#AndNew: Jon Jones Talks About Regaining UFC Title With 2nd Win Over Daniel Cormier + Possible Lesnar Fight

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On FS1’s UFC 214 post-fight show, newly crowned UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Jon “Bones” Jones spoke with Karyn Bryant, Kenny Florian and UFC Middleweight Champ Michael Bisping about his KO victory over Daniel Cormier.  Jon reflects on what the rivalry with DC has meant to him and the possibility of fighting former UFC Heavyweight Champ Brock Lesnar.  In addition Karyn makes a plea to Jon’s brother Chandler to come back to the New England Patriots.

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1,143 Comments on "#AndNew: Jon Jones Talks About Regaining UFC Title With 2nd Win Over Daniel Cormier + Possible Lesnar Fight"

  1. Calling out Brock??? Brock is like 45 years old over the hill former UFC fighter who had like 3 fghts. If you want to test your legacy, call out the champ Stipe. To be the best you gotto beat the best. What a coward.

  2. Why is it cool to hate Jon Jones? He's one of the best. Is it because those wicked kicks he uses? UFC is not karate, boys. You do what you have to do to win. Plus they are not more dangerous than all the blows to the head that can lead to brain damage.

  3. Although I would definitely watch Jones vs Lesnar. I would much rather see a rematch between Jones and Gustaffsen. Gus looked incredible against Texiera and I think a rematch will be even better than the first fight.

  4. I love Jon Jones. A great martial artist, but I hate the fact that all the "greats he beat" weren't in their primes.
    All I can think of is the razor thin decision he got when he fought another rangy fighter named Alex Gustafson that goes to Alex if they fought in Sweden…. I thought Jones won, but it really could have gone either way.
    And Again! He fought DC when he was deflated and 40 years old…. All the years he was in trouble were when DC was a beast. He also dodged fighting Rumble, and styles make fights.
    If they fought when DC was 36, I will always wonder…. I will wonder a lot about Jon's career, not saying he doesn't deserve his accolades, cause he does. I will say that I would have liked to see Jon fight a solid group of contenders in their primes during his reign, similar to what I saw growing up when watching MMA.But it is what it is, Jon is the best right now, but that doesn't say much. Light heavyweight just kinda weak compared to pride days. God had a plan for Jon. This is his time, and it feels like he is the only one in his division.

  5. Jon Jones does not stand a chance against Brock Lesnar. The Next Big Thing has dinner plates for hands and he will ground and pound Bones. People keep on saying Daniel Cormier used to be a heavyweight and lost to Jon Jones but Daniel Cormier as a heavyweight was nowhere near the size of Brock Lesnar. Plus Brock Lesnar is a better fighter than Daniel Cormier.

  6. Jones is biting off more than he can chew taking on heavyweights. He's going to get put to sleep. He's caught up in the moment and as delusional as all you fans… lol
    He could have easily been dropped by a Cormier punch if Cormier wouldn't have been chasing him around the ring… should have made Jones come to him. Anyone with a brain knows you can't chase if you're smaller, shorter and don't have the reach advantage.

  7. Cormier was surprised at Jones's strength in their first fight (and Cormier had tossed heavyweights around before). Lesnar will be even more surprised when he throws down with Jones. Jones will dismantle Lesnar with body shots. Lesnar will then decide how Jones finishes him… much like the Overeem fight.

  8. Don't call it a comeback..tower of power, I'll devour, I'm gonna tie you up & make you understand that I'm not your average man, I gotta thank God. Cause he gave me the strength to rock HAARRDDD!! Bones for President

  9. whats next uriiah faber vs cain velesquez , damm give some fighters in your weight class a chance at the belt, Now that Conor vs floyd is on, everyone wants a weird fight to collect a big payday. whens it going to stop ? when lesner breaks him in half? or conor kicks floyd in a boxing match, draw the lines damm.

  10. About stoppage by John, i think that DC specificaly asked for this, that he would "rather die" than go by stopage. I know that referee must have his own rules and procedures, but this late stopage was deffinitely part of this DC proposal. My opinion.

  11. Brock lesnar vs jon jones is like a tank vs an attack helicopter

    A helicopter could destroy a tank if it uses its speed an agility but it could never go head on with a tank
    But with jones team and how strategic they are brock would never win

  12. Jon knows that holding lightweight champion is rather becoming sterilely meaningless. This is the reason why he's challenging Brock. After the rise of McGregor, the champion titles in UFC likewise seems to be becoming sterile as well. People and media are only focusing on these super-matches, not the title matches anymore.

  13. I think 99% of the people have the wrong idea of steroids. It doesn't make you unstoppable or creat a100 times better fighter. Some people use it for injuries muscle recovery. The use could be countless. But most people think it turns you into superman

  14. yeah he is calling out Brock some big dude with lack of striking skills why wont he call out some Heavy Weights with hands that stand and throw ? he calls the non striking wrestler come on fight Caine or Dos Santos

  15. I'm just glad Jon "The GOAT" Jones is back in the UFC with his title. I'm tired of hearing about Conor McGregor. Jon Jones is the "real" face of the UFC. The only reason why Conor is the face because Jon Jones was gone. Now that he's back, he can take over again lol.

  16. The intestinal fortitude of john jones has been on display for the last two years. Jon has turned his addictive personality into mma gold! Dana and D.C. And the world should recognize that this guy has done what he has done with 2 or three 800 pound gorillas/4 demons/3000 haters and the president of the corporation where he works! I say too Jon they will never break u will not bend and u will become wiser as the years go by. Your journey into molding yourself into the most respected mma person has begun. Dana show so love for this man and his trasfermation

  17. There's only one goat and that is the heavyweight champion of the world any other weight class below is just for show as if any fight that would involved the hvy weight champ vs any other class's would end off in the favor of heavyweight champ that why we don't see a hvy fighting a light weight or any other class but hvy or hvy + you want to be goat the. Beat the hvy weight champion and break records then I give you respect

  18. jon jones should just gain weight if he wants to fight brock lesnar. he might as well make the jump to the heavyweight division and fight all the heavyweights he's good enough for it and has the height for it. if he gains weight he will be even better

  19. Sad we won't see the Rumble fight, but DC smoked him twice so the result is kinda obvious, let Jon have the super fight with Brock and see how he feels at heavyweight, have Volkan fight the Viking on the card or main event a fight night in Europe, then have Jones face the winner at that, because either way if wins that fight their really is no one left in the division who has enough credit to deserve a shot at him, then assuming his fight against Brock goes well have him come in against the heavyweight champ

  20. That is NOT what the fans want to see. Jones been out of the game for a while & the first thing that he wants is a huge payday. He said it himself when he said, "I haven't fought, I've been inactive." So he just go the belt and he already looking for that big payday. Reminds me of what Woodley said when he won the belt. I know a huge fight that the fans have been waiting years to see. Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson II is the BIG fight. You can put that fight anywhere and people will come. That is a fight that should be done in Europe.

  21. What some people do not realize is that just a few weeks ago Brock was in Vegas meeting with the UFC about something. Some may say, "That doesn't mean a fight." But it does. Lesnar said that he was retire so he has NO reason to meet with the UFC. He's not under contract. The UFC had Cyborg under contract even though she was fighting for Invicta. The may just want to get him under some kind of contract so he doesn't fight for Bellator. Maybe Bellator signs Mir & there will be a rubber match. That would be big money for Bellator. Brock would like it to because no USADA.

  22. Sorry DC you are a professional UFC Fighter try looking like one have some discipline instead of eating cheeseburgers and cheating at your weigh in by pushing down on a towel to make the weight. If he slimmed down a bit he might of had a chance

  23. I don't think I can dislike Jon anymore, which is a releif; it was uncomfortable respecting the talent but not the man. We want our winners to be good people, because then the distribution of talent feels fair, refecting that we live in a moral world. Jones has always been a winner, but now we can feel comfortable knowing that he's a decent person as well (and if it doesn't come naturally to him, it's enough to feel like he's trying to be good).

  24. HUGE Jones fan and so happy he won. One thing I will say though, nothing but respect for D.C. he kept coming at Jones and gave everything he had, great fight. Jones and Cormier are without question champs in my book!

  25. Lesnar may be big and far stronger than Jones, but lets be honest, unless Jones volunteer to lay on his back and let Lesnar get on top of him, it's gonna be Lesnar chasing Jones while getting jab left and right till Lesnar gets KO.

  26. Good Job Jon Jones. Fight Gustaffson. He already beat u an got robbed an u brought up Brock so everyone wouldn't talk about Gustaffson fighting him. Jon give Gusto his chance to stop u cause if DC can connect we know Gusto can then u can talk about heavyweight were you'll get killed

  27. If Jon do fight Brock, Jon will have to have the USADA check Brock's blood for PED/steroids every step of the way. 'Actually, I believe Jon has more than enough skills to win that fight. Frank Mir should had won that second fight too. He had more skills. Brock is a one trick pony. He's not a boxer. His BJJ is non-existence. He has poor defense. All Brock has are wrestling and strength. If Brock stays on his feet with Jones, the fight is over and done.

  28. also Tyron been in 3 straight boring fights and don't try to blame the opponent cause the common denomator in the boring fights was Tyrone. demian maeia vs Jorge masdival was not boring cause Jorge threw hands, Tyrone didn't. also Jorge won, he just got robbed. and stpeyen Thompson was never in a boring fight until he fought Woodley, so Woodley is the reason for boring fights.

  29. What's up with the younger generation, Jon Jones 30years old and DC 38 that's a huge advantage of itself. Now Jones calls out and talking trash to Lesnar, he is 40 years old! All you gonna do is run away till he gets tired, which with his age and size should happen pretty quickly, then you'll step in head to head… Acting so cocky when you fighting 40 year olds pretty much and you're in your prime

  30. DC brought much more than Jon jons he'ld deserved to win but his mistake was in my view that he wanted too much beating him so he kept rushing and he got an high kick. Sad but at least he was not running away all the time.

  31. i would not say jones dominated. he got a lucky kick in. other that there was alot of running from him. all that talk to run most of tge fight and throw thse little petty kicks… man i thggt all that talk he was going to be throwing thse hands more

  32. I don't watch UFC much but from the few jones fights I've seen he's just fighting smaller guys I'm not impressed at least fight someone tall and with similar reach instead of beating up migits and claiming you're great. I'm not impressed. Also he was getting hit too easily by someone much smaller Jones needs boxing lessons he has no jab.

    • yeah thats true and i like bones but he should stop trying to push his luck vs brock lesnar. brock is way bigger than cormier and i dont know if he can handle brocks strengh despite beeing the better fighter. talented bigger always beats the talented smaller guy.

  33. His comments about how he beat DC "off of steroids" the 1st time and "off of steroids" this time was almost like he was unconsciously admitting some steroids use in the past… Or maybe he was just tired and still emotionally hyped from the and couldn't find a better way to express himself.

  34. I feel bad for Cormier but Jon Jones earned it. He will dominate the division now, he is too dynamic. I think this is going to be the beginning of a long win streak for Jones (technically he is still undefeated). Without Jones in the division Cormier was a very dominant champion, so I don't see Jones as being beatable by anyone in the division.

  35. Jons just admitted to taking steroids, but denied it days prior in the interview. You narcissists lie so much that you forgot what you said days before. Must be tiring having to constantly lie and try to remember them all.

  36. Daniel put his life into this fight, I know hes in a devastating mood I can only imagine how its affecting his family but I hope he gets better and it doesn't has to end there, he can still dominate everyone else in the lightheavy weight division.

  37. i still dont buy the "new jones" when it comes to his personality. I believe that he is being nice so people will go back to liking him forgetting about all the bad things he has done. I would like it if he did change for the good 🙂 Good fight though.

  38. I really wish Kenny and Michael would stop saying Daniel Cormier is the 2nd greatest Light heavyweight of all time. He is nowhere near Liddell Courtore Tito Machida, or Shogan or rampage and Wanderlei

  39. during an interview
    bones/DC, what are going to say if your opponent gets to beat you?
    JJ: im gonna be like, whatever, OMG i cant believe that just happened.
    DC:im gonna be like, OMG i cant believe that just happened
    DC starts to cry in the middle of the octagon , thats what happenes when u face the GOAT

  40. What a class act an an idol. I did most of the same things in life as Jon, drugs , letting your family down, trouble w the law and I bounced back 10 yrs strong a new man. That is why people can relate to Jon. I'm forever a fan and supporter of this man. Congrats Jon

  41. He is trying to hype Lesnar while knowing it is a much more convenient matchup for him than the other, true elite, of hw division.
    And all that "good for mma" BS. Give me a break. You want to make a lot of money, while risking almost nothing in a process. Nothing to be ashamed of.

  42. Dana is a joke man. Jones was right all he cares about is the money. You could be the best fighter in the whole division yet if you dont make money then dana doesnt care about you and he proved that when he talked about tyrone.

  43. I'm so happy that Jones got his belt back and his speech about dc was pure class. But I can't help but feel for dc he put so much into this fight you could tell it meant so much to him and to see him in tears was tough to watch