Alexander Gustafsson Talks Awkward “UFC Tonight” Interview With DC; Says He Can KO Jones In 3 Rounds

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MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant sat down with #1-ranked UFC Light Heavyweight Alexander Gustafsson in Santa Monica, CA, and spoke with him about the possibility of fighting for an interim title while current Champ Daniel Cormier spends time back up in the Heavyweight division. Alex also talked about his epic fight with Jon Jones, why he believes he could beat Jones in a boxing match, his frustration while sidelined with an injury, the possibility of fighting at heavyweight and more. In addition, “The Mauler” signs his new UFC contract on-camera!

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214 Comments on "Alexander Gustafsson Talks Awkward “UFC Tonight” Interview With DC; Says He Can KO Jones In 3 Rounds"

  1. Both Jones and DC are In that stage that they want to retire undefeated. And they will do that by asking Dana White to match them up with less competitive opponents. Which is very frustrating for Gus, knowing he is the only one that can cause them problems In the ring.

  2. Gustaf schooling anyone in LHW. He has the best performance vs Bones even, compared to DC 2x. Alex is a king of LHW within one year, no issues. Viking Mentality. I am a Canadian peasant, I will put my dollars on Alex. Cheers.,

  3. Dc is a twat he’s one of the most unlikable fighters in the ufc, I think Gus fight with dc was really close and dc was acting like he destroyed him. Fuckin ridiculous, he’s also the only person to actually beat Jon Jones kind of ironic that JJ has 2 losses on his record but won both fights and the only fight he ever lost he was blessed a by the terrible judge gods with a win

  4. Gus fought 2x in 20151x in 20161x in 2017and 0x so far in 2018I get that he's ranked high, won't just fight anyone and wants to fight for interim belt (probably mostly because u get way more $$$) but as an MMA fan. I just want to see him fight more often

  5. Alex is such a anomaly, like in my eyes. This guy has been a Champion in my eyes for a while now. He will eventually get the LHW BELT!!!!! Alex is a SMARTTT fighter, and so fucking good. People prob don't realize hes younger than the guys he fought, AND except jon jones, but that fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like Alexander is still evolving, and idk y I think it. Probably cuz I can tell he is fucking smart in a general IQ type thing, and it translates into his fighting techniques. People don't realize how much a BADASS MFER he is cuz they see him get beat by maybe the GREATEST EVER Jon Jones,  and im putting an * beside his Jon Jones name unless he could meet me and I talk to him…I knw when someone is lying, and PEOPLE KNOW THAT HIS AGENT AKA FAKE FRIEND WAS THE SAMMMEEE FUCKIN GUY THAT I forget her name, Olympic runner, woman. She lost all her medals..SAME GUY MANAGES Jon JOnes, SOOOO I do think IF Jon didn't do it on purpose for real, he better call out his fucking agent, and its not a secret he is known to a steroid guru. A FUCKING CHEATER getting these guys on HGH and whatever…Then DC…another fight u think o Alexander isn't better or doesn't look good…LOL that's cuz its fucking DC he is like 25-2 and only lost to the same dude cheater. So DC in my mine AS OF NOW 27-0 and its still a HUGE problem in MMA……

  6. I appreciate and respect that you take the time to read and respond to commenters the way that you do(hearts). Many popular mma "content providers " somehow think it is beneath them to even read the comments posted on the very videos they produce. I recently watched a popular ex fighter say just that, which I found quite arrogant. So, thank you.

  7. I Love Alexander he is true Warrior But I also respect DC and DC Just fought Jan 20th = 4 months ago that's fucking active! Alex has had two fights since September 2016. #1 contender has to put work in and defend position! (I know he was hurt but that's not DC's problem)I think Latifi and Alexander should fight and winner fights DC in December. I don't think DC will beat the champs, champ Miocic. I wanna see Miocic vs Lesner!

  8. karyn, u know got damn well those judges gave the fight to jones cuz he is the american champ. Gus CLEARLY won 3 rounds.. i was sick to my stomach listening to that shitty descisiion.. and now we know jones been on ROIDS his entire career. BS

  9. Alex is just an awesome person and a great fighter. It's sad when decent people like him are less popular than those "thugs" in the lighter divisions of the UFC, even though he can pretty much rape every one of them in a fight if he chooses to.

  10. The UFC should move the Light Heavyweight division up to 215 so that fighters the size of DC, Alex, Jones, etc. don't have to hurt themselves to make weight. I know it's a big gap between 185 and 215 but if they move MW up to 195, it would definitely benefit most, if not all, fighters in those divisions.

  11. DC will never make 205 again (he was 330 yesterday while shooting). Just saw the first ep of TUF and that version of DC got eaten by the DC who were sweating on everyone (in studio) yesterday.

    Gus vs Jones will grapple next EBI

    Karyn, do you get paid by the word? Damn lady!

  12. An Interim title for light heavyweight actually makes sense (unlike the situation in welterweight) and here's why:

    DC can remain undisputed champ while the UFC provide an entertaining fight between Gus vs maybe Rockhold or Latifi. The UFC are actually under no pressure to make the DC vs Gus matchup because of DCs clear intentions to retire in March 2019 so the UFC can maybe make Lesnar vs DC IF dc beats stipe. If DC loses, he should fight Gus in 2018 and maybe a Jones trilogy to end his career.

  13. TROLLS lmao that was 2 years ago on UFC dot com forums where all your favorite fighters gossip…….. P i can A name K many A fighter L screen names…………. And many fighters will recognize my screen name encoded in the last sentence.

  14. Why’s Gustaffson trending so much in the media lately? JRE, UFC tonight, the legendary KB… Did one of his managers finally say “hey, you’re one of the best LHWs in the world, but people don’t care. Go get your awkward ass in front of some cameras”.

    Gus is a likeable guy… problem is, he’s a realistic and honest guy. He doesn’t engage in any shenanigans to hype himself. Even when he does engage in a war of words, it’s just pure honesty. He just wants the belt.

    • M R

      DC made it awkward. He's weird and uses an over inflated ego to compensate for his low self esteem. He felt threatened at the thought of being out of the game. Nobody likes to get old and Gus poses a real threat to him. DC is not number one and he can't handle knowing there is someone better than him out there. But DC is still the best in his division without Bones in the mix until proven otherwise. It's not easy to deal with emotions, competition, retirement, lights and cameras all in your face at the same time. Gus handled it well enough. I'd love to see them fight again.

    • M R ik right? Dc said to gus in the interview that he doesnt want what he did to him a 2nd time but is dc forgetting he was taken down a few times, dropped with a bomb of a knee and outboxed at some points in the fight and not to mention it was a super close fight, dc is acting as if he dominated and controlled the fight start to finish

  15. It’s the perfect time to do Jones-Gus II
    I think Gus Has an even better chance of beating Jones now that Jones is off steroids.

    I wanna see this fight in a bad way but Jones has to be punished for his violation. He needs to get at least 2 years.

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