UFC Double Champ Daniel Cormier Gets Hero’s Welcome At FOX Sports

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When UFC Double Champ (heavyweight champ + light heavyweight champ) Daniel Cormier returned to 20th Century Fox Studios for the first time to host UFC Tonight, he was greeted by the entire FOX lot, including: Karyn Bryant, Kenny Florian, Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock, Tony Gonzales and Curt Menefee.

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82 Comments on "UFC Double Champ Daniel Cormier Gets Hero’s Welcome At FOX Sports"

  1. DC who is almost 40 years old and also does jobs as a commentator and analyst which take away time from his training was still able to win championships in two weight divisions. Daniel "Double Champ" Cormier is the GOAT.

  2. I think you need to have a dweeb mentally to fuk wit DCs candy, cry baby ass. He got KOd, cried, cried, cried, fought a no name then vs Stipe he was being outclassed and his only answer was not 1, not 2 not 3 but 4 eye pokes with the final being knuckle deep then one good punch while Stipe was attempting to clear his vision. Now he's too pussy to fight Stipe, Gus or Jones again but looking to fight Anderson! Lmfao!

  3. this makes me happy. I've seen so much dc hate , he's so underappreciated and a lot of people constantly wanna see him fail , they spew so much BS (I will never understand why) but I know that dc constantly has so much love and support around him. his lovers outweigh his haters, that's for sure. I've been a hardcore fan since king of the cage days . he's a hero , Daniel is a real life superhero

  4. As much as he loves being the World Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion, you can tell he loves being with his work family at Fox and FS1. He was probably nervous about being back to work cause its been a busy 2018. He went from beating Volkan at UFC 220 right into his stuff with Stipe. In my opinion, he has improve as a fighter, through his work with Karyn and Kenny on UFC tonight, and the panels he covers.

  5. eyepoke crybabies crying that's how he won lol. Dudes continue fighting with broken bones, FOH about an eyepoke, noobs. Meanwhile no championship fight ever was decided by an eyepoke and Stipe had a full 5 minutes to recover and said he was fine. AND Stipe said he had no excuses and said DC won fair and square. You eyepoke haters are casuals that have to fabricate a fake reason for why stipe lost. Cry us all a river. I'll paddle away from your dramatic bullshit lol

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