Danielle Taylor Gets Controversial Decision Win Over Seohee Ham At UFC Fight Night Melbourne

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In the main card opener at UFC Melbourne Danielle Taylor scored a controversial unanimous decision win over Seohee Ham. Karyn Bryant, Kenny Florian and Gilbert Melendez take you through the highlights.

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67 Comments on "Danielle Taylor Gets Controversial Decision Win Over Seohee Ham At UFC Fight Night Melbourne"

  1. That ref was extremely unprofessional from the walk out to not addressing the eye poke. if rules and safety are what the refs are there for then this "ref" failed. If it turned out Ham reaction was made up then -1 point, suspension and levy a steep fine along with part of there purse going to the opponent. fighter safety should come first. the refs needs to check and make sure. excuses about how you can't call time out are frustrating and show lack of thought for the fighters. I agree you can't but the refs must step in and check. again levy a steep fine for those who are faking.

  2. Seohee was poked in eye twice in quick succession  near end of fight. Ref completely blew it. A guy gets kicked in nuts they stop the fight.  a poke in the eye the fight gets stopped. 5min. max to recover. eye poke stoppage, doc. comes in and looks at the eye and gives the fighter a quick check with eyeball etc.  That is the way it is done.  She clearly was poked you can't fake that. Period.

    • Dude, stop playing the race card. This girl actually did poke her in the eye and went in for some cheap shots. Plenty of fighters have shown sportsmanship in this kind of situation and this girl didn't. Where is the honor in winning that way and why would you root for someone to win after that? The selfrightiousness is strong with you… smh.

    • +HydroBud98 When there is a comment in the comment section that says "Blacks back at it again with sucker punches" then it's clear that it's racism in the mma community. So really I'm not playing the race card. If someone defends someone that made a racist comment then 9 times out of 10 or 10 times out of 10 they are racist as well.

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