Kevin Lee Talks Submission Win Over Mike Chiesa On FS1 Post-Fight Show

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After a controversial submission win over Mike Chiesa in the UFC Oklahoma main event, Kevin Lee spoke with Karyn Bryant, Kenny Florian, UFC Welterweight Champ Tyron Woodley and Tony Ferguson on the FS1 Post-Fight Show. Things got heated when Lee and Ferguson debated who should get the next shot at #1 ranked fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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623 Comments on "Kevin Lee Talks Submission Win Over Mike Chiesa On FS1 Post-Fight Show"

  1. We can see that Kevin Lee is full of adrenaline. I bet he wouldn't say that to Tony on any other day. The guy needs to get in line, earn his spot. Tony would finish this guy at his current skill level.

    Except Dominick Cruz. Seriously it's embarrassing for the sport and it's gotten to the point where I can't even watch the highlight videos without turning off the sound. Fire them all and get professionals in there.

  3. Mister Kevin "you know" Lee- what you have just attempted to say is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this thread is now dumber for having listened to you. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

  4. I like Tony, but this just isn't the time or place to be harranguing a dude so fresh off a victory he still has blood on his shirt. Like a couple playful jabs are fine, but literally debating about how he isn't worthy just isn't cool IMO.

  5. JK

    Back in the day I used to dislike Tony Ferguson during TUF…now i'm his biggest fan. He handled this child really well and tried to speak respectfully squeezing in praise as much as possible but then Lee when full Autism not understanding the question and being really repetitive.

    Also lol @5:15 he starts dancing to silence.

  6. Kevin don't want none of Tony? Are you serious? I like Fighters like Kevin, that do not care about who you put in front of them. Kevin did have a point that Tony, as much as he was bragging about himself in this interview, does get hit a lot. That may be his undoing. I've seen too many low-ranking fighters lay a top Contender out because they were either arrogant or underestimated their opponent (Can we say Anderson Silva for example?). Tony purposely twisted the interview so that he could talk s***. that was low class and in poor taste. in my fights from the past, I've beaten people that on paper I wasn't supposed to beat. that's what I love about MMA. A a contender has to do is stay hungry and catch a champion on the right day. one wrong move for misstep comma you can lose your title easily. I will say again, that Tony needs to be real careful about Kevin.

  7. …..wait….I dont get why Lee got so upset about what Tony asked, like all he asked was: hey when he took you down what were you thinkin? and then he just goes off for no reason saying he wasn't a real journalist,

  8. The racist are showing theyre true colors right now. There's absolutely no reason you can love a guy like McGregor but have unconditional hate for Lee unless you still have a problem with high melanin counts in 2017.

  9. that ref has probably saved the lives of SEVERAL fighters who couldn't take a choke weaker then that cause some fighters dont tap. it was legit win for Lee..get rid of choking PERIOD or dont get mad at a ref making a judgement call in a life or death situation.

  10. LOOOL Tony is SOOOOO gassed right now.. proper feeling himself. Edson nearly killed him.. he got very lucky at the end to get that win.. props too him.. Lando Vannata nearly took him out and for a top guy that shouldnt even be close.. He beat RDA.. an RDA who MASSIVELY struggled to make weight but again fair play you can only beat whos infront of you.. but Kevin Lee aint far off his level.. i dunno who he suddenly thinks he is.

    Book this fight though.. i like the back and forth.

  11. Tony all day but khabib is the true champ sooo if he makes weight he wins by gorilla smash no one at lightweight can take his pressure and mcgregor didn't carry his power up to 155lbs just ask Nate sooo khabib is true champion he's just got to show up

  12. Kevin Lee is really good athlete and smart kid but he's a one trick pony (take back and rnc). I don't like his chances against Tony Ferguson if it stays on the feet and their trading punches. He's never shown us he can win by knockout but he has shown us he has no chin.

  13. Just an unfortunate situation all around! Yamasaki made a poor judgement call by stopping that fight pre-maturely and should have, at the very least, checked Chiesa's arm for limpness. I believe the tap was coming, BUT, by stopping the fight early Yamasaki cheated Michael Chiesa out of a very slim chance of escaping or surviving to the bell, and MORE IMPORTANTLY he cheated Kevin Lee out of a Controversy-free first round finish Victory! (the tap was mere seconds away)

  14. Early stoppage absolutely….However looks to me like 5 more seconds and the result would have been the same…..That choke was strong and in deep and the strength caught Chisea by surprise.
    However……….Lee is not on the level of el cucuy.
    Those elbows are razors……
    El cucuy is correct…….
    Lee……get in line.

  15. Kevin Lee would CLEAN Ferguson up, it will be an upset for many delusional fans that will send many people to youtube and twitter crying, venting via hate messages. Its easy money for Lee…simple as that…EASY MONEY.

  16. Okay, I have watched BOTH fighters, and Tony had better not get too cocky, otherwise, he will end up getting crushed like Klitschko did in boxing. Tony was getting ROCKED by Vannata before he finally choked him out. Kevin is WAY STRONGER than Vannata. Kevin is only getting better. Tony is putting on a show for the camera, but if he is smart, he isn't taking Kevin lightly.

  17. Kevin probably has an obligation to do a rematch with Chiesa. But I don't mind seeing Tony and Kevin in a fight. Why not? We all know rankings don't matter anymore these days. 155 seems like it's at a standstill. Something needs to happen. Guys need to fight. Can't wait around for that one Irish guy, whatever his name is.

  18. Kevin Lee seems legit. Starts with mental control. Hard worker. Smart. Very powerful! Experienced. But so was. Was. Michael Johnson against…Khabib. Khabib rag dolled Johnson. Ferguson is. Is up there with Khabib. Very interesting

  19. kabib would get smashed by kevin
    kabib couldnt even take gleison tibau down , he only takes strikers down and when he does most of them get back up
    kevin lee smashes him , kabib bjj and ground and pound are wack

  20. Yeah, feed Kevin Barboza, than kevin would change his tune s quick after barboza smashes him, Lets be honest, top dogs like khabib or tony would absolutely destroy him tho. Not close to ready for that kinda monster.

  21. siver beat a washed up fighter with a great name, he gets killed by top fighters. bj always gasses out. he was done yrs ago but he still dropped him and controlled him on the ground in the second round. also he's getting older. Couch analyst always make me laugh.

  22. do you suppose there is like a referee commissioner that yamasaki has to answer to every time his name makes news for the wrong reasons? commissioner "turn in your badge and whistle You're on suspension yamasaki "

    • Buffalo Shrimp45 what are you saying he was winning that fight throughout that whole round that the fight lasted which was the first round a win is a win if you got a problem with it take it up with the referee he is the one that stops the fights

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