UFC Oklahoma City: BJ Penn vs Dennis Siver FS1 Highlights

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Dennis Siver defeated BJ Penn via majority decision at UFC Fight Night Oklahoma City.  Check out the FS1 highlights and hear what Karyn Bryant, Kenny Florian, UFC Welterweight Champ Tyron Woodley and Tony Ferguson have to say about the fight.

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135 Comments on "UFC Oklahoma City: BJ Penn vs Dennis Siver FS1 Highlights"

  1. BJ must really need the money man cuz he has no physical reason to be out there anymore. Years agl he would of destroyed an older fighter like Siver but all the time off man he has just erroded and fight at all top level anymore. Its honestly scary at this point bcuz the guy can develop all kinds of brain problems later if he keeps this up.

  2. These older (way past their prime) fighters do not know when to quit. They are warriors. Some do it because they are hurting for money, but most do it because it defines who they are. Family and friends need to step in and help these guys let go of that willingness to enter a cage again. Maybe a type of rehab for ex fighters so to speak. They are damaging more than their legacy(as their past would never be totally erased just from getting beat up once old and withered)but it is a shame to end up like a vegetable or dead. They need help.

  3. What a mismatch!! BJ penn managed to win the 2nd round and just had no cardio left and ran out of gas!! He was just about lifting his hands up to stop getting hit!! Shows how good Conor is, he hardly got touched when he stopped Siver!!BJ should have retired at the top!! He has NO reason to carry on fighting!!

  4. Kenny Florian said kevin lee looked way better than michael chiesa, yeah, no… the one hit on the feet took lee down, when lee slammed chiesa chiesa had his hands on lee and slammed his head when he went down, and the illegal elbows and the early stoppage, horrible to say it was dominated by lee when it wasn't dude.

  5. BJ Penn is addicted to fighting! The dangerous thing about this addiction is that you don't know when to STOP! I didn't watch this fight coz I knew the outcome and it sucks to see him getting beat up time and again!

  6. you can say whatever you want to him well bj has nothing to prove he says he loves to fight that what hes been good for.. he has the heart of a warrior maybe he' ll never retire.. who wouldnt want to die living the love of your life.. he' s my hero thats why i got hook to this mma world.. Good luck " THE PRODIGY" hope youll find what you been lookin for!!!

  7. I usually don't agree with the "tarnishing the legacy" talk, but he is hurting his legacy by losing to the people he has been losing to and how he has been losing. He doesn't have to fight anymore. I get it that he loves it, but he isn't the same fighter he once was. His explosiveness he was known for is gone. I just hope he has a long look at himself and decides to hang it up.

  8. In all honesty, BJ should have never taken that Nick Diaz fight and Rory fight. He actually was doing okay in the Diaz fight until he gassed out, and then just got beat up. But those guys were WWs that would beat most, if not all FWs and LWs. What would happen to Conor if he fought Nick? Look at the trouble he had with just Nate. Those two fights seemed to have taken a lot out of him, as well as the earlier Frankie fights.

  9. He looks like an old man in there. At this point its not even entertaining to watch him fight. He should just move over to Belltor and find some easier people to fight if he stills wants to fight this badly. Hes gonna get hurt in there.

    • Jack InTheBox lololol but he got slept by the guy who slept the guy….. no chance, if he moved up even a bum like ferguson would beat him… nick diaz would destroy this punk with his boxing. mgcregot at 155 would sleep him within 3 connections

    • Swart We get that, but you have to understand that he's probably one of the Mose beloved MMA fighters. He's one of the original scrappers of the sport.

      We saw him at his best and now we're seeing him get beat up pretty bad lately. Of course he's his own man and he's probably going to fight once more but it still hurts the fans to see him get hurt how he does now.

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