Dana White Discusses Rousey’s Return Against Nunes, PVZ vs Karate Hottie, McGregor + More!

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UFC President Dana White stops by the UFC Tonight set to talk to Kenny Florian and Daniel Cormier about Ronda Rousey’s return against Champ Amanda Nunes at UFC 207, if she’ll ever fight Cyborg, Conor McGregor, Jose Aldo, Dominick Cruz’s next fight, Paige VanZant vs Michelle “Karate Hottie” Waterson and more!

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437 Comments on "Dana White Discusses Rousey’s Return Against Nunes, PVZ vs Karate Hottie, McGregor + More!"

  1. Cyborg is a joke. She's a man when u take that many steroids ur whole career u start looking and talking like a man. She did to her self and if u have to cheat to get were ur at then u r pathetic and ur fans r pathetic. Real athletes don't cheat ever

  2. If the UFC is going to be all about making big money fights then why is Rhonda fighting Nunes. Wouldn't the real money fight be her against Cyborg? When Rhonda was champ she was always calling out Cyborg. She's in the UFC now so it's time for Rhonda to back up that big mouth of hers, but she won't.

  3. I know Rhonda seems broken… butI have been a big fan of BOXING and MMA for a long time. Most of them fighters have suicidal thoughts after a career altering loss after being undefeated.Think about it, you just lost everything…your title, millions of potential dollars and were exposed.Her life was gone in her mind.It's all about if she rebounds from that.This fight will honestly tell us if her career is over or not.AMANDA IS A VERY DANGEROUS STRIKER….but if Rousey can avoid the knock out and some how get her to the ground, she will probably submit her. Submission is her bread and butter.

  4. MISTAKE OF THE CENTURY!!!!!!!!! For Ronda – keeping Edmund Turdonator as her trainer. She could have gone to an elite training camp. Big big mistake! If she comes back and gets mauled she will likely retire for good.

  5. Rousey; First 10 wins by 1st rd armbar.

    Bethe Correia ko; Bethe was an accountant at a bank 4 yrs ago.

    Sara McMann; Took her striking lessons via Skype & shadowboxed in her living room because her gym was to far away.

    Womens Bantamweight division talent level has been low, (that's why you can have an bank accountant ranked # 8 & fighting for a title) but things are changing.

    We are starting to see more high level mma strikers, true mma artists.

    Media (Joe Rogan) worshipped her like some kind of sweetheart/hero..she's anything but
    & talent pool is only getting deeper..Nunes, Holm, Shevchenko are just the beginning.

  6. UFC 205 would have been the greatest if Jose Aldo Jr would have been in the main event.. I love how Kenny Florian put Dana White on the spot, had him looking like he swallowed an apple, when he asked him the question and then him acting like if he is not playing favoritism, like if people did not want to see that fight.. His ruining the sport!

  7. This is hard to watch. DW talks about fighting like he is a fighter. DW, you are not a fighter. You are a record company and your fighters are the musicians… It's a matter of time before you become completely irrelevant. If you are a fighter, sign me to fight you, DW. I know, I know, I don't have professional fighting experience, but that doesn't seem to matter at the UFC. You will be a bigger draw than CM Punk. What do you think DW, do you want to get punked? Trust me, you're in much better shape than I am, but you won't fight b/c you…are…not…a…fighter.

  8. Ronda wants to take X amount of time off after a devastating KO, and has publicly said she contemplated suicide after the fight – that's fine.. you have to allow your fighter to take time off.

    But Georges. Georges doesn't want to fight, man. I can just tell. It has nothing to do with the personal vendetta I have against him.

  9. Ronda shouldn't be having a title fight for leaving and being a sore loser, I mean she can fight Amanda in a non title fight if she really wants to prove herself. UFC babies their star fighters too much now that's what's so many of the other vets are leaving.

  10. You can't make Conor fight to defend his belt ? You can't get a man that was winning for years a rematch against a man who took aways his belt with one punch ? The man step off and give your job to someone who can. I just want to say i loved Dana i was such a good guy. Giving his heart and soul to this organization. And i know he still thinks is is doing good for UFC. But i started watching UFC cause i was sick of jesters in boxing. So believe me Dana real fight fans don't like jesters they like fighters.

  11. Conor = OVERRATED and for some reason all his trash talk are just Shut ur fking mouth, ure lucky ive picked you, and he become the biggest star :). Does anyone think his trash talk will effect Cruz? cuz this guy also pick fighters brain out lol.

  12. Cyborg will never make 135. Rhonda will never go to 145. Cyborg barely made 140. Rhonda sure can make 140. Cyborg want Rhonda to come up weight to fight her. Rhonda doesn't want to go up. Just scrap this fight. Cyborg vs Holms. Make it happen DANA!!!!

  13. Doing PR is the grossest thing. I don't think I could live my life spinning narratives and telling half truths to maximize profit. Not like these are particularly harmful examples or anything, but it just grosses me out.

  14. Rousey was a marketing "star" that crashed down to earth when she go KTFO. Throw Holm vs Cyborg on the same card … winner gets the winner of the championship fight. Rousey's legacy is tied directly to Cyborg. But first she needs redemption against Holm. The UFC has their fingers and toes crossed that Rousey beats Nunes. I dont think Rousey is a bigger star than McGregor … but if a fight with Cyborg is actually signed …. I can see that being one of the biggest PPVs ever (depending on the rest of the card, and when its scheduled….. Superbowl weekend?

  15. Dana is full of it. GSP entered the USADA testing pool in August. He wouldn't put himself through that nonsense if he wasn't fighting. Also he's fibbing about Aldo too. Aldo and Pettis wanted to have a superfight when they were both champions..

  16. All about money , Rousey gets handled by Holm with ease , Holm gets no rematch when she loses to tate , all other girls that have been beaten but no rematch …..rousey and her looser boy toy can get a fight no questions asked , i hope she gets tooled again

  17. dana is not telling all the details. gsp has an amount he wants to fight for. dana doesn't want to pay that amount. that's the truth. and why cant conor have 2 belts? because its bad for business, dana? unreal

  18. theres no question she wouldnt fight her…. the question is at what weight? Cyborg walks around at 165… she kills herself to get to 140 and couldnt even it reach it last fight. Ronda will only fight her at 135 because she knows cyborg cant possibly get there unless she gets aids. Tell it like it is dana.

  19. Gsp don't want to fight for the peanuts your wanting to pay Mr. White that deal with shitbok is what is keeping him away you took away a huge portion of the fighters pay checks when ya made that deal. No wonder guys are wanting to jump ship.

  20. I don't think Aldo is necessarily being "ridiculous." He wants a rematch. He fought the fight the fight that was "supposed" to get him that rematch. I think he's just someone who was used to being the undisputed champion and he wants to regain that notoriety. I get it. I also get the flip side of the coin. But I think it's just Aldo having a hard time dealing with that loss, which IN HIS MIND, was a fluke. He's chomping at the bit to prove that and is probably just frustrated at the delay in having the opoortunity to prove that. To quote the late, great Biggie Smalls, " I want my spot back….take two!"

  21. Ronda isn't the biggest star in the UFC it's mcgregor,not a fan of either myself but it's undeniable,when conor fights people I know who have never ever watched an MMA in there life watch,not so much for ronda,the whole of social media explodes when conor fights

  22. I don't know why Ronda fighting for the title is shocking to anyone. The UFC has almost always guaranteed a dominant champion an immediate shot back at a title as long as they came back within 2 years especially when they are pay per view draws and guaranteed hall of famers.

  23. So Gsp has to scream and yell to convince you that he wants to fight? That's not his personality to be disrespectful like that. You told him to wait so he's waiting! You just don't want him to take Conors spot light!

  24. I'll call the fight for all you noobes.

    "Round 1 Nunes sizing up for a blowing knock out. Ronda dodging and delivering heavy shots! Looking for a taking down! wa……

    Lights go out…………. entrance music plays….


    – Jim Ross of the WWE

  25. Rousey will fight Cyborg—but only at 135. Guaranteed. In NO WAY does she want that fight at 140/145. And stop skewing the narrative of GSP's return. We all know what it's about. Money talks, don't believe Dana's lies. Finally, Aldo wanted to fight Pettis for the LW title, but the UFC said he NEEDED to vacate his belt, where as Conor doesn't have to. That's why he's angry.

  26. Question to blokes who shave their head: Why? Why go to all that trouble to pretty yaself up every morning Princesses? How much time do you look at yaself in the mirror (or on YouTube)? Hang on! I get: it's supposed to look tough? You probably own a pit-bull pet dog  to appear even tougher?

    • Forgive me for not knowing who Larry David is. Shaving your head is "respectable" and " somewhat attractive"? So you are saying that people who shave were not even "somewhat attractive" and "respectable" before they shaved? That's why they did it??!! Interesting theory. With an account name of "Youremyproblem" I think its easy to guess who the troll might be?

    • If you're talking about just shaving with a razor then it's generally people who are balding like Joe Rogan and they find it easier just shaving it of than to have bald patches o'r a receding hairline. There's a video of Joe talking about it and wishes he never had a hair transplant years ago because it has left him with a scar on the back of his head and it didn't work that well anyway and he wishes he just shaved it of from the beginning and finds it more convenient. Same thing with Dana White i would think. If you're not balding and shave with a razor then i don't know people have their own reasons for what they want to look like and it's their choice on how they want to look.

  27. I disagree with not allowing a fighter to hold two belts at once.

    1. The champion of the weight class that he gives up won't truly be champion.

    2. It seems totally reasonable to be champion of two weight classes. I don't understand the reasoning why you can only be champion of one weight class.

    3. I don't think the champion would stay champion long. Sooner than later someone is likely going to know that guy back down to champion of one weight class. So, to me, it doesn't seem like they'd dominate for too long.

  28. Ronda's thought process during time out:
    Holly as champ- "I won't return, I need to have travis's babies"

    Meisha as champ- "I can't return because my tooth still hurts and can't bite an apple"

    Nunez as champ- "actually yeah I'm ready"

    Literally waited till the easiest fight

  29. I'm very sad to see Dana say that about gsp. Literally the Greatest fighter to ever step into the octagon(for his time). Huge respect for Dana but Gsp is from an era where if you're Champ you fight next inline and not the biggest draw but the best fighter. And Gsp was the champ hence he should be fighting top 5's right off the bat. That said Conor is my favorite active fighter.

    • she did try to take her down. ive seen the fight so many times. you obviously ddint understand what was going  on in that fight. she tried multiple time to take holly down. she needed to clinch holly. clinching is the only way she can take holly down. but she had trouble getting close for a clinch. shes not a wrestler, she wont tackle, and go for the leg. and when she did have holly in the clinch, holly went to the fence and put her weight on the fence, to stop the toss.. hten holly positioned her his lower than ronda, to stop toss. holly was stronger physically and had good defenseive take down. how can ronda take holly down when she cant even get close to holly? holly just used her footwork and cut angles.  its not that ronda didn't try.. its the fact that she couldn't even get close to clinch because she was getting fist sammmiches.

    • +Jay H He RAN. Nate should have done to him what Stipe did to Alistair as he ran. My point is that Dana said nobody puts the chips on the line like Conor. That's a loaded statement. Most of you who are getting ticked off about what I said must be dyslexic because I never criticized Conor. Read my comment again, folks. I disagreed with Dana saying that Conor puts… ah forget it

  30. As much as I never liked gsp fighting style, he's not gonna fight for whatever lowball amount the ufc wants to pay him. Dana has many fighters brainwashed while thinking they are getting great pay when they're really not.

    • notmypoopybutt Ronda made huge waves in the sport and became an international superstar at a bigger magnitude than anyone else before her in the sport. Conor may have the sales, but I'm going to guess Ronda was the one to bring in more new fans than anyone else, thus expanding the reach of the UFC.

  31. Conor McGOAT aka the GOAT P4P #1 MMA Fighter is the biggest superstar not Honda Housey. Mystic Mac would take any man out with a left hand shot. No one can take that left hand shot. Fook Eddie Alvarez, and if you're down with Team Alvarez, then fook you too!!!

    • HM Fitness Conor McGregor is no where near the goat is a good fighter but he is no goat that's Jon Jones or gsp range he is neither them yeah I like McGregor that's my dude but if u r a great and u r still in your prime u shouldn't lose to a guy that is not in his prime and he is about done if Diaz can beat McGregor than Aldo can dos anjos pettis can Alvarez can especially dos anjos he is about bjj just like Diaz and he is way better than Diaz

    • HM Fitness Conner goat? LOL not even close let him come to my gym Lol I'll cut 80lbs and smack him into next week. And their are 5 or 6 guys that I know are better, maybe not on the mic but skill wise for sure.

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