Exclusive, Never Before Seen, Anderson Silva / GSP Photo Shoot


As we wait for Anderson Silva to make his final walk-out to the UFC Octagon, I wanted to share some of my exclusive BTS footage from Eric Williams’ May 2014 Silva / GSP shoot. I’ve been very fortunate to work with Anderson over the years …managing his YouTube channels, being asked to film his gym’s grand opening party, etc. I’ve always admired Anderson’s martial arts skills and ingenuity. I greatly respect everything he has done for the sport of mixed martial arts and wish him all the best for the next chapter of his life. – Wade Eck

🎥 Wade Eck / Eck Creative

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About The Author

Wade Eck is an experienced and accomplished senior marketing strategist and video producer. He’s advised over 200 business owners with their social strategy and content publishing guidelines; he personally managed multiple accounts which reached 150k to 1 million subscribers. He’s filmed, edited and distributed 3200+ YouTube videos which have accumulated 200 million+ views, 23 cable television episodes and two live PPV sporting events. His work has aired on ESPN, FS1, Rede Globo, UFC and more!

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