Highlights From UFC 209 Woodley vs Thompson 2 Title Fight

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On the FS1 Post-Fight Show Karyn Bryant, Kenny Florian and Brian Stann take you through the UFC 209 highlights between UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley and Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson’s rematch.

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457 Comments on "Highlights From UFC 209 Woodley vs Thompson 2 Title Fight"

  1. Conor has said the same that he is the greatest yet still hasn't defended his belt. At Least he has defended his belt. And if you Connor fans are going to bring out that Connor has had two belt out at the same time. I will argue that Tyron could easily beat Michael Bisping. But the UFC wouldn't allow that.

  2. So basically it comes down to this, to be the Champion You have to definitively beat the Champion. I've seen this time after time, judges will always award the win to the champ if it's remotely close, in fact I was surprised the first fight was a draw. The damage Thompson took in that first fight was insane, although he showed incredible heart and toughness as well as sound technique against a much bigger stronger opponent.

  3. horrible fight on both guys. honestly, I thought wonderboy won rounds 1,2,4 but Tyrone clearly had the bigger moments and a 10-8 in the 5th, so I had it a draw. All depends on your criteria for a fight but glad it wasn't a draw and there won't be a trilogy. Hopefully Tyrone just keeps his mouth shut after this fight

  4. People hate Tyron so much that they thought Thompson won even after he lost.
    Tyron had more significant strikes landed plus the takedowns.

    You have to really beat the champion to win and Thompson was not dominant, it was more back and forth exchanges.

  5. The only thing Wonderboy was almost "robbed" of was his consciousness. Boy almost got knocked tf out. Where I'm from you can have all the flashiness you want in your fighting style, but if you're almost K to the fking O'd then you didn't win.

    End of discussion.

  6. Dana trying to save his job. Plain and simple, these two different styles don't make for an exciting fight. Blame Dana for running it back twice. All Dana wanted was for Thompson to win this time. He's losing his Great White Hypes at the speed of light. True story.

  7. Dana trying to save his job. Plain and simple, these two different styles don't make for an exciting fight. Blame Dana for running it back twice. All Dana wanted was for Thompson to win this time. He's losing his Great White Hypes at the speed of light. True story.

  8. when woodley fights smart and uses, defense and counter punching he is "boring", but when mcgregor uses defense, makes his opponent miss and counter punches, he's considered really talented,a beast, fast, smart, talented, and the best fighter ever. Smh at the double standard

  9. Tyrone is a beast. I judge a fight by damage done. if you score it by point you can give it to Wonderboy. But Woodley did way more damage to Wonderboy. I like Woodley. WONDERBOY fights like Mayweather that is not my style.

  10. Lol both guys were terrified of each other. It was crazy how they wanted this fight to be definitive as to leave no doubts yet both were afraid to make a mistake and get slept so you get another iffy decision where no one really has any idea who the better fighter is.

  11. Sorry guys! "Stevie Wonder" successfully lost the fight if only judging by his knock down in the last round, which clearly showed he was dominated. If the round prolonged beyond the bell that momentum suggested a K.O. So, let's be fair, you side taking motherfuckers.

  12. It was awful for a main event but I don't understand White's thinking that Wonder Boy was ahead. Did he watch the same fight? All I saw was him starting off pretty good & then he started getting knocked around the ring and to the floor and taking some rough shots while putting on the earmuffs. Woodley won the fight to me but only in strikes thrown. Neither seemed to be on point for the fight like we normally see them. But at least these guys fought! And everyone wanting to see Mayweather and McGregor… Forget it! He owes UFC 4 or 5 more fights before his contract is over! Judging by his sparring videos, he's not ready for Mayweather!

  13. Man Tyron is way too mentally weak in the cage. I thought that McGregor fight would have been silly before… but after that I'm not so sure. Looks to me like it would go down just like the Alvarez fight.

  14. If the video above were either of the Woodley vs Thompson fights, I'd pause it, and just read the comments. There are more entertaining fights in the comments section than those two put against one another. The UFC seems desperate to make Wonderboy its welterweight champion, but if these two fight again they may end up losing far more money and fans than they could hope to gain by having a marketable champion. I certainly won't be watching a third fight between the two of them.

  15. Cant blame the champ for going in with a JUST DONT LOSE attitude. However as the challenger Wonderboy shouldn't have had that attitude too, he should have been out there saying I MUST WIN!

    How good a championship fight is, is all determined by how much the challenger wants it. Did not look like Wonderboy wanted it

  16. Wonder boy can't come in and fight the same fight and expect different results, guys do this constantly, they lose a close decision , then get a rematch and train and fight the same, then act all confused to why they got the same exact results

  17. It's funny how the joke of analysts act like it is a real sport, like something to disect…like play making and team chemistry. It almost seems like a parody because the analysts keep a straight face as if they know how to be a human more than someone else. Haha, Pure comedy.

  18. Man there for a while (really starting at UFC 199) the ppvs have been absolutely amazing, and quite at few of them even legendary ine right after the next. But the last two have been TRASH. Bad judging, controversial endings, big fights being cancelled… just pure fuckery. UFC step up your game because you've started 2017 weak!

  19. L D

    I get the caution but his corner was telling him to push forward and throw hands and get take downs all 5 rounds and he mostly did nothing. As the champ i get he wants to hold onto his belt and make Wonderboy engage first but both of them needed to do more and he needed to take the fight into his own hands.

  20. Thank you Khabib for backing out, I almost paid for this fight card. Good thing I didn't, sounds like the fighters got a good dose of Vegas Judges! No other card was enticing me to buy. And to top it all off, this outcome of THE MAIN EVENT was not one you pay for lol.

  21. This is where the racism comes in… All highlights show Tyrone rocking this dude.. Wonder boy's? 2 kicks.. On every highlight! Both dudes where boring.. Atleast Tyrone rocked him a few times.. Yet nothing bad about wonder boy… THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT TYRONE IS TALKING ABOUT

  22. Stop overhyping Masvidal. He's a small welterweight and there is a killer 5-6 fighters in that division that he probably should've had to go through (at least 2-3 of them first). Maia beat Condit. Could you guys see Masvidal beating Condit? Maia will find his way to take out Masvidal and Masvidal will probably find himself in a fight with Robbie or Condit and get in a war to ultimately shut down his hype train.

  23. MB

    Tryon Woodley is a one-dimensional fighter. You just have to avoid his right hand. Just like most bums walking around the streets. He is nothing special, just a black dude with a right hand. He is basically a black Roy Nelson.

  24. how come none of the highlights show Thompson actually doing anything? How could you possibly say that he won when you don't even have any highlights of him doing anything but one kick which was partially blocked?

  25. if Woodley's plan is to keep his back against the cage, like he said in the last fight, which he won handedly if you ask me, its a great strategy against one of the most dangerous Strikers in the division. If Woodley was white, everybody would love it

  26. Did Wonderboy knock Tyrone down? Did he take Tyrone down? I'll wait. Wonderboy did no damage. No take downs. No knockdowns. How is everyone saying he won? Wonderboy was the only to be in trouble. That isn't a win people. You can't get the win against someone on the scorecard if you never hurt them and they hurt you. Obviously you aren't the better fighter. People just want Wonderboy because of his fake good guy personality, yes fake. You can tell from his interviews. He sounds scripted. If you could hear Wonderboys thoughts, I think we all would be surprised

    • But they don't score fights as a whole… they score them round by round. Tyron got the takedown in 1 round, and the knock down in 1 round. The rest of the time he was being backed up and barely threw.

  27. "Barely defended your belt" all you have to do is WIN baby. If you "barely" win 100 times straight you're still WINNING and they're LOSING. There's no pride in "I almost won", you'll never get credit for nearly doing it when the other person has actually done it. Facts are facts

    • beprot ling For someone to get robbed something has to have been taken. Wonderboy bounced around, flapping his arms like a bird, for 25 minutes. They both performed terribly, it could've gone to either one of them, or it could've been a draw again. No one got robbed besides the people who paid for the fight

  28. the truth is these aren't fighter they are brawlers. both having only particular skill sets…neither of these men were decisive in their fight style.

    UFC lacks seasons fighters. of all the fighters fighting UFC is simply a promotions event…not a demonstration of fighting art.

    UFC is destroying MMA.

  29. Morons, if you take away the 10-8 that one judge gave woodley (That wasnt a 10-8 even NSAC said ity shouldnt have been), HE STILL WINS. two judges that didnt have 10-8 still had woodley winning 3-2. The judge that did give him a 10-8 was the one that had it a tie. Woodley won there is no controversy

  30. Tyron is god gifted when he puts his foot on the gas but he really needs to leave the "best welterweight in the world" title alone for a while after this sucky performance. If I was Tyron Im taking the whole spring and summer off for r&r and come back in September or October with a more refreshed body and mind. This guy has the tools to be the best in the world he just has to pull the trigger a lot more

  31. In my estimation in a fight where both guys are constantly running from each other and are hesitant we have to judge the fight based off moments. To me Woodley has claimed the most impactful and damaging moments in both fights which is why I thought he took the first fight and I felt he may have edged this 2nd bout out.

  32. and this is why I don't order UFC ppvs anymore. they never give you your money's worth and half the card gets cancelled. this fight was trash. until McGregor comes back they won't get my money. at least I know he will put on a show worth watching.

  33. It was very similar to the first fight except there wasn't a 10-8 round in this fight if we're being honest. I thought Wonderboy won 3 rounds and was the aggressor for most of the fight and controlled the center of the octagon and that factors in when scoring a fight. Tyron didn't do much of anything in the 3 rounds that a lot of people gave Stephen. Hope Maia vs Masvidal winner whips Tyron. He is boring to watch in the rounds when he doesn't do much and he has done this for the majority of his career against good guys! We need a champ who doesn't take so many rounds off and Tyron isn't gonna stop doing this, been doing it far to long now.

  34. Both "fighters" deserved to lose. Honestly was hoping for another draw. The only good thing that came from this fight was knowing the winner is going to get destroyed by Jorge Masvidal.

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