Gegard Mousasi On Rafael Lovato Jr + PEDs: “Not Just A Little Bit Of Steroids …Monkey Steroids!”

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Former Bellator Middleweight Champion Gegard Mousasi shared his candid thoughts about Rafael Lovato Jr and steroids while speaking to the media at the Bellator 228 post fight press conference. Lovato Jr defeated Mousasi via decision in June 2019 at Bellator 223, taking the championship belt.

Bellator 228 Machida vs Mousasi Post-Fight Presser: (LIVE!)

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255 Comments on "Gegard Mousasi On Rafael Lovato Jr + PEDs: “Not Just A Little Bit Of Steroids …Monkey Steroids!”"

  1. i fuckin love mousasi there is nothing i don't like about this guy. he is so unpretentious and chill. guy has that fedor mentality when he fights (obviously not the same talent, but still).matter fact he rolled with Fedor in a judo exhibition and got his ass handed to him, but was a totally good sport about it. anyone associated with Fedor in that way gets 2 thumbs up.good on him to have moved on from the UFC. they didn't appreciate a guy who JUST fights and doesn't get emotionally invested in the theatrical nonsense. and, yes, he's a clean fighter, just like Fedor was. anyone who's ever competed in sports could tell Lovato was on juice. also, mousasi fought in PRIDE and he's like not even old yet. that is preposterous. dude is a living MMA fossil record and still only in his mid 30's. let that sink in.

  2. Maybe it's because I know the guy in person but here's a reminder: Mousasi won his last 5 UFC fights in dominant fashion. As much as I like watching UFC fights I think Gegard is just too much of a hardcore fighter for them. They want to celebrate Khabib for being 'undefeated' but in my opinion fighters like Mousasi are the real deal. They don't play it safe and don't care where they're fighting. It's just another day at the office.F the P4P bullshit.

  3. Mousasi takes PEDS, too. I'm fu–ing sick of all you lying pieces of shit. Cheaters. Every goddamn one of them. Theres the exception like gaeije, but the thing is, I've sold juice to even smaller dudes on full stacks.

  4. What is happening to the eyes of all these fighters ? Gregard has it now, one like looks weird, chris weidmann has it, yoel romero has it since his last fight. Is it a weight cutting thing ?! Or pokes from training?

  5. It still blows my mind that Dana let this guy go, especially when his asking price was far from astronomical. The guy was, and probably still is, a top 5 MW with more experience than nearly everyone in the division, with exception to maybe Anderson Silva. Him and Rory McDonald both are still as elite as they come.

  6. This excellent fighter has called 3 guys he fought being roided up
    Hasnt been wrong yet..
    As soon as i saw Lovato in the ring i was pissed, 'thinking how the fuck could they let this roid monkey fight..his hue was fn RED
    Bloated muscles and hes mofn veins popped from litteraturely his head to toe
    And i knew for sure when he beat Mousasi..i know he can look "uninspired" sometimes, but gegard is in the top 10 fighters of all time
    Hope he gets the rematch soon
    My predictions tho says Lovato will worm hes way out of it

  7. You might think he acts like this because of second language, but in truth when I see him on television here in Holland from time to time he acts exactly the same. In Dutch he throws constant fits on steroid abuse too lol

  8. Let's not forget the FACT that all of his losses are because the competitor was dirty and using PEDs, not because they were better than Mousasi in an way shape or form, because Mousasi is the perfect all round fighter…

  9. 1:07 The "Juice", maybe the Jews helped him too, but he meant "juice" , phhhoei glad we caught that one on time. But the man is right. Look at Mark Hunt, Gregor etc the few real men in between a lot of cheating punks. Mousasi is a legit Champion, report on that.

  10. its a shame that people don't believe in guys like mousasi,bisping,hunt (who are the cleanest guys in the sport and some of the toughest) whenever they say that their opponent are on steroids.. stop saying they are whining and look at the obvious evidence.

  11. He's right. It was the same thing with the Stipe vs DC fights. None of the MMA personalities talked about the eye pokes, even though they were the most obvious and blatant eye pokes in MMA history. Everything should be reported on, regardless of whom is being accused.

  12. I think his situation is a little bit like jorge masvidal, they don't have the right advertisement but have the entertaining and interesting personality in the core. I hope bellator uses more footage of gegard and gives him the shine he deserves, dudes fkn hilarious XD

  13. Gegard Moussalty was on FIRE. Hard nipples. Ha ha. In all honesty I do think he was a bit hard on the media. The media can 't lob accusations on a fighter being on PEDs. They'd have to try and dig hard for that stuff which is difficult which won't gain them much profit. If a media outlet post pics of Lovato Jr and insinuates PED usage without more proof won't they get in trouble/sued?

  14. Not impressed by your performance, especially with an old machida . I don t think mousasi won that fight. This is the perfect exemple of a draw ,at best . Round 1 i give it to mousasi, round 2 was a draw, round 3 machida. So draw, or machida. No way , you can give all the three rounds to mousasi. 30- 27 is ridiculous. Mousasi was more pasive than machida în the fight and in the end he was close of being submitted. So , i don t know how he won the fight: he was not the agressor , he was never the one to finish the fight. If he performs like this în the lovato fight , he will lose again.

  15. Interesting I want to make about Mousasi.

    So, when you think of GOATS, you look at 26-2 record. Yayyy
    When you look at Khabib, he is undefeated at 28 – 0. Yayyy
    Jon Jones is 27 – 1 and his only loss was just a DQ. Hooorah.

    Now, Mousasi has a record of 46 – 7.
    46 and 7!! He has nearly twice as many wins as each guy.
    To me, this is more impressive.

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