Max Holloway Tries To Dethrone Daniel Cormier On UFC Tonight’s Punching Bag

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UFC Featherweight Champ Max Holloway tested his strength and tried to dethrone Light Heavyweight Champ Daniel Cormier as he took a shot at the UFC Tonight punching bag.

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245 Comments on "Max Holloway Tries To Dethrone Daniel Cormier On UFC Tonight’s Punching Bag"

  1. Jon

    There are people who need to be humbled: Max, Conor, Darren Till, Covington. They are all good. Some of them are really good. Max is even great. But they all still think they are better than they are. Difference between great and top 5 on entire roster. All those guys think they are #1 pound for pound. They aren't near DJ, Jon Jones, and Khabib.

  2. That's not as impressive as it looks. Yeah most people probably couldn't hit it that fast, but any boxer, mma , etc, will tell you once you got your rhythm, you don't really need your eyes for the speed bag

  3. Lol why does everyone think that Max looks HUGE here? He's obviously getting bigger now that he's older, but he's MAX (no pun) ~167-168, not too crazy. He's also 5'11.

    His upper body is not very muscular, perfect body type for a fighter. Cardio king

    • Don’t do that! Everyone hated him but a very small few at one point. So whenever I see people say stuff like “I’ve always loved this guy”, I’m sorry, I just refuse to believe it.

      I went to see the open workouts at UFC 214, and I was shamed for cheering his name. Eeeveeerryyone booed him.

    • Dc was only disliked because of jones. Some off there talks made it seem like dc thought he was better than people who expirament with drugs or people who lived wild lifestyles, because jones relates to people who didnt go the squeaky clean way. And daniel represented the opposite. People dont hate daniel they hated what he represented.

  4. You morons. Saying max bigger than DC.
    They have clothes on. It’s obvious DC is bigger in weight.
    That comment mostly comes from 100pd weaklin wanna be fighters.
    Dc would easily spank all of them and send them to bed with no dinner.

    • Tito Rivera Thank you. Finally someone with some sense around here. So many Casuals in the comments nowadays after McNuggets run. It's ridiculous how many people are counting Tony out. They clearly have no clue about him or seen the majority of his fights. Bc if they had, these people would have a very different perspective and outlook. The fact that people are saying Tony stands no chance at all is just laughable. Khabib could not even finish Barbosa. And no MMA Math does not work but it still proves my point. You people think Tony is soft and going to be destroyed. But I'm sorry to break it to you, it's not going to happen!

    • One Path He didn't duck him. But he did pull out. And not for a legitimate reason either. It was his own fault. He had the same amount of time as always to make the weight cut, and yet he didn't come close at all. Liver or whatever shutdown before he even got within 5 lbs I think. That is horrible discipline. That doesn't happen with Tony. He acts how and does what Champions do. And that's to make weight!

    • Nick Knoblach Can people really not tell the different between being "big" and being "tall" as someone. As well as actual size and muscle mass. Both Tyron and DC are so much bigger than Max and absolutely maul him in a fight. And Max knows it too.

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