After Weidman Beats Gastleum, He Picks A Fight With Current Champ Bisping

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Shortly after submitting Kelvin Gastelum at UFC Fight Night Long Island, Chris Weidman discussed his win with Karyn Bryant and UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.  During his post-fight interview with Brian Stann in the Octagon, Weidman called out current middleweight champ Michael Bisping.  In this clip you’ll hear Bisping’s response to the former champ Weidman.

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287 Comments on "After Weidman Beats Gastleum, He Picks A Fight With Current Champ Bisping"

  1. MMA math? so Weidman beat Gastelum who beat Kennedy who beat Bisping means Weidman can beat Bisping. If that works what about Bisping knocking out the guy who destroyed your face and took your belt? MMA math doesn't work kid. Bisping is old but you're his easiest fight out of all top 5 contenders

  2. Well Chris is a great fighter but you can clearly see he's not the same man in the ring after those devastating losses he had especially his chin seems to be gone , I like the guy but mar my words the next tough opponent could easily be career ending for him I feel you can even hear on his speech that he's a bit slurrie

  3. How can this guy say he deserves so much, he can't compete with the top 5. He just beat #8 Gastelum, who is small for the division. If he stood up with Gastelum he would have got KO'd lol. Weidman has had his time.

  4. Let's not get confused here. Chris Weidman beat a blown up welterweight, who in all fairness, he was supposed to beat. Kelvin Gastelum is an incredible fighter, but he's too small for that middleweight division. You could make the argument that Weidman isn't currently top five in the division. As far as a fight with Bisping, that's laughable. Set up Weidman v Jacare, makes the most sense.

  5. I have no problem with Weidman but part of me feels like celebrating this so much is kinda like celebrating failure as long as you come back after. Obviously true champions are born when they show their reaction to adversity but celebrating 'proving the doubters wrong' by breaking a 3 fight losing streak just feels a bit different. To be fair breaking a 3 fight losing streak is the bare minimum expected of a UFC fighter surely? The UFC is sort of the elite org in MMA therefore you sort of expect all the fighters to perform at an elite level right?

  6. love Weidman, but you won against a 170lb guy with shorter reach and height. You still got rocked, if the round didn't end who knows what would've happened. excellent submission win. but not a real contending fight to prove Weidman is back considering he beat a guy lower ranked than him which he should do in the first place.

  7. USADA got chris. i actually think he is mentally ill haven't seen anyone act like that after losing 3 in a row then you beat the number 8 guy who is actually a welterweight his father is a embarrassment he's nearly 35 years old

  8. the target is back on my back* -yeah you had your back up against the cage. yes, but now im back from my back, standing up(sittingdown) and my target is on my back,like back in the days. no turning back, im back and im ready to back it up by taking the title back = chris "backpacker" wiseman

  9. he loses his next fight he barely won that fight he was almost knockout looked like the ref was going call that then came back in time and made submission clap clap clap ! get ready for your next fight Bisping will throw into a submission get in line 1-3 in your last 4 fights don't get you a title fight i want see 2 more wins then will talk until then get in line

  10. It really is funny these fighters think Mike Bisping is actually scared of them. Bisping isn't a coward he's fought and beaten a who's who in the middleweight division, legends, and MMA Royalty. Mike has great take down defense excellent footwork spectacular cardio he match's up well with Weidman I'd love to see it but Weidman needs another win before even thinking title shot. We need Bobby Whitaker vs Michael Bisping, have Silva vs Romero, Rockhold vs Branch, Weidman vs Jacare, Brunson vs Machida. Then have the winners fight each other or take the most impressive winner and fight the winner of the Championship unification match.

  11. ''The guy I who just beat right now and finished completely destroyed Tim Kennedy who completely destroyed Michael Bisping''. Well. IF MMA math did work (wich we all know it doesn't) then; The guy who Bisping knocked out in 1 round took you soul. Shut up Chris Cryman.
    Well done on winning, but come on. You just had a 3 fight losing streak. Stay away from title talk for a while

  12. When Weidman was champ he mocked Bisping knowing it was virtually impossible for him to get passed the likes of Jacare, Rockhold, Vitor, Silva, Romero. Now he's that guy that keeps failing in no1 contender matches but still claims he's the best. The MW division is full of sharks and any of the top5 can beat each other. He needs to respect that and respect that Bisping is the champ legitimately. He has the most wins in UFC history and improving all the time.. and Weidman is stuck in the past living off of that Silva win.

  13. Honestly if he was coherent and not scared, he would have called out Rockhold for a rematch. Unless he did know prior to the post fight ITW that Rockhold was already booked. But I don't believe so.

    Calling out Bisping is cheap nowadays.

  14. I wanna see Bisping fight someone!!! He has to relinquish that belt at some point!!! Weidman vs Rockhold, Jacare vs Romero and Bisping watching from the commentators box flipping everyone off!!!

  15. Gods Plan: You will get viciously ko'd by Yoel Romero in your hometown, you will suffer serious brain damage then come back and fight #8 fighter Kelvin Gastelum and then call out the champ using mma math to steak your claim. Thanks god, good plan m8.

  16. UFC belts worth decreasing every day.
    Weidman and Mousasi are a nice display of the problems with the UFCs politics. I've got nothing against Weidman, he is a great fighter.
    His main potential tho: He's a draw and brings in money.

    Gegard just beat him and is now gone and Weidman wants a title fight after 3 lost fights. Saying he's the best in the world.

    And if the circumstances are correct, you'll find Weidman in a titlematch, just because he's a draw. Against Bisping -.-

    If that's not desroying the worth of UFC titles what else does it?

  17. If you think about it they were 3 weird losses , kinda gassed against Rockhold then threw a random wheel kick , was winning the Romero fight got caught with a flying knee then the Mousasi fight was just strange and probably should of been a NC.

  18. Where's all the hate coming from? Give credit where it's due. Gastelum is no slouch. Everyone wrote Weidman off and it's pretty clear that he won every round without a doubt. I'm not his biggest fan, but give the guy a break. He's not the most exciting fighter, but he still won fair and square. And he won convincingly. When Gastelum beat Vítor, everyone was saying what a beast he is. Now everyone is saying Weidman beat a nobody. Seriously? Say what you want, but Weidman is still twice the fighter that Bisping is. At least Weidman never dodged an opponent.

  19. Did he really just say Michael bisbing is hiding come on Chris Weidman I'm a fan of yours bro but you can get fights without telling lies bisbing has beat up everybody in his path to get that title now it's your turn to try to get it back

  20. How can he now go back to the top and Bisping will eat his breakfast. Weismann is a sore loser. He lost three in a row. Romero lost one and went to the back of the line. He beats a number eight guy and now wants a shot. He avoided Mousasi like the plague. I'm not feeling this guy

  21. I wish the fight would have stayed on the feet. Even though Chris is a great wrestler. I think it was so even on the feet and no one expected Chris to go toe to toe with kelvin. Chris has took a lot of damage tho. I don't blame him

  22. I really like Chris but honestly he will never be a champ again his stand up is horribly robotic the best lads have his number, I do think he would beat bisping handily ,,, gastelym was jus to small ,, size makes a massive difference in fighting

  23. No ones is discrediting Weidman..anybody who has been watching UFC knows that Kevin Gastelum is a rising star it's not easy to beat a guy like him he arguably beat Tyron woodley and he's a champion and he dropped Chris who's a former champ. No one is discrediting Weidman they are just speaking the truth that it's crazy he wants a title shot after 3 losses and 1 win. Great performance by Weidman but he needs to get another big win in my opinion before he challenge a real champion (not Bisping) but Whittaker when he beats him. I'd say Weidman vs Souza makes sense.

  24. I don't get it. He loses 3 times in a row, signs up to suicide line. Then he wins against #8 and somehow he's back on the high horse, calling himself the best in the world. This guy still hasn't been humbled, he will lose again.

  25. 1 difference between bisping and weidman/rockhold is that bisping always accepts and laughs at his losses and moves on, but these guys never accept they could have possibly lost.. bisping is more in touch with reality and great he is enjoying the belt

  26. Chris weidman is a good fighter , but he doesn't look as healthy as he did in 2012 etc , In his recent Instagram post he looks sick and his jaw just isn't there anymore , you can be the most talented fighter on the planet it won't mean anything thought if you can't take punch .

  27. I don't like Weidman, but he could possibly be still the Champ. None of his fights show that he doesn't have the skill. I think it was a lack of focus in those fights. He might be going through some personal stuff.

  28. He got destroyed by Luke then Yoel then Gerard……. he beat silva but silva was like 40++ something and didnt even take him srsly those fights with all that clowning and get caught….. i dont know man, i belive he got that pucnhers chance aginst silva… good for him… but dont think eh deserve no title shots.

  29. 3 KO losses in a row, beats a chubby welterweight and calls for the title shot and calls himself the champion… You can hear it in his voice, he's mentally weak, sounds like he is on the verge of crying every few seconds

  30. Luke Rockhold takes his soul with ground and pound, Romero's knee levitates into his skull, Mousasi puts a knee in the same spot Chris verbally submits by crying like a little girl to the ref and docs, Lil man Gastleum floors him in the first round. Anybody but bitchping and Weidman is murdered in his next fight.

  31. I honestly never lost faith in Weidman, but after 3 losses, it's crazy to NOT lose faith in a fighter. So I don't think Weidman can blame people for thinking he might be on his way out. 3 losses in a row is no joke. That said, I'm so glad he got this victory. He really seems like a great person, and I've been a fan for a while.

    On a side note, it is crazy to think that Weidman was fighting Anderson Silva for the title in his TENTH pro fight. He was brought along so fast compared to other people.

  32. All I did was hate on Weidman before this fight. I said Gastelum would stop him in the 1st (not far off in those last 15 secs btw) but Weidman pushed through and got the win against a really good fighter. He shut my mouth well and truly. Props to you Weidman. This guy is fighting all the best in his weight class and right now, he's the one with the championship schedule. Again, props

  33. Why is everyone pretending like he got destroyed in his last three fights? Against Rockhold he made one mistake with a spinning kick. Rockhold was fading, if it wasn't for the kick Chris would have finished him in the 4th or the 5th. In the Romero fight he was unlucky. He got hit by a cuban missile. Just like the first Mousasi v Hall fight. And the loss against Mousasi was his own fault for trying to use the rules to his advantage. Chris' standup is not perfect, he is flat footed and sloppy. But he has cardio, heart and is the second best wrestler in the division. And against Kelvin, his standup looked better than usual, especially his boxing.

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