Rampage Jackson Laughs Off Rory MacDonald, Who Says He Wants To Be In Bellator HW Grand Prix

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Bellator Welterweight Rory MacDonald says he’d like to take part in the Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix: Rampage Jackson responds to that idea…

Bellator 192 and the 1st match of the Bellator Heavyweight World Grand Prix takes place Saturday, January 20, 2017 inside The Forum in Los Angeles, California.

## Bellator 192: Lima vs. MacDonald Bellator Card:
Welterweight World Title Main Event: Douglas Lima (29-6) vs. Rory MacDonald (19-4)
Heavyweight Grand Prix First Round Bout: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (37-12) vs. Chael Sonnen (29-15-1)
Lightweight Feature Bout: Michael Chandler (16-4) vs. Goiti Yamauchi (22-3)
Featherweight Feature Bout: Aaron Pico (1-1) vs. Shane Kruchten (12-3)
Featherweight Feature Bout: Henry Corrales (14-3) vs. Georgi Karakhanyan (27-7-1)

## Bellator.com and Bellator Mobile App-Streamed Preliminary Card:
Welterweight Preliminary Bout: Devon Brock (Pro Debut) vs. Khonry Gracie (Pro Debut)
Welterweight Preliminary Bout: Ivan Castillo (14-8) vs. Guilherme Bomba (9-4)
Bantamweight Preliminary Bout: Kyle Estrada (6-3) vs. David Duran (6-4)
Lightweight Preliminary Bout: Noah Tillis (4-2) vs. Jalin Turner (5-3)
Lightweight Preliminary Bout: Christopher Padilla (9-2) vs. Gabriel Green (6-2)

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221 Comments on "Rampage Jackson Laughs Off Rory MacDonald, Who Says He Wants To Be In Bellator HW Grand Prix"

  1. Rory doesn't seem to be thinking straight. UFC beginning were Small dudes with BJJ experience vs big dudes who never heard of BJJ. The game has changed and everyone knows the basics of all styles. Rory is struggling to beat guys at 170 and when he does he gets injured badly. At HW the injuries will be 10 times worse. Rampage being smarter than Rory here.

  2. He does make sense when he says he could probably beat Chael though cause I think he could Chael was a 185er his like whole career n just beat Rampage. I think he would be in trouble against a guy like Mitrione though who is athletic and hits Hard. Rory has never taken a shot from a HW so who knows.

  3. Rory got up to around 205lbs off healthy weight and muscle for the bj penn fight before he cut, he’s 6’0 with a 6’4 reach, I don’t see why he couldn’t compete with heavyweights, he’s be so much faster punch almost as hard, and have a better arsenal

  4. Rory has the skill but size matters. A heavy punch from Rory would bounce off a heavyweights chin. A punch from a heavyweight that half ass glances Rory's chin ends the fight and crushes his jaw bone. Fighting a guy like Matt metrone isn't a good idea even if Rory can bulk up to a measly 205lbs. A guy like Roy Nelson he may be able to out maneuver and beat him from distance using speed and mobility. Eventually though heavyweights with quicker strikes than Roy can deliver would connect on Rory.

  5. I appreciate Rory's guts and actually believe he could beat a number of light heavy and heavyweights on the roster. That being said, however, I hope he stops talking like this. Rory still has the potential to be one of, if not the greatest welterweight of all time. He's still only 28! He has at least another 6-8 years of peak performance in him. With GSP as a training partner, Faraz as his coach, and with the right mentality he could clean out Bellator until his contract is up and then force the UFC to take him back by simply being the baddest man in the division, regardless of organization. He pieced up the current champ. His latest performance, to me, shows that he has the tenacity to get back in there with Lawler (who is not the same since getting KTFO by Woodley) and he's more active and well-rounded than Wonderboy. If he can secure the takedown against him in a rematch Wonderboy is effed. I honestly think Rory had very little motivation for that fight anyways.

  6. Rampage would not beat Rory now. 10 years ago different story, he is no where near his prime and he hasn't looked good lately and I love rampage. Rory would win, and spare me the "you know nothing about MMA" I am well aware of the importance of weight classes, however when you age and gain weight that isn't necessarily for the better.

  7. I always liked Rory, especially after he fought Lawler the second time, but his stock just went up incredibly in my eyes. He’s ready to jump in with Fedor and Frank Mir. That’s bananas and reflects an incredible level of courage. I’d love to see that.

  8. lima was cheated. lima should have won, he battered rory sensless. He alos counters his lay and pray bullshit in round 3 but stupdi ref stood them up so he still lost round .. but allows rory to lie on top of lima fro 3 full round and doenst stand them up.. what bs is that???? lima looks fresh, and rory cant even walk and his face is ruined.. fucking corrupted bastards..

    Rampage? dude needs to retire he looked really bad against chael. he was bloated, looked old and walked like Frankenstein he was flat footed with no energy.. all he had was a durable head.

  9. For you morons saying Rory could best rampage his grappling would be nullified at the shear size and strength of rampage heavy weights are Giants compared to the guys at 170 hed have to jump 40 pounds up that's not healthy and he ain't be able to carry the weight well due to his smaller bones and body frame hed get knocked out.

  10. Roy would be a great 205er if he could Lose that big belly he’s got a little buggy whip on them as I don’t know where the power comes from it must be the Momentum from his belly swinging as he moves

  11. Haha Rampage used the perfect fighter as an example. I remember the tuf season where roy nelson was on rashad evans team. Rampage was the other coach. He was mad that roy nelson was so big that he controlled Kimbo slice on the ground.

  12. YD

    you guys seriously underestimating Rampage's old school wrestling. you say Rory will beat him on the ground…. who says the fight will go to the ground??? Rampage has got great wrestling and using it against a 170 lb. will make it even easier. and real talk Chael has a much more chance of beating rampage than Rory and I do respect Rory a lot, but Chael can take down men in his weight division, he's used to carrying that weight without getting tired or gased… as you can see in the Wanderlei fight he kept shooting and shooting and his cardio was working great. Imagine Rory being used to taking down 170lbs and trying to shoot for a takedown on Rampage (around 240lbs?) if he fails to take him down once he will get GASED if he takes him down once and doesnt finish the fight and they stand up he will be GASED.

  13. go back to the old days of boxing . Jack Dempsey vs Jess Willard … or Max Baer and they where heavyweights fighting much larger men . Rampage is thicker then Rory in Stature but the heights the same. if rampage connected it would be worse than Lawler. not saying Rory can't out skill him and maybe out work him to a decision . moral of the story fans , amature commentators , spectators … there's so many variables in the Mma game . anything can happen .

  14. Rory would beat more than half the heavyweights easily idk why there is dispute. Matter in fact it makes more sense for him to go up weight and have challenging fights it makes a good watch rather then seeing him plow through people like Paul Daley who is number two in his division..

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