UFC 203 Fabricio Werdum vs. Travis Browne + Werdum vs Tarverdyan Highlights

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On the FS1 UFC 203 Post-Fight Show, Karyn Bryant, LHW Champ Daniel Cormier and Dan Hardy took viewers through the highlights of Fabricio Werdum’s win over Travis Browne.  They also discussed the scuffle that took place between Werdum and Browne’s coach, Edmond Tarverdyan.

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302 Comments on "UFC 203 Fabricio Werdum vs. Travis Browne + Werdum vs Tarverdyan Highlights"

  1. Fighters should ABSOLUTELY NOT be allowed to open their hands unless they are 1 – in the clinch, 2 – on the ground, or 3 – momentarily opening their hands to try to grab hold of their opponent. Standing and fighting with hands just open gets people poked in the eye, and now it got a someone's finger broken.         Any time a fighter opens a hand and keeps it open without grabbing during stand up, they should be immediately given a warning. Then three warnings and you loose a point.

  2. damn I think DC probably feels bad, because the picture of brown's finger came out the day after. But at the time this shiz was funny as hell… but damn browne's finger was F*CKED!!!! damn i would've quit honestly, I bet his hand was throbbing after every exchagne god damn. I mean damn I was pissed at travis browne after the matt mitrione deal, but damn I think karma righteously caught up to him today. I can't be mad at travis browne anymore. props to him for staying in the fight.

  3. 0:19 wow bro, Ill never pay to watch another Werdum card in my life. I actually liked the guy, but afte watching him do that shit is pussy boy shit. That shows his true soul, what a cunt and this is coming from sombody who has all they're ammie fights done , 5 wins in a row, and now im on the way to being a well rounded pro and this shit is just sad. seriously, what a spanish faggot.

  4. 203 was such a weird card. You got Gall mercilessly beating on what appeared to be somebody they had just pulled out of the audience. Then when CM Punk gets back up after his loss he starts making this corny ass heartfelt speech like an overly apologetic drunk at the bar that just got his ass kicked.

    Then there's the Browne and Werdum fight and that was just nuts. Browne's cheap ass time-out, eye poke and then Tarverdyan's dumb ass constantly running his mouth but saying absolutely nothing of any value to anyone. Werdum rightfully kicking the little big mouthed weirdo Edmond and almost starting a full court brawl after winning by decision. I don't even know what cartoon they pulled that ref from but I couldn't take my eyes off of him. To then top it all off we got to see Overeem doing full speed laps around the octagon. Working on his cardio or something I don't know. It was all pretty interesting to me.

  5. Pso UFC 203: Werdum is a total hero now and everyone loves him. His stock just went up. Travis Browne (unfortunately) is now a total snook and used to be a well liked guy but now he's infected by Edmond and Ronda's toxicity. In the words of that incompetent commentator, "Goldie"– just like that!

  6. travis browne was a bitch crying to the ref ..he hurt me…I want a time out….and his coach like an entitled prick mom blaming the other kid…Glad both the bitch and his mom coach got they shits kicked the fuck out…they d poo nt belong in the ufc

  7. Lol Travis stumbling in front of his coach at the end of the fight was hilarious!! Like dude u just got ur ass kicked and werdum pulled a Kung Lao flying kick the first 2 seconds of the fight on ur face, but ur gonna step in and beat him now??

  8. Yo, dumbass Travis, dont you think if some guy comes charging at you, you should step out of the way or be prepared to counter? This dumbass sees Werdum rushing him and just carelessly moves forward with his hands halfway down, LMAO. Im starting to believe that Travis Browne is a push over and just needs to hang it up.

  9. That Armenian coach clown is fucking up people's careers. He's not a good coach. He was filling Ronda's head with all this magical talk about how bad she is and boom. And he's fucking Travis' career up too.

  10. Did you hear the guy at the press conference say to fabricio you dont think they were booing because in the last two rounds you guys did basically nothing? What a piece of shit. Thats was a great fight. Screw that guy. This was the most entertaining event on the card and the whole card was greeeeat!

  11. Travis wouldn't be in the UFC if he wasn't a big guy. Think about it, if some cat at a lower weight class, moved so god damn clumsy and awkward, there is no way in hell they would even put him in there. Imagine Dominick Cruz moving the way "Browne the Bum" does…get the fuck outta here. That kick by werdum was something straight out of rumble in the bronx. Kicked him so hard in his throat I bet he shit his pants.

  12. Travis didn't try to protect his coach. He was just trying to make sure that Miocic didn't come after himself again.  Nate Diaz and Miocic  are my favorite MMA guys!  I respect the others who get into the ring, but I love they way that they leave it all in there!

  13. I honestly wonder if Werdum is going to get fined or suspended for kicking Edmund. Its always great to see Edmund get kicked, but I still have to think that Werdum didn't need to kick him…a little uncalled for and very unprofessional on his part.

    • honestly im damn near lost of words cause you hit the nail on the head. edmond is a terrible mma and boxing coach who is delusional, in denial, and ignorant as can be. browne should be ashamed going to the trash as camp where rousey trains.

    • the fact that edmond still has a well renowned career baffles me. He is a horrible coach, horrible person, and acts like ronda's lap dog. Fabricio should have gotten kick of the night 50k bonus for kicking edmond, just wish it was a push kick, not a teep.

    • +Augie Porcayo Yeah your boyfriend, take the burrito out of your mouth and spit the sour cream out. You're a casual mma fan that doesn't know shit, since you said werdum lost his first title defense. Mind I remind you jds did the same to Cain lol. Please werdum outstruck Cain in their first match it was completely one-sided. Cain can't stand up with werdum without having his face looking like a vagina on its period. Also cain's wrestling is completely neutralized on the ground by werdum's bjj. It's time to wake up and face reality, there's no way Cain would win against werdum unless roidlasquez gets lucky. That jawline tho… 😉

  14. i love the coverage of the fight on fox but i want better pop media references.The flying sidekick was first made cool by Sonny Chiba in the Street Fighter series of Karate films from the 70's. I even think the first movie starts with the street fighter kicking a guy out of a window flying side kick style. Coolest move of the 70's

  15. As soon as Travis went to his corner in the 1st round, I knew the type of injury he had. It's called a "hammer finger". I've suffered the same injury on my pinky. It's not broken, but the tendon is damaged. Put it in a splint for 6 weeks & he'll be fine. It's a common injury in sports.

  16. Look at this.
    So its either Cain or Werdum next.
    So Cain last 2 fights, 3 round submission lost to werdum and then beat travis browne
    Werdum got KO IN THE FIRST ROUND to current champ and just beat a few weeks notice Browne.
    Cain easily deserves it more based on that. Plus Cain looked better

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