighters who put the UFC on the map. He has nothing to prove. I and most people think he's doing this for the $$-particularly where the rich, greedy, ungrateful new owners of the UFC kicked him off the payroll a few years ago. I don't expect a proud fighter like Chuck to EVER admit he's coming back for $$ or because he's hurting financially or because he's flat broke. I do NOT know the specifics of Chuck's financial situation. I do know he has a big spread in California and that is expensive to live and maintain expensive property in California. Anyone who cares about Chuck has expressed real concern about this fight. I'll state the obvious. Chuck is almost 50. Chuck has not fought in almost 10 years. Chuck sustained 3 brutal knockouts before previously retiring. On 2 of those occasions (Evans and Franklin fights) he was out cold. I don't give a fuck what these bought and paid for doctors who just cleared Chuck to fight have to say. There is enough CTE evidence in from the NFL and boxing. Subjecting the brain to repeated trauma, particularly repeated severe concussions (which is what a KO is), is NOT FUCKING GOOD FOR THE HEALTH OF THE HUMAN BRAIN. I saw Muhammad Ali's last few fight (particularly the slaughter against Larry Holmes). The damage Ali took in those last fights was absolutely brutal. Head shot after head shot. I was and am convinced his subsequent Parkinson's diagnosis was either caused, exacerbated or made MUCH worse by those late few fights. I do not want to see the same thing happen to Chuck. But how can anyone blame Chuck, or any man or woman, for risking their health to put food on the table for their family? For all of us judging Chuck for taking this fight-are WE going to pay Chuck's mortgage, pay his real estate taxes, or put food on his table if he stays retired? Probably not. And if that's true, who the fuck are we to say he shouldn't take this fight? That's why I am really torn about this fight. Part of me wants to pay $$ to see it as one last tribute to Chuck in the hope he can make a ton of $$ and then retire comfortably like he deserves. The other part of me fears he looks terrible and might get beaten down and knocked out by Tito. I absolutely, positively, do not want to see Chuck laying down, unconscious, ever again in the ring. If I pay $$ to see the fight and that happens I would feel like an accomplice to a crime. Still don't know if I will watch the fight. I'll probably pussy out and watch the replay if Chuck wins or fights well. If he gets knocked out I don't want to see it. Tito, if you're out there. U don't seem like a bad guy and I think u have matured with age. Please show honor and refrain from giving Chuck a beatdown if he can't be competitive. Be merciful and end it with a submission.

  5. J G

    Stop taking Adderall Chuck. Seriously, you need to start training harder for this fight. Instead of wearing sunglasses STOP taking that shit! You will get beat up badly by Tito this time if you don’t get right in your head. This fight is gonna be a travesty.

  6. J R

    He is getting knocked out again just look back at his ufc career this is why Dana telling him hang up your gloves he was losing more than he was winning Who the hell would pay to watch this circus

  7. Everytime he talks all the veins bulge in his neck like he's straining to use his voice. I wonder what that's about. It reminds me of Chris Leben when he talks, like there's so much tension in his voice and when trying to speak.

  8. Yes you do Chuck stop telling lies there is no way you would go out and risk your health if you did not “need” the money I’m sorry life just doesn’t work like that stay home be a grand dad play baseketball don’t fight there’s a reason UFC won’t sanction y’all

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