FS1’s UFC Tonight: McGregor, Mayweather, Rousey, and the Future of the UFC Debate

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On this week’s UFC Tonight, Karyn Bryant, Daniel Cormier, Michael Bisping and Speak For Yourself’s Jason Whitlock got into a spirited “No Holds Barred” debate. Hear what they had to say about Conor McGregor’s potential UFC punishment, a rumored “hybrid” fight between McGregor and Floyd Mayweather and Ronda Rousey’s star power in the WWE. Check it out, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments too!

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258 Comments on "FS1’s UFC Tonight: McGregor, Mayweather, Rousey, and the Future of the UFC Debate"

  1. 0:26 Conor and his friends "storm" the UFC building and yet they are freely able to walk around and even be booked to fight at the same company that they disgraced and vandalized with the intent of assaulting/hurting someone. Any other fighter/person would have been terminated and be serving time in jail for at least 10 years with charges of terrorism.

  2. If Paul Daley gets banned for punching Josh Koscheck after the bell, Conor should face some major penalty. He caused 3 fights to be canceled and injured two fighters. He could have jeopardized the Rose Namujanas fight as well. The UFC needs to put the fighters over the Fighter. The spectacle that is Conor McGregor will not last forever

  3. 0 0

    So many social justice warriors calling for Conor to be punished, be fired, ect. Your pathetic. I bet you were crying when Trump won, its the same people constantly trying to police peoples speech and actions with group think. The law will handle it and thats the end of it.

  4. The UFC is finished. They don't treat the fighters right, Dana is the most disingenuous, deceptive, avarice (besides Don king) out there, and most of the biggest names have no personality, style or swagger…. Look at Daniel Comier? The guys a complete and absolute dork! I anticipate a slow decline of the ufc, and another company will rise in its place….

  5. K V

    So the next time khabib fights, we are going to change the rules ,no takedowns! ..next time tony Ferguson fights, no striking on the ground!..next time justin gaethje fights, no clinching..if Ronda makes her return, no judo..let's just change all the rules for every fighter..yea that makes alot of sense!!!

  6. Z

    I am over the Floyd thing, if it isn't mma, it just isn't mma. Can Floyd just go away, I really want to see talented more well-rounded fighters face off. I don't wanna see another boxing match.

  7. UFC needs to get some hot female host, get rid of the dead weight like Tyron, and Michael… nobody likes them. Keep DC and Cruz as main guys, have Rashad and Edwards as secondary, and get two hotties who are not fighters and I’m sorry, get rid of current lady. Your ratings will soar. This just ain’t doing it UFC. Ratings are all time low, people just don’t care anymore.

  8. Okay listen here's how it's gonna work. It's going to be Khabib v Conor, which would be the biggest fight in the UFC's history. Then, after Khabib defends the belt, He's going to move up to 170 and fight GSP and also stay up there and compete there. The weight cut is too hard for him.

    Conor v Khabib will happen.

  9. I think after seeing Khabib versus Iaquinta, Khabib is beatable and Conor could KO him, out cold. I think Tony could beat him as well. I wasn't sold on Khabib, he's still suspect to me. I think Floyd in the octagon with modified rules would sell. highest ppv for ufc of all time.

  10. The problem with the Khabib/Conor match-up is that the UFC will never pay McGregor the ridiculous amount of money he would want… therefore, the fight will never happen. Conor isn't going to risk a humiliating mugging by Khabib, unless it's worth his while… like $50,000,000 or higher.

  11. Way to go ufc. Using the most disgusting thing in 20 years for all of their advertising. Be honest if you were embarrassed/horrified you wouldn’t be using it on embedded and every other promotional bit out their.

  12. I seen the advertisement that's why I clicked. Just wondering is anybody even interested in UFC anymore seriously it's so 2000. It's now just a high school wrestling meet, everybody went grappling it's very uninteresting and boring to watch.

  13. It makes sense that it staged simple fact that Conor McGregor will not be kicked out or banned from the UFC anybody else would’ve done that they would’ve been gone that second. If anything he’s going to make more money then Mayweather fight and he will compensate for the loss in lawsuits when he fights Khabib.

  14. conar should pay his lawsuits in cash useing those same two wheelers he threw off the window dude he will not be affected by any financial way by this ray borg is smart to press chardges "but"we all no his eye is fine lets keep it real .He was screaming in the bus i thaught it was rose then i thaught theres no way, rose is a grown woman ray sounds like my 8 year old son.

  15. Bisping and DC… I usually love you guys.. but for anyone to say that there is anything positive out of the incident is SO disrespectful to Chiesa, Borg, etc. It's like.. "Borg lost an eye cause of conor and Chiesa got his face all cut up by glass but it's OK because now we can pay Conor for a big fight again!" Everyone is OK just using lesser known talents like Chiesa and Borg to literally throw glass at them and hurt them as long as it build's conor up more?

  16. even though many consider khabib the best and i agree, he cannot become champion by beating someone ranked as low as iaquinta, he still needs to fight tony, PERIOD!!! That is the only way to legitimize his belt. He definitely needs to do this before GSP

  17. conor needs goals to focus on. When he has a goal like an upcoming fight he is focused and his energy is centered on whats best for him winning. Perhaps making all that money was the worst thing for him… perhaps now with lawsuits from individuals and companies for breach of contract and lawsuit against ufc for may vs mac fight not being able to be streamed, conor might not have as much money people think he has. Maybe now he has to fight and it may be what he needs. With that said he needs to fight khabib… there is no one else he can fight right now… with that said even though many consider khabib the best and i agree, he cannot become champion by beating someone ranked as low as iaquinta, he still needs to fight tony, PERIOD!!! That is the only way to legitimize his belt.

  18. Floyd is not gonna fight. Dana and floyd sat down and agreed that if he just acted like he was interested in mma it would help to bring more people to mma, this was probably sealed with floyd gaining a percentage of ownership with ufc…

  19. M R

    These 4 on this panel are awesome and they all offer really different things. Not a fan of some of the other hosts … I don’t dislike some of the others , but the commentary can be off .

  20. If Floyd was offered more than 300 mil for a fight in the octagon then he would do the rules because he's a 41 year old dude, and let's be honest Conor didn't have balls, most people would take a boxing match for 100 mil bit Floyd will get murdered in the Octagon if they keep the same rules

  21. I still think Connor could beat Floyd in the octagon with those modified rules because Floyd Mayweather style is his shoulder roll defense and it's going to be hard to do that against a cage so I predict that Connor wins by ko if they fight

  22. No elbows no kicks no submitting no knee's but the clinch is allowed. I have my money on McGregor. I'm not saying Floyd doesn't have a chance but just think how experienced McGregor is in the clinch and MMA in general. His overall technique is much higher his movement will be outstanding in the octagon, he knows how scoring works, he knows what the Judges are going to like and see. Besides once he has his hands on Floyd and forcing him into the clinch it's a one man game. He's gonna make Floyd think. And by all means thinking and doing are two separate things. All the defensive training Floyd is going to building up is going to be thought about before and during the fight. And another thing if the foot stomp is allowed who knows where that can lead to.

  23. Jesus….I hope with Ronda racking up so many punching KO wins in the WWE she won’t think she’s sharpening her boxing skills and makes a comeback into the famous Octagon.

    That being said, she will do well in the WWE. All she has to do is be herself.

  24. So sad to see Daniel Cormier say he doesn’t understand why Mayweather wants to fight. Money rules. Mayweather makes amazing business decisions. Sad that Daniel won’t ever grasp this. Small mind

  25. Conor tried to hit the pillar between the windows. You can see him aim for it. I still believe this is a work that got out of hand. Dana cant say most disgusting thing in UFC then capitalize on it the next day. Then say “I kind of respect Conor for what he did” the day after 223.
    And I also believe that Dana and/or the UFC will pay for most of his legal fees because the mega payday they’re going to get in the future.

  26. UFC seems desperate to turn the sport of MMA into a joke. Rewarding a guy for his deplorably actions, setting up joke fights for dollars and putting out garbage like this show focused on three fighters that aren't even in the UFC. And, not a word about any of the actual fights from 223 where a belt was defended against a dominate former champ and a new belt was earned.
    Worldwide Wrestling… seriously???

  27. Hey when Conor fought Floyd it was by boxing rules, they didn't bias the rules towards Conor so why should the ufc do it for Floyd, Dana says it's BS but who knows, Conor is going to be pretty busy for the foreseeable future anyways

    • He won’t even fight Paul Dailey or the top fighters at bellator, you think he would want to fight guys like Woodley, wonderboy, or dos anjos? He’s out there boxing the UPS guy.. he’d never be a big star in the UFC

    • MVP is old news. I used to be high on the guy, but it's clear that he's ducking high-level competition at this point. He lost all his momentum in my eyes. He's just another fighter taking random bouts that won't increase his stock. Kinda like a low-grade Conor.

    • joel chairez Double the “chances” under zero, you wouldn’t bet your paycheck on those odds.

      I disagree, no way does Conor have a 20% chance in winning. Someone like Berto in 2015 had around a 20% chance at beating Floyd Mayweather. I ask you again, where are Conor’s “chances” coming from? How could you foresee him beating Floyd Mayweather in boxing? A knockout? When in the ring he proved to not even have the power of his weight class. Is he going to beat Floyd in a decision? When he can barely stand by the 7th round, and couldn’t win a round where Floyd through more than 10 punches. What scenario for winning lift up his chances?

    • Campay’ne fine, maybe I should rephrase myself. The reason they are entertaining the modified rules discussion for MMA instead of boxing, is because Floyd would get utterly dominated and loose in under 2 minutes, while Conor wouldn't. Is that better.

    • joel chairez It’s better than what you said before, but still not completely accurate statement. Conor had no leverage to ask for modified rules in boxing, because Floyd Mayweather called all the shots. If Conor (or the UFC) made a demand that Al Haymon didn’t like the fight wouldn’t have happened. But Dana, WME and Conor went along with everything because of the money they stood to make.

      In this case they are entertaining modified rules (probably) because Floyd is demanding it. Dana doesn’t care if Floyd gets strangled in a minute or not. But WME and Conor want this fight again because of the money it stands to generate. So the If Floyd demands modified rules it would either be concede, or no fight. Which seems to be completely fine with him seeing as he would get embarrassed, but WME would lose out on a major event. Which could be costly the way the UFC has been the past year and a half, especially after a 4 billion dollar investment. They’re making every “money fight” the can to recoup on their investment. So they have no choice but to entertain his demands, and Floyd and his advisers know that.

    • Campay’ne true but your missing one important aspect as to why. Conor McGregor was totally game to do a boxing match and was really confident that he would win. Mayweather knows he has no chance and will most definitely want modified rules more.

  28. was a fan of conor as the fighter… still think hes a great ufc fighter, but im not a fan. hope khabib wins.
    anyone who is gonna defend conor, let me ask u if that was ur mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, etc on that bus and got hurt…. would u feel the same?

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