UFC Champ Demetrious Johnson Thinks Chris Weidman Can’t Match Luke Rockhold’s Athleticism

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MMA H.E.A.T. went to the Craft restaurant in Century City, where they caught up with reigning UFC Flyweight Champ Demetrious Johnson five days before his UFC 197 title defense against Henry Cejudo. In this clip, DJ talks about the upcoming title fight between Middleweight Champ Luke Rockhold and former Champ Chris Weidman. “Mighty Mouse” explains why he believes Rockhold is on another level athletically and he shares his thoughts on their UFC 199 rematch. For more with the Champ, check out http://www.tinyurl.com/DJUFC197

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75 Comments on "UFC Champ Demetrious Johnson Thinks Chris Weidman Can’t Match Luke Rockhold’s Athleticism"

  1. I'm confused was he saying Russell Wilson isn't that great of an athlete? He's arguably more athletic than Cam hes just 30 lbs lighter.If Russell Wilson decided he was going to be a fighter when he was in highschool he'd be a world Champ, hes a different level of athlete that D. Johnson will never understand.

  2. i mean I love Chris, but I clearly knew before the fight Rockhold would win. He is a built so perfect for fighting and is so athletic and has a fighter IQ, and can learn kicks and become an expert by himself. Hes just a badass, like Jon Jones.

  3. DJ is talking about talent. The thing with great talent is that it rarely comes in combination with consistent hard work. Demetrius Johnson is unique in that sense. Compared to guys like Luke Rockhold or Jon Jones he never gets too full of himself.
    He is mentally strong as fuck.

    When I see Chris Weidman I see the guy that knows he does not have all the talent in the world but is prepared to work really hard and push himself instead.

    So my prediction for the Rockhold vs Weidman II is that Rockhold needs to finish Weidman early. Otherwise Weidman will brake Rockhold with better cardio, chin and heart. Rockhold is not used to work as hard as Weidman. He is not prepared to sacrifice everything. If he gets tagged he will give up a lot faster than Weidman did in their last fight.

    • Im thinkin Rockhold developed an attitude like alot of surfers do, jockying for good waves in Santa Cruz where theres tons of kooks from the Valley getting in the way and wanting to fight. It gets Nasty there. He also has this thing where he inherited good looks. Dude could pop up on the cover of GQ any minute. He could have caught some flakk for that too. Aside from that, I doubt he really needs the WWE and videogame fans that post shit on here to like him. Unlike most of those, he's got his shit together.

    • +Lethal Larry DJ is extremely mentally strong. That guy has dominated his division but never been scared of fighting opponents that are bigger and stronger. He does not even mind that Jon Jones claims to be the best p4p when it is obvious no one is near DJ at the moment.

  4. While agree with that along with many other reasons that make me think Luke will beat Chris again and also picked him to win the first fight. Lets not forget that DJ also thought PVZ would be the one to beat JJ! Then should lost to Rose. Not all fighters are good analysts. Carla is a much better version of PVZ and we saw what JJ did with her so I don't know what DJ thought PVS had for JJ. Just sayin… there are bad picks and then there are WTF was he thinking picks.

    • +ChaturRamalingam Not really. He just found out that there is vast difference between straight wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts. I have no doubt that in the mat, Cejudo will plow through DJ. But when you combine all the aspects of fighting;striking, wrestling, submissions, DJ is a goddamn magician. No one combines all the aspects of MMA and transitions from one discipline to another, better than DJ.

      MMA fighters aren't the best in the individual disciplines. High level Kickboxers for example, will destroy any MMA fighter in their weight class, in a straight striking contest. What MMA fighters excel in is, combining the various disciplines together.

    • +Aniruddha Sharma— DJ vs. Cruz..By next year if someone makes it happen, Demetrious will beat him.To fast, too strong,and too well rounded and getting better.As for single disciplines vs mma, it boils down to the rules.I saw Melvin Manhoef kick Robbie Lawler cripple. He could barely stand and knocked out Manhoef. I thought he'd killed him. Manhoef had knocked out Mark Hunt 2 years earlier (2008) in seconds at Heavyweight.Those are on youtube.

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